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  1. If there is Hell, God isn't worthy of your love, worship or admiration. The Jewish God of the Bible is an atrocious creation of the most bigoted, racist perverted kind. Visit evilbible.com for concrete evidence of the viciousness and cruelty of this megalomaniacal monstrosity we used to call Abba, father. The utter naivity and foolishness of doing so still makes me cringe. The truth is we don't know what comes after death. Can you live with that truth? I think it was uncaring of any diety to give us minds that speculate and ponder and worry about an afterlife, yet not tell us. It must know we feel like we're on a conveyor belt dropping off into who knows what. But it's always been that way even when we thought we knew what was coming. Religion does serve our need to know, but does so through lies and fables. People pay big money for those lies judging by the fantastic wealth of the Catholic church and the phony huckster preachers who dwell in mansions. But I suggest you try living courageously by facing the truth : no one knows what's beyond the grave. All you really know is that you exist and that kindness is better than cruelty. But at the same time repaying cruelty with kindness is incredibly foolish and would plunge the world into chaos if it was practiced on a societal level. Personally I like the advice of Jefferson Davis: "Never be haughty to the humble, nor humble to the haughty." It has served me much better than the ridiculous teaching of Jesus to offer the other cheek when struck. Cops agree with good reason! I wish you the best. Have courage and seek truth, even if you never find it.
  2. What bothers me is that you are reading this Peterson guy with the reverence you maybe one showed Jesus. He's just s guy.. He doesn't have the answers. He may have some insights but so what?.. So do you perhaps.. Look to yourself, not some internet windbag who thinks he's a wise counselor.. Even the book title is absurdly pompous. The answers are in you, you don't need a guru.
  3. What bothers me is that you are reading this Peterson guy with the reverence you maybe one showed Jesus. He's just s guy.. He doesn't have the answers. He may have some insights but so what?.. So do you perhaps.. Look to yourself, not some internet windbag who thinks he's a wise counselor.. Even the book title is absurdly pompous. The answers are in you, you don't need a guru.
  4. First of all rejecting Christianity does not require one to become atheistic..I don't think reality (including myself) is just an accident.. But the biblical God is a monstrosity created by an ethnocentric sociopathic tribe. The answer to why be good is its only fair to be good if you hope the same treatment from others.. To act like a sociopath but expect kindness is ridiculous and illogical.. This idea has nothing to do with any deity it's just fair play and being nice gets me good treatment in return usually.. however, if you want to live by jungle law go ahead, but you'll probably eventually die by the sword like how the mafia dons eventually get whacked after doing it to others for years..I don't want that for myself.. If someone is unkind to me however I hit back. I do not follow Jesus' nonsense teaching and turn the other cheek which is unethical because it encourages abuse and cruelty. So if someone hurts me or mine, I hurt them, or prosecute or sue. The reasons are therefore utilitarian and not deontological and no God is needed. Ethical behavior is justified by it's consequences. Sometimes however one must do a lesser evil to prevent a greater evil for eg stealing medicine if necessary to save a dying child because the life is worth more than the medicine. Oh well good luck in your quest and don't go back to Jesus whatever you do..lol
  5. Add to that the whole idea god would only be able to love us after he killed his innocent son in our place is a most odious and ridiculous doctrine. The notion of living sacrifices pleasing an angry God is a pathetic, ancient picture of fearful humanity lost in a fog of ignorance and superstition. See photo below and God saying : " She may be beautiful and sweet, but I have to kill and torment my son before I can love her". And I used to believe that rot...smh
  6. Please don't put Aristotle in the same league with those other two A's. He deserves better company. Christianity is not just wrong in the details such as the identity of Jesus, it's wrong in it's entire worldview of puny, stinky, loathsome, wicked man and magnificent, powerful, holy Daddy God. Think of this, would you sit and watch a child raped, and buried alive by a fiend and do nothing or even, according to Reformed theology, predestine the event? No? Well that thing we used to call God does that. So he's nothing to worship and he has absolutely no moral basis to judge you for your petty wrongs. Accept the monstrous nature of the fantasy you used to worship and move on to higher ground. You were had by mind controllers.
  7. If reading Peterson is getting you back to church, I suggest you avoid him. A good philosopher will not lead you to a philosophy of lies and darkness. I'm a bit concerned by your seeming infatuation with Peterson however. Is that indicative of why you fell for other supposed thought leaders like Jesus, Paul, Bible preachers and the others? Listen to the song God by John Lennon, it's an awesome renunciation of placing your faith in doctrines and people outside yourself. To quote the song, "There ain't no guru who can see through your eyes". Find your own truth if you can; it's an ongoing quest. Other people you may be tempted to venerate are testifying to their own lostness if they think they have THE answer. Consider, has anyone who purported to know the truth ever taught you the truth? No.
  8. I belonged to a PCA church for many years but have no intention of going back or to any church period. If the bases of Christianity are false ie Yahweh and Divine Jesus, why bother? It's nonsense that we fell for, not to our credit, but it's done. I haven't attended for ten years and have zero desire to return to a fraudulent institution based on lies and fables. The odious teaching of reformed theology is likewise nonsense and sophistry and yes, I used to teach it in Sunday school to adults. Had a large collection of books by Calvin, Luther, JG Machen , Pink, Spurgeon, Boettner, Berkouer, the Puritan classics etc etc..it's all bullshit and offensive. I'd advise you to stay far away from church. You don't need to waste any more time on self-abuse.
  9. I think there is an afterlife and I think there is much evidence to support it. What intrigues and puzzles me is how former Christians seem incapable of conceiving of an afterlife apart from the biblical one, it's either Jesus or god doesn't exist at all. Both positions are contrary to evidence. There's no Jesus, but there is an afterlife. This tells me that even exChristians are so brainwashed they cannot conceive the possibility of any other god than the fictional Yahweh. It seems as if atheism is also dogmatic. I think the truth of reality supports a designer but it is NOT the hateful ethnocentric Jewish creation of the Bible. But if I WAS to invent a god, I have to hand it to the Jews, they created one that loved only them and gave them carte blanche to rape, steal and murder. It goes on today even! Yahweh, the God that keeps on killing!
  10. Margee Your post only reinforces to me how idiotic and abusive the whole mess of Christianity is God how were we so blind for so long?? Arent you happy to be on the path of truth?? wherever it leads you are out of the cave
  11. No need for A/C here! it will be in the teens as a low this week and theres snow on the ground!

