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  1. Dude, you're not even 18 yet. Ergo, you are now 17, so five years ago you were 12... I'm starting to smell a troll, and I think the troll may have just slipped up. What is wrong with you? I'm turning 18 this January. (in a week, in fact), 5 years ago I was 13. You guys are the friendliest I have ever seen.
  2. I wasn't saying that atheists are the same. Everyone has different personality, but there are common things that atheists share. Like there are common things that christians share. There is no one day that I do not experience, how I would call it - "Spiritual incidents", and I learn alot while in this religion. You are a wise person, obviously. Thank you for your comments.
  3. You guys are totally right in your comments. That's totally understandable. A guy come here, comment on how he have a relationship with Satan. If someone would tell me that about 5 years ago, I would behave as same as you. This is totally understandable. That's why i'm still here trying to tell you this - It is not a normal Religion. If i'm so impressionable why wouldn't christianity work on me? Why I always hated this program? You guys right, Atheist life can be very good. But you have to agree with me, that it is totally meaningless. you live life to the fullest, do all the things everyone
  4. You said you would devote your life to following Satan, didn't you? That's looking to an external god for answers, a.k.a., a savior. That may be for some, just as it may be for some in Christianity as well. Spirituality transcends religions. The real question is, is it authentic spirituality, meaning does it make you a more compassionate soul? Do you feel grounded and connected to yourself, others, and the world, that you do not pass judgment on others to tear them down to build yourself up, that you gain wisdom and insight, that you live Free, from all hindrances, such as being tied to any be
  5. Satan is not a "savior" and in oppose to Christianity, there is alot of spirituality into Satanism. But you wouldn't understand. You all think i'm deluded like a christian is, but I don't blame you, you just got out from this false religion. I wouldn't even consider Christianity as a religion, it simply isn't. It has nothing spiritually in it. It is simply a strong spell to enslave Humanity.
  6. Then you never were a Christian? You have never gone through the process of deconversion? You are not struggling with your Christian indoctrination, or understand what others who have would be going through in an effort to support them in that process? Why do you feel this site dedicated to that is the appropriate place for you? What do you feel you can bring us here? Yes I never liked this program, but it always was hard for me, because of my parents. You are right though, I never had to 'deprogram' myself from this false religion, because I simply wasn't into it. I thought I
  7. You guys are great, but I don't belong here. I will never change my point of view. I totally believe that Satan exists. It's not like believing in Jehovah. I will never leave Satanism. Once a bond was made between you and Satan, it is forever and ever. I know you think i'm mad, I don't care. I KNOW Satan exist. He showed me things I wouldn't imagine. You guys have a great Year. Cya!
  8. I'm all aware of the purpose of the forums. To give a "home" for those left Christianity. It understand it is hard to deprogram yourself from it. Well, I never had to do it because I always hated this religion, but I can understand. I thought I have something in common with some people here and I thought I should join. Probably not
  9. Well, he doesn't even know me, and already put false statements. I know I come across here with some shocking information, sounds like bullshit, i'm all aware of that. As I said earlier, I was an atheist all of my life. I was forced to go to church by parents, but I hated the place. I hated the ignorance of people, and I always questioned things. Satan showed himself to me through my dreams / Astral projection, and I dedicated my life to him. I'm not gonna "give it time, and find my way out of it" as Ouroboros said. When dedicating to Satan, this is a lifetime bond. I think I don't belon
  10. You're nutjob or a fake. I might let you stay for a while, but it depends on your behavior. I've seen it before. I looked at some of the pages. The information is distorted and not always correctly presented or interpreted. It's BS. Your behavior is quite offending. First, do you know me? How do you know if I was an atheist all of my life or not? Everything has a reason behind it. If i'm "nutjob or fake" what do I earn from publishing here my "bullshit"?
  11. Hrm.... *cough*bullshit*cough* Sorry. I'm starting to lose confidence in your sincerity. And your profile says "Gods: Enki/Ea". Enki / Ea / Satan / Shaitan / Odin / Lucifer / Melek Ta'us - these are all names for Satan. I think I explained myself. I do not believe we evolved naturally. I believe we were created by extraterrestrial aliens called Nordics. Satan and his demons belong to this race. As I said, I do not believe "Satan" is christianity term, but a real Being. As for what I said eariler, "I wish to serve Satan for eternity" - serve Satan is working for him. Satan is my creat
  12. Thank you for comment. I respect you as an atheist. I was an atheist all of my life. It is my parents who forced me to church. For me it always was weird how so many people were into the Christianity spell. I didn't understand how SO many can be so deluded into this Anti-life program. I'm now working for Satan to banish this false religion from Humanity.
  13. I believe we were created by Satan himself. And the whole concept of who Satan is, totally twisted in the Bible, in order to get us away from him. I believe Satan is a real being, a wonderful being who's intention is to bring spiritual knowledge to Humanity. (In oppose to the Christian "God") (The Snake always represented Satan, in the Garden of Eden, Satan intended to give Adam and Eve knowledge, and Jehovah turned him to a snake) So yes, I believe the real "Father of all lies" is Jehovah himself. I believe Satan is a wonderful being who wishes for us to learn and grow. You can read more
  14. Welcome buddy, my case is quite different. I never believed in Jehovah, and Jesus christ, but I was forced to church since I was very young. So I can't really understand you, but Welcome anyways
  15. Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and I'm new to the site! I've been a Christian all of my life, but I never chose this, my parents forced me to go with them to church. I always felt bad when going to church. I'm turning 18 this January (01/11/2013), so I can finally leave this Anti-life program. I mean, we're all told to never question anything, praying for God, love Jesus, just waiting for death, where Jesus christ will save us. I believe we need to save ourselves. I'm interested in Astrology, Meditations, Yoga, Occult, Music, and enjoy my life I recently found Satan, (I dedicated my
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