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  1. i am a person that was reborn early mid 90s before there is any anticrhist or illuminata or elite people at all known about, neither did they pose a threat was any elite person at the time in warfare. nowadays what i did was be in unbelief while im not, and said it out my mouth, im more and more at peace.......... christians stealing joy is because they are brainwashed by false principles or have been brought up the wrong way about do to others they do to you in bible........ they are biblically condemned with satan on one side, but have a world advantage point (just revieling how they do not
  2. nevermind my unforgivable sin while i didn't do it, was unbelief is the deadly sin so i did it while i didn't forever just to get god to stop screwing in a light buib and messing up the plumbing is that missing jesus like he drives a creation like an older mustang chopped roof 400 small block duel exhaust port and polish should i continue how cool it is to do the deadly sin while you don't, kicks the hell out of hell about it........
  3. negative out your mouth causes someone to react either negative or positive is how it works......... mostly..... sometimes its coming at you........ negative attracts negative this way, and so does positive attract positive this way as well......... so if you believe in God or not, react to negativity positive instead of negative at although it starts with yourself its actually still biblical looking even to bridle your tung for that very reason.......... i follow christ's love laws the best i can this way but i don't follow christ's avenue of himself thinking about not delivering from evil or
  4. did i do that? well being starts with yourself obeying the laws believe christ once was full of love compared to today's special of ears to hear with in the religious area but remember when you peed in the vent when your 7? don't do that ever again
  5. i agree..... i once did a mathematical calculation on the freebasic forum in an algorithm in about 5 minutes to calculate frame rate per second and waited for someone to diss me.... comes psychologically speaking from the id of their mind to insult people publicly so they look greater than them funny how super slumber sleeping bags is playing at the same time i am typing while i smoked two bowls of weed legal to smoke weed in canada man now i suggest all you fallen angels of father God abandoning you do the unforgivable sin (unbelief) that exists about you while it doesn't at the same time i a
  6. What I mean is, my wife is from praying to God, and that is how she found me as well was praying to God, both of us praying for a spouse. Now that I kinda can't trust the LORD, how do you keep the connection there? She still follows religion, I don't.
  7. My wife is reborn too, and I've become agnostic trying to commit the "perfect sin" before the throne of grace to dodge evil, it's where you are unbelieving and believing at the same time as much as possible, to get out of my stress disorder (whatever is not a faith was sin, and faith was hearing the word of God in Christianity) but i am driving my wife nuts too much and I have to do alot of manual labour, I've told her I love her too but my disorder is messing up too much our relationship and she is sad more than she needs to be she is so loving. The answer is don't believe in satan from the b
  8. I am a person left Jesus because of the danger he seemed literally wanting for me to be martyred after he said in the end i will be at peace. Then im stuck believing in God who is not showing himself interested in speaking with me, while getting attacked by enemies that need to be destroyed and won't or will be because God doesn't even from my rebirth ever avenge or remove the adversaries, and the devil is something that doesn't seem to exist to me exactly but some of his followers have been bothering me. Anybody got any suggestions how to remove negativity and stuff?
  9. I used to make people reborn by them praying out loud for the baptism of the holy ghost upon themselves. I did alot of christian works if God did not accept you to be saved, as it is in the bible that he isn't willing that any should perish but all would come to repentance, and then he rejects you when he said he shall in no wise cast out who comes to him, then understand why I'm leaving christianity because it's jesus that doesn't seem ever to have the holy characteristics as described about him in the bible, and being with jesus was getting a bit dangerous to me, and i live surrounded by chr
  10. Thanks for the suggestion........... don't got a lot of money for psychologists though...... But I am arming myself with what you said. Thank you
  11. Every time I have the opportunity to not believe the devil exists, he disappears , I can't get crusher christ and great spirit the mocker of the experienced and the definitions of satan off my case.