    1. NeverAgainV


      It's freezing here in Illinois..what the hell happened to fall?

  12. Margee Thank you for that sincere heartfelt post You have sure been through much agonizing about all this Bible stuff..you certianly cant say you never believed in the first place! I guess my deconversion was a little less emotionally wrenching because I just could not get that worked up over a phony Biblical God that had obviously been a fiction...plus Christians had always seemed a little plastic and robot-like to me so it was not hard to get away from church. I didnt throw away the idea of a God or transcendent consciousness, I just trashed the semitic, Herbrew invented Yaweh and of the course the Jesus persona of the NT (God 2.0 or the "good cop" persona). I always saw it more from an intellectual point of view and when the facts undermined the credibility of the Bible, there went my "faith". I always found it hard to love a god like Yahweh anyway. He was so vicious and judging and unloving. Heck, I as a man, I love my kids way better than that invention. But then again those Bronze Age people were highly superstitious and completely ignorant of scientif fact. Further, Semitics have not exactly been the most peaceful, kind people group on the planet so why shouldn't their invented god reflect their character? (He in fact, does indeed.) Anyway... welcome to freedom from the Jesus cult. Life IS better in the open air as you will find out more and more. People in their essence are awesome, we arent sinful worms in need of some blood sacrificing man-god. My friends are to a large extent Christian still but I sense I get on their nerves with my irreverent attitude. Oh well sorry but I aint changing. I would suggest you work some on making non religious friends. Chrisians just annoy the hell out of me now and actually seem demented. =) Finally, I have ben meditating recently on the wonderful essence that is a human and it has been wonderful. No more craven begging for forgiveness from a God you would be a fool to trust. We are awesome. Maybe meditation would be a help to you in your healing. As John Lennon sang..."no one can harm you, feel your own pain!" See you on the boards!
  13. I tried to cling to Jesus for awhile and reject the Bible...but when I started reading all his words...like how he came only for the Jews and the lost sheep of Israel and told the woman at the well he didnt come for her (Samaritan) and she replied well even the little dogs beg for crumbs and he being moved by that reply, then decided to help her... I realized wow what an asshat...he was a racist supremacist and had nothing of God in his spirit... but that passage contradicts his other parable about the Good Samaitan being more godly than the law observing Jews...so that undercut the credibility of the Gospels for me...among many other problems... the whole sacrifice issue... blood sacrifice of his son thing.... just seemed completely ridiculous ultimately
  14. Well, churchy types can be very waspish, mean spirited, spiteful and egomaniacal, especially if you challenge the existing power structure. I tried to do this at a conservative Presbyterian church years ago and couldnt believe how nasty people were in opposing my efforts to serve and change things for the better. Later when I regrettably sent my kids to a Baptist school the adults and teachers were truly some of the most unpleasant people I have ever met and I am 55. One of their teachers, (with them in the car) actually side swiped another car in a road rage incident! She was a fierce, vicious old bitch who happened to be the cousin of the headmistress who was herself a nasty piece of work. The sanctimonious "man of God" pastor listened to my complaint and did nothing yet they had earlier expelled a student for swiping a teacher's cell phone! LOL These people simply have personality disorders and are delusional. Why expect them to be kind? The idea of a holy spirit in them is nonexistent fantasy. Studies have shown, including my own research, that Christians are no more moral than others. To them all I say "good riddance" and only regret not figuring this out sooner. I regret every day I spent as a Christian for the many lost opportunities to live and enjoy life fully.
  15. I think one of the worst outcomes of Christianity is the notion that there are no gods existent apart from the one they worship. This leads people coming out of Christianity to throw off the notion of God altogether. I do believe in a higher consciousness whatever its nature and form may be. I do not believe we just came spontaneously from nothing and that we lose all conscious awareness forever at the moment of death. There are many spiritual people who detest the teachings of organized religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity (the big 3) and yet steadfastly believe (based on spiritualistic experience) that there is indeed something "out there". Lately, there is a movement among scientists to even move away from a strictly materialist view of reality. This is being vociferously opposed by the adherents to scientific orthodoxy. The idea that there is something else out there that is beyond our space and time frame does not mean of course this being is anything like the biblical god. Personally, if the biblical God is God it would be an utter catastrophe and I would rather I had never been born! But we do not need to worry, the biblical god is an offensive illusion developed by primitive, racist men who sought power and riches.
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