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  1. It seems to me like it is all a matter of perspective. To the average Syrian child or the average Iraqi child, the 'Christian' Americans with their bombs probably look like far worse terrorists. The fact that the bomb that killed their mother was intended for someone else, and that she was 'collateral damage' is unlikely to make them feel any kinder towards the Americans. The propaganda about Christian crusaders thus has another receptive child. And so the cycle of violence continues.
  2. Yeah, support for Romney always baffled me. I wish someone has asked him if he wears magic underwear. I also wish people would hammer Trump harder about his lies about being a Christian.
  3. First I agree with Margee. You have done well to deconvert at 20. It may seem now like you've misused a lot of your youth, but you'll soon come to realise that you really haven't. You're very fortunate! Welcome to the real world I would say, take it slowly. You don't necessarily have to have a big coming out event if you do not want to. Personally, I told a few close friends gradually, and eventually told my mum and dad (I've never told my grandparents). What I would say is, some people can suffer from telling people, even being kicked out of the house by family members, so if y
  4. Have you ever noticed that God is dog spelled backwards. God is the opposite of dog. Cat is the opposite of dog. God is a cat. Just a thought.
  5. If you think that this sort of logic is going to bother a Christian, you got another thing coming.
  6. I blame the schools. And the government. And religion. And wilful ignorance.
  7. "Putting God back in schools" I hate that phrase. What they mean is requiring teachings to lead children in prayer.
  8. It blows my mind how that doesn't matter to many on the religious right when it comes to politicians. They endorsed McCain, despite the fact that he was not a church-goer, but they labeled Obama a Muslim, even though he attended church regularly. You expect truth from people who live a lie? Nope.
  9. I would say that everything I learned and experienced during my time as a Christian was in a way a necessary component of my deconversion. There was though, as specific period of about 3-4 months from August 2012 - November 2012 when the process really happened. By the end of that year I was no longer a believer. However, dealing with the fallout of that deconversion took much longer. In fact, I am probably still dealing with it in ways that I am not concious of. But, I feel much better these days than I have for a long time.
  10. This. I am constantly baffled that people cannot look away from their phones for ten seconds to walk down a flight of stairs.
  11. If you notice this notice you may notice that this notice is not worth noticing.
  12. We are so very small, and our Earth so very precious. Kind of puts our first world problems into perspective.
  13. First, let's not exaggerate. There is no universal restriction on wearing religious jewellery to work. The times when this issue arises is when a company such as an airline has a specific uniform policy that for example bans all jewellery and head accessories, religious or not. For those companies, then the question of reasonable accommodation arises for religious persons. Accommodation can be made in religious jewellery and head-wear if it is a genuine religious requirement to wear them. Therefore, a hijab or a turban can be worn, if it is worn because of a genuinely held religi
  14. How about ban all guns. It's so sad that the US has got itself in this dreadful position, with such a high human cost.
  15. Gosh, I'm glad that I don't live in a place where atheism is so misunderstood. You don't want Christians feeling sorry for you but you have my sympathy for having to put up with that. But the world will change! As for me, my general policy when someone starts talking about God or their religion in public is just to smile and nod non-committally. Or if they are a mormon or such, just say 'no thank you' and keep walking.
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