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  1. Yeah, as a legally blind person whose wife is completely blind and who knows lots of blind people... Jesus Christ that picture is patronizing. It's like they think it's a miracle that a blind person can do anything. Fuck them. If anything it's actually quite normal for a blind person to develop musical talent, particularly a good singing voice. Without sight they rely on sound a lot more than most people. I have a cousin who became a musical therapist and really took to music after he lost most of his sight during an operation to remove a tumor as an adolescent.
  2. Yep...."I'm in a relationship with Jesus!" I was looking at Valentine cards dedicated to him: "Jesus is my first love," and the like. They really do take this bride-of-Christ thing seriously. To whom would they send such a card? They would be sending Valentine cards to a psycho who ignores them most of the time. Ah, such an abusive relationship Christians would be in if he was real... Louis CK had a great bit on God as a terrible girlfriend. It was in reference to the story about Abraham killing his son because of God's demand, but the same sort of hyper-insecurity combined with unreasonable demands applies to the "relationship with Jesus" nonsense.
  3. Well said. You articulated what I've always felt better than I could have. Having grown up with a pastor father, and a pastor older brother and a pastor uncle, and having heard their honest discussions among themselves and with their peers, the fact that you got no replies from pastors doesn't surprise me at all. They would often complain about people like yourself who made their jobs difficult by asking hard questions during their Bible classes. The thing that worried them most was losing control of the class to someone like yourself. They would usually rationalize taking steps to remove what they would view as a "disruptive person" from the church, preferably indirectly, but occassionaly directly if necessary, by telling themselves that the individual was a corrupting influence on other more impressionable members. Their job success is measured primarily by membership, but some members aren't worth the stress. Particularly when they figure you will leave eventually and may convince a few others on the way out. It's all about control. The worst thing that can happen to a pastor is to lose control of his own church.
  4. I'm not sure that there was a moment that killed my faith for good, but I vividly remember the moment when I realized that the adults in my life, particularly my father who was a pastor, were full of shit about God. I was probably in about the second or third grade and they'd always talk about giving part of your allowance to God and how they'd give some of their income to God in the offering plate. There were all sorts of stories in the Bible about offerings to God and they usually involved killing and burning a lamb. In my vivid imagination I figured the smoke must go up to God in heaven where he'd be able to recieve it. So of course I asked about the money in the plate and whether they burned it or not. They kind of blew off that question by saying that's not how things were done anymore. I continued to press the issue and reluctantly they told me that the money goes to pay for the church's bills and those bills included my father's salary. It didn't make sense to me how my father giving me money to put in the offering that ended up going back to him amounted to "giving money to God." It was the first time I started wondering about this God they kept talking about, whom I never actually could see and who never actually spoke back when I prayed. I already realized the Santa Claus and the Easter Bunner were BS stories that adults told to kids to manipulate them. The God story started to sound like another even more elaborate hoax. It wasn't until sometime in college when I became completely convinced of it. I don't know that there was an exact moment either. I do know the moment when it started.
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