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  1. I've been going through the German lessons on duolingo.com. If I ever travel to Deutschland I will be an expert on how to tell someone they are eating apples and drinking water. Seriously, when would someone say "Sie Frau isst ein Apfel". I mean I've never said "My wife is eating an apple" in English. Nobody talks like that. No, if my wife were eating an Apfel I'd be more likely to to say "what the hell is that awful crunching noise!" The sound of people eating drives me insane. Like into a fit of rage insane. Since I was around twelve years old I started noticing the sounds of people eating w
  2. Have you ever been to Hollywood? Seriously, just go there and take in Santa Monica/Hollywood/Venice. For the most part it's a place like any other. There just happens to be a LOT of people there and some of them happen to be famous. The weather is always nice and the beach is nearby. Other than that is just another city but with horrible traffic. I used to look for all the "occult" symbols in everything. It's an unhealthy obsession. If you look you will find them. It doesn't mean squat. I used to be obsessed with the Freemasons. I looked all over my city and saw Masonic symbols on everything.
  3. There's no shame in offering comfort to someone facing the death of a loved one. Look at it this way; there are many atheist clergy/pastors who offer up prayers to a god they do no believe in.
  4. The tilt of the Earth's axis is the reason for the season.
  5. A few years ago my Grandmother met us at my Uncle's Nazarene church for the morning service. She had just left her small town Methodist church service and met us in the next town over. The Nazarene preacher began his sermon with one of those "feel good" anecdotal stories and it was about rail cars or something. He emphatically told his story as if it were a first hand account. My Grandmother looked at me and said "I just heard the same story an hour ago at my church". There must be a book of lame preacher stories.
  6. Hang in there. There are entire fields of study that are basically "off limits" to evangelical Christianity. Cosmology, anthropology, geology, and evolutionary biology are a few that come to mind. All of these disciplines have worked backwards and agree the Earth is something on the order of 4.5 Billion years old. That 4.5 Billion year figure is incompatible with any form of Christianity, but fundamental to the understanding of why the Earth, and life on it, looks the way it does right now. In my years as a believer I was aware of these things but never took much interest in studying them beca
  7. I've been on hold with the Department of Veterans Affairs for 43 minutes. I've been waiting on them to fill out a simple form for three months.
  8. If hell is real then where is it physically located? What mechanism transports a newly departed soul at the moment of death to hell. How does a soul with no body feel torment and burn. How is the concept of hell any different than fearing monsters in the closet?
  9. Calvinism is the most repugnant belief system in all of Christianity. Go to any First Baptist church in any community and you will find the town's "old money" people. You know what I'm talking about...the trust fund babies who were born on third base and think they hit a triple. There's probably a street somewhere in town with their surname or a high school gym. There's a deeply ingrained sense of self entitlement among these people because their Calvinism says they were predestined since the beginning of the Universe to be saved and everyone else "beneath" them is going to hell anyway. The ar
  10. Except that "my boyfriend Steve" is a real person.
  11. Y2K was supposed to cause all sorts of problems. Jobs were created to mitigate Y2K concerns. At the USAF base I work there was a serious meeting regarding contingency plans in the event toilets stopped flushing (dead serious). Those of us who work with networks and computer systems were confident that real problem areas were patched (there were few) and the entire panic was based on hysteria and mostly ignorance. What really rocked our world was the change in that damn Daylight Savings Time. I dealt with more problems, crashes, bad patches, and downtime as the result of that change than anythi
  12. I'm more concerned about my local mayor and city council. The federal government is huge and slow. Those local sumbitches can take my house if they want to.
  13. Obama is the head of the Executive branch of the US government. Congress appropriates funds to run the federal government and the president signs those appropriations in to law. How those funds are appropriated is a matter of politics. The presidents power is limited to affecting policy within the Executive branch. The president influences foreign policy because the Department of State is under the Executive branch. The president can attempt to affect the Congressional agenda but that is a matter of party politics. Many US citizens have no idea how the federal government works. Lobbyist do so
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