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  1. I was the one who asked the question. What would you do? Now I'm asking you. Answer. Please post the thread where this question has been answered. What would you do to deal with the pain and suffering in the world? Not only was it answered, I also quoted one of the other times you asked, and quoted the answer. I'm not doing it again. Go back and read. Not only was it answered and quoted repeatedly, I ALREADY ANSWERED YOU DIRECTLY, YOU STUPID SHIT. (Seriously, this is not the day to try my patience, Junior.) Now it's your turn. We're waiting. Go on and tell
  2. I don't even know what to think right now. One of my best friends just lost her husband, another long-time friend, to a sudden lung condition. He was only 46. They'd already been through a shitstorm of horrible things: an infant daughter who died, infertility problems, health issues, the loss of his mother and his father's immediate remarriage which set off a whole mess of family bullshit. Through it all, they never stopped being amazing, dynamic, brilliant people, both as individuals and as a couple, as well as of parents of their little goofball of a son. The thought that someone, somewh
  3. It's so cute when the teachings of contemporary Christianity directly contradict the words in the bible, ain't it?
  4. I enjoyed being angry because, for the first time in my life, I didn't feel that it was a sin or wrong to be angry, or that I would be punished for it. After a lifetime of hearing "Just let it go!" or "That's not a very loving attitude," I've really enjoyed the vitriolic rage-fests. Of course, considering my history as an academic and as an activist, what ProfRed said also holds true (and is an important point): it's also been fun to channel that rage into productive action. You thought I was a bitch before, patriarchal Christians? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!
  5. That's why so many AAers become hardcore Christians. Replace one addiction with another, and presto! Ah, well, there but for the grace of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  6. "None Of The Above" I am I, myself alone Realize I never need to use no one When it comes down to my soul Freedom puts my faith in none of the above There was a time I was so afraid Of everything people around me said That I wanted to hide my face in the shadows There was a time on a bed of nails I was dreaming a plan up that could not fail But no power under the sun could pull it together Can't take this attitude Got to show now I've got to move on God knows where I'm going to Its a lonely burning question I am I myself alone Realize I never need to use No-one Money, power, Holy roa
  7. I love that IH has managed, once again, to deflect answering anything concrete himself by positing a hypothetical situation that WILL NEVER EVER EVER HAPPEN for the rest of us. What about you, Horsey? What would YOU do about the world's evil and suffering? What HAVE you done?
  8. And yet Passover and Jesus are a-okay...?
  9. It is perfectly acceptable to preface a statement with "I just believe" or "I just know in my heart." That = fact!
  10. Please post where it was explained plainly. And you expect us to take you seriously about your interpretations of the bible when your reading comprehension clearly sucks this bad?
  11. You misunderstand one of the very foundational principles of your own book. Read the thread "God Is A Liar". Lucifer didn't tempt the first man and woman. Lucifer told them the truth. The truth which god conveniently failed to tell them, I might add. god knew all along that they would eat the fruit and bring sin and evil into the world because he planned it that way. If you don't even understand the very foundation of your religion (Original Sin), how can you be so certain that the rest of it is what you perceive it to be? Think, TinPony; your brain is more than just a beer filter.
  12. "Anger aneurysm." Yeah, that about sums it up.
  13. The basic "gesundheit" still works!
  14. Is it wrong that I am cracking up laughing at the thought of this, Voice?! Besides, what if it was God's Plan that the dude be in a wheelchair so he could learn valuable lessons? You were trying to ruin God's Plan!
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