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    books on just about any subject, documentaries, tarot cards, jewelry, video games, the occult in general.
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    My name is Brandon, I am 26 years old, and I live in Oklahoma, known as one of the many states that are referred to as "The Bible Belt".

    Welcome to Oklahoma, where the church is just across the street from the liquor store and the pastor may be having sordid affairs next door.

    So Say your prayers, and try not slip on the drugs, alcohol, and lingerie on your way out of the church!

    I am quite a boring person to say the least, job searching has been about as successful as me dating Veronica Del La Cruz. I pretty much stopped believing in god years ago. I just haven't come out to anyone yet. This website is everything I've been looking for. Discussions and stories for all. I hope to post a few stories myself in the future!

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  1. Miracle stories are usually cover ups for stupid behavior in my experience. I've come across a lot of people in the last year who say they've found god, but still engage in some of most foul and sometimes idiotic behavior you could imagine. The only miracle I could see is that they are somehow still alive after doing drugs or committing acts of violence that most of us wouldn't think about doing.
  2. http://gospelgifs.com/art_pages_06/images/valentine-kids-01z.gif This picture is creepy . I think the poor frog was murdered after the picture was taken..
  3. Just my two cents. To me racism is a basic lack of maturity, a sort of compensation. It's those who want to be handed everything on a silver platter without working for it that hold these ideologies. These are people who will never get far in life or never got far in life and are bitter. Ultimately, instead of bettering themselves as humans, they seek those people and movements that fuel their victim mentality and, in the end, never live a fulfilled life.
  4. This is the same shit that was spouted in abstinence only education classes. There's no such thing as safe sex, well, unfortunately, even waiting until your married is not a 100% guarantee. Spouses cheat before and during marriage, and some of those who swear abstinence are going to find that out the hard way and in some cases already probably have.
  5. Well, having no children at all, I've wondered about parenting in many aspects. I've been running into classmates over the last few years, and, many of them have children. Some had children in high school, some have as many 3-5 kids. I can't even imagine how they cope with the insanity and don't want to imagine. As I've noted previously, I've been working at a Jasons' Deli for a year now and come across church groups. I recently made a topic about the circle jerk that I think that can be easily broken once someone says they no longer believe in god. My question to you atheist with childre
  6. Eban73


    I'm still waiting for the end also. It was supposed to be in 2000 & 2012. Jesus basically keeps no showing.
  7. I always come across these sites looking for religious and occult jewelry. I swear, the people see would see the mark of the beast in their bowel movements and post a pic on it for all to see if they could.
  8. For a year now, I have been working a part time job at a Jason's Deli in Tulsa. In just the past year, I've come across a lot of people at this place and also while riding the city bus. Saturday and Sunday are the usual days the church and various other groups such as dance, sports, and cheerleading groups show up. I'm usually not one to talk about people in general, but i started to really look at some of the people there, and observed how they conducted themselves around each other, how they talked to each other, how they enjoyed each others company. But, something tells me that many of
  9. Pat Robertson is a god tier troll. Probably one of the greatest real life trolls of all time.
  10. I can't believe I read all of those. The stupidity of people knows no bounds.
  11. I would like to hope there's no one in the foxhole when a bomb or grenade come into the picture.
  12. I'm still rather in the closet about my Atheism, but I'm being driven up the wall so much that I'm ready to start slowly coming out. How did you go about coming out of your shell?
  13. I misread the original post as "I'm a drinking 12 year old" and thought........what the hell?
  14. It's nowhere near as obnoxious as the whole "True Love Waits" movement of the late nineties. I was in middle school at that time and all the celebrities and "Christian" kids were all proud of rubbing their abstinence promises and virginity laden balls in our face 24/7. Yeah, I get it, you're waiting to get some poontang or strudel until you're married. What's so special? You're Husband doesn't get extra penis upgrades courtesy of Jesus or God, nor do you get special vajayjay juice courtesy of the virgin mary on your wedding night or honeymoon ladies.
  15. He's basically a god tier troll. Honestly, I can't say I hate Tebow. he stays out of trouble and that's more than I can say about a large amount of players over the last 15 years alone.
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