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    I like Riding Wind Horses. I am an earth bound mystic. Was a fundie xtian for over 20 years. Then came out of the dark ages. Now I look back and I see how much this belief system made me hate myself. Not anymore.

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  1. Its over there.....

  2. So much rain even the leeches are begging to come in doors...

  3. Mate welcome. Kick over a pew and enjoy the banter here.
  4. I hear you mate about the counselors. In fact the best one I had when my first marriage ended was a xtian and she was amazing. Not once did she push xtianity at me. She helped me rebuild myself in such an amazing way. I have really bad counselors too. Reading books sure does help. Have done this and still do. I still feel the pain you have when I read your OP. Hang in there.
  5. Mate I feel great sadness for you and for the loss of your great grandmother. Have you had any counselling? I ask as I feel this would help you seal off any doubts etc that may come up and try to drive you back into xtianity yet again. Hope you see where I am coming from.
  6. Welcome and I know your anger. No Jesus have freedom.
  7. Glad you are liking it. There will be more to come.
  8. Tell that to those that have gone past rock bottom and taken their own lives.
  9. Prayer to a new xtian was the direct line to god. Well that's what I was taught while I was a xtian. Pray i did. I had lots to pray for. Yet, even back then, I knew I was not getting answers to my prays. The bible told me that god will give us our hearts desires if we ask him. I was also told that these desires are really what god wants. So really I had no desires. Yet I had desires for other people. For their healing. Yes for their salvation. For people I knew who were hurting. One particular pray was for the healing of my then wife. She had chronic fatigue. Yet not once did this loving god step in and heal her. In the bible we saw him healing the sick and lame. But not my wife. As our marriage started the reach its use by date I prayed that he would save this. This did not happen. I used to do lay mission work amongst ethnic groups. The bible said they needed to be saved. Never saw a single person out of the 1000s I reached out to with the gospel. I prayed for them all. None came to god. For years these unanswered prays plagued me. Was I doing something wrong? Was I not believing enough? Was my faith too small? I would speed hours on end. Expel so much energy searching my heart to find an answer. Slowly it started to dawn on me that there was not anything wrong with me. It was this whole xtian thing. Maybe it was not true? So prayer helped in my de-conversation.
  10. That is truly a great testimony. Thank you for sharing that.
  11. Welcome to you. You are one brave soul and do hope that from this site we can all help you to heal from the horrors you have had to go through.
  12. I went to some creation science thing that was held in his garage. A split hey. IFB churches have so many of these. The one that has the split is thankful to get rid of the so called trouble makers and the church they go to is thankful to god for sending new members.
  13. The answer book was written by Keith Piper. He used it as an evangelical tool.
  14. When I took the step to totally de-convert ay first I balked at doing this. I was so scared that god would strike me down. So scared that my world would be ripped to bits. I took to thinking about the theological changes I went through in my time as a xtain. I went from believing anyone could accept jesus to only god chooses who will be his children. When I had this change of theology I was not struck down my a big bolt of lightning. Nor did the big hand come out of the heavens and flatten me. So it was with great excitement that I went ahead and de-converted myself. I am still alive. No sign of god taking out his wrath on me. Because he/she/it is not there.
  15. Good on you for both you and your wife coming out of the darkness. The ride out can me fraught with pain but it sure is worth it in the end.
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