  12. LOL everybody......... Thanks for all your input.
  13. I've been battling oppression of some sort ever since I was saved, and when I leave Jesus there is little help after a while from something appearing trying to help us in that. How do you find the joy without the dictator? Christian brother Wilbur doesn't have a clue what Jesus did against the bible to me behind his back.
  14. I have become kind of comfortably numb between christianity and not following it.......... my wife keeps pressing religion on me (I kind of love that about her, because it always makes a woman truthful to fear a Holiness , not judging women but i love my wife and can't leave her)........ so what i do with God's spiritual abandoning is just day by day accepting where i am....... I find christianity would have been a lovely religion if only: God won't be negative, there would be no condemnation if only other scriptures would have not been placed, my rebirth started where i was in a bible study o
  15. Jesus name was something I used to use (it really didn't work out as planned with it or not).............. when i was following christianity, which is driving me crazy at this time is the spiritual abandment.... but none the less I am used to it, and totally explained in great detail to a Saviour of the world being that listened like he doesn't exist while he does. Can anyone inform me of which way i should go in spirituality (I would rather be spiritual in life with or apart from religion) where I can find power against anything evil for example.........?
  16. That doesn't sound like a healthy fit. If you feel drawn to a religious belief or practice, it should make you feel good, make you feel better than where you're at, not worse. Like I said last night, if you have a relatively stable psyche, than some religious system may be useful to help areas of your life to develop. I see no value whatsoever however in threats of hell and fears of the devil or damnation in a spiritual path. That has nothing to do with God. That has to do with a controlling religious system that is not interested in a healthy mind, body, or spirit. That's only about con
  17. Back when I was religious I use to see bad things as tests. My response was to humble myself and cling to the Bible and to God. I just kept at that strategy no matter how much it failed. After decades of things not getting any better I decided to act like my problems were not going to be fixed by God. That was when things started to get better. It wasn't magic in that it didn't all get solved overnight. But trying to fix it myself was where things slowly started getting better. I had a lot of trial and error and a lot of learning to do but now I'm much better off then when I was still w
  18. Hey TrueArrow, You know, Christianity is a really stressful, messed up religion with an undercurrent of violence and other deplorable things. In the Christian religion, the Christian "God" does use death as a fear-based threat and a tool to exert control, and this concept is reinforced and taught by the followers. You called it right with "messy", and "strange". It sure is! It's always pretty devastating to have it breaking through your thinking that this "God" is not answering your cries for help, and realize that this "God" (being temperamental and forsaking - not to mention abusive)
  19. That sounds terrible. Does it feel like this someone is a human or a spiritual being? It feels like either a human or spiritual being that doesn;t have the right to judge and insists... How horrible. So sad to hear. When Christianity ended for me I felt horrible. Many people do but you have other great troubles to deal with as well. Any time you need to talk about them don't hesitate to post. I need to figure things out....
  20. Thanks for welcoming me....... I should see a counciler you are correct... im gonna get on that right now... My darling friend TrueArrow...Welcome to EX-c. I am so sorry for the way you feel right now... you truly do sound, 'messed'. Can you find an approriate councillor to help you with these terrible things that are going on inside your head? Best wishes as you discover what this is all about. Were' here for you, my friend.
  21. It feels like someone is trying to spiritually murder me....... like they are removing my future and hope....... i feel quite powerless a bit to defend myself and i dont even want to hurt anyone..... It seems like they are actually dangerous even only in the mind...... as far as God playing games of death, he told me when i experienced rebirth i would have the girl that ruined my life, it turned into a circus tent of destruction of my life....... I have no one to rely on to help me...... it was said by a phsycic to my mother i would in the end be just fine, and then a arch deacon said it would
  22. I'm feeling under attack by my fiance's family strangely, very strange deathly attacks like doom..... i dont know if it is her family or some evil enemy....... couldnt tell you who it really is...... My status of christianity is going out the window because God is not responding to bible truth and me....... it was a very strange relationship with God where he is playing games of death........ I actually joined this forum because there was nobody to relate to about my troubles.....
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