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  1. The first thing I did when I figured out xtianity is bullshit is I threw that heathen book of magic spells called the bible in the trash. Then out loud I prayed "fuck you Jesus!" over and over and over. I said it then, I'll say it again, fuck you Jesus! You fucking cult leader piece of shit you!
  2. I found myself in this same predicament recently. I think it's just part of the "getting over it" process that comes with any trauma. When I left my cult I found an online group of ex-members for the church sharing stories of corruption and abuse. Similar to this forum but for members of my former church network. Anyway I figured out that these things just open up the wounds again. It's not beneficial to keep looking in the past. The past is where it belongs, in the past. It's all a healing process though. I dream of the day when I no longer wake up with anger and regret and can look forward t
  3. Well it doesn't say "a fool says in his heart there is no Yahweh". It just says Elohim which is the Hebrew for "god". I could say that I believe in Hercules as my lord and savior and not be a fool.
  4. Strange but I like stories like this, it gives me a glimmer of hope that there might be something else to this world.
  5. Christians teach that humanity will get worse, but in fact humanity is evolving and getting better. Think about this. This period of humanity that we live in is the most prosperous, healthiest, and safest era in human history. The murder rate right now is lower than it has ever been before. Our lifespan is longer than it has ever been. There is less hunger and disease than there has ever been. All in all, things are going quite well for us relatively speaking in comparison to our dark and violent origins. So why worry? Christianity has been debunked a thousand times over. Live your life ma
  6. It's just a way for Christians to convince themselves that they're not just "religious". "It's not a religion, it's a personal relationship with Jesus!" I call bullshit. It's a fucking religion. If you meet up at a church every week, give a tithe, read the holy book, and pray to your deity, it's a fucking religion. Just proves how deluded Christians are.
  7. It is scary but I just hope I go out an old man and not through a car accident or cancer or some tragedy. Besides life is honestly rather difficult for most people I will be kind of relieved when it's all over. No more bullshit.
  8. There are scriptures which support both arguments which is where the problem lies. If I were still a Christian I would believe in OSAS because the scriptural evidence is a little stronger and more in tune with Jesus' teachings.
  9. If there is a hell, you can be damned sure that Christians are gonna be the ones in there. Some of the most vicious, vile, ruthless, cunning, lying motherfuckers on planet earth. If you're still scared, listen to this song.
  10. No we should not. Is it is a socially acceptable situation with no real ramifications then we should call them out on their bullshit every time. This doesn't mean that we should endanger ourselves however for example criticizing our boss or co-workers. But is some motherfucker tries to smoothtalk me into joining a cult again I will crush his skull...ok maybe not but I will lay a verbal smackdown. Screw their beliefs.
  11. It is ok to rant, that is why we are here to support each other. I understand what it is to be exploited as I myself was part of the Christian cult and was chewed up and spat out like so many. However I was only in it for 5 years, what you have gone through is much more traumatic. You must be a very strong woman that's all I can say. As for your question whether the world is simply dog eat dog. From what I have gathered in my 24 years of life, yes it is. It is harder for good-natured people to accept this though, because after all honest people expect the same level of honesty from everyo
  12. I have thought that the rapture seems kind of alien abduction-ish. Just a thought.
  13. I'm sure you guys have all heard of this. That if a child dies, then they automatically get to go to heaven even if they weren't Christians. How convenient eh? But this hidden doctrine is found nowhere in the bible. Some may argue that when David's bastard child died as an infant, David prayed "I will go to him". But what the hell does this prove? You would think that God would mention something as important as child salvation and make it clear. Not only that, but there's some sort of mystical "age of accountability" that is also nowhere mentioned in the bible. So a 12 year old goes to he
  14. The one I always heard was "there's no such thing as a perfect church". While my church was a notorious money making cult scam that had exploited thousands of people. While adultery was more common in the church than out. While scumbags lied over the pulpit. "There's no such thing as a perfect church!" Well hot-damn! That wipes the slate clean dunnit?
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