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  1. Yeah Florduh, There are a number of problems relating to the understandings of what is going on with COVID. Each state has different rules and testing abilities and facilities to handle their cases, their case statistics, and the results in the US from state to state cannot be consistent. There are many opinions concerning logical analysis of the results, often with conflicting opinions. But here’s my opinion. Of the great many people tested randomly and who test positive for COVID, have no symptoms at all. This estimate is thought to be about 30%., and 40% for or the US.. Of these, about 11% come down with a mild case of COVID in the coming two weeks, and about 1.5 % with a more serious case. For those people who have a COVID test because they have symptoms of some kind, only about 4% test positive for COVID. https://hartfordhealthcare.org/about-us/news-press/news-detail?articleId=29806&publicid=743#:~:text=The%20South%20Korean%20estimate%20of,%2D19%20are%20asymptomatic. Also 2-3% of those tested yield a false positive. This is known by those who have a verification test following their positive test. Other pathogens like the papilloma virus also can give a false positive for COVID for the great many people who have it. Other testing problems and false results are explained below. https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/letters-health-care-providers/potential-false-positive-results-antigen-tests-rapid-detection-sars-cov-2-letter-clinical-laboratory Death rates have now dropped for COVID patients when the patient’s immune system is suppressed, by keeping these patient’s immune system from killing them, a type of allergic reaction to COVID which builds up lung fluids that drown them. Deaths for this reason have dropped from 18% to about 4%. One problem with statistics is that if someone has a terminal disease like terminal cancer, and if in an autopsy they test positive for COVID, .their death will be reported as death from COVID based upon the rules for most states. This is true for all terminal diseases. The percentage of US hospitalized patients in the US who died from the flu and pneumonia, have been higher than those who died from COVID during this pandemic. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/pdf/covidview.pdf I was in Sweden just a few weeks ago, No masks, social distancing, businesses closings, restaurants and bars stayed open. Most everything is voluntary. Recommended social distancing for restaurants, bars, businesses where people work in close quarters, For certain workers they recommend working from home when possible. They have the same or fewer problems from COVID as the US, and very few people wear masks or adhere to social distancing. It looks like the US before COVID. They promote vaccinations the same as in the US, as do nearly all the countries of the world. Germany, on the other hand has rules similar to what we have here in most states, so it’s not so much fun there. They have made social distancing exceptions for bars and restaurant which is better IMO But to go into many bars and restaurants you must show your vaccination card. Here are other opinions concerning false opinions and the seriousness of COVID in the US. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/12/04/covid-conspiracy-why-people-dont-believe-deadly-pandemic-misinformation/3803737001/
  2. Hopefully in my own Harem with 100 virgins. In my harem the girls do not have to be 9 years old like Mohammad's second wife who he said he never had relations with until she went into puberty. Instead all my girls can be 16 years and older as long as long as they are pretty, sexy, and virgins. The problem for me to achieve this goal is twofold. First, there aren't very many pretty, sexy girls 16 and older who are still virgins. But my second problem is even bigger; I'm not willing to die in a suicide bombing.
  3. DarkBishop, The Jews believe to this day that their Messiah (savior) has not yet come but will still be coming. According to the biblical BS, Jesus said: "If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me. But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?” Maybe the idea of a coming savior adds comfort to many people, especially women I expect. as being required servants of man. In my lifetime I have known a number of Jews who have converted to Christianity, and upon their "losing the faith" they too could be amongst us here as X-Christians. I believe your arguments against the New Testament are good, but such arguments can indicate a continued attachment to such ideas, as it does for all others that like to engage in serious religious debate IMO. As to your quoting of the bible, reading and quoting that BS keeps one still involved with religion. Move on to greener pastures where religion is nothing but manure. You can do it -- you are the dark bishop.
  4. I'm guessing that what they will be seeing is mostly the solid core of a planetoid that was once molten concerning early planet collisions, and there will be no signs of past volcanism on or in it.
  5. Tidal waves are commonly considered as being synonymous with tsunami, which is cool, but technically they are different https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/what-difference-between-a-tsunami-and-a-tidal-wave?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products Big tsunami waves happen in the shoals, the shallow parts of the ocean near the shores or somewhere out in the shallows of the ocean. So what you explained could have happened. The explanations of a tsunami are like this: a moving displacement of water volume, which defines a tsunami, can happen in at least 2 different ways. The most common would be an Earthquake involving a readjustment in the height of the ocean sea floor, one part moving up relative to the other part. This results in a tsunami wave moving in the direction of the lower plate. The other type is where a land mass suddenly cleaves off into the ocean causing it to rise as a tsunami. This is what could happen involving the island of La Palma. This link suggests that the resulting tsunami from La Palma may not be that big based upon the most likely cleaving considered. https://www.livescience.com/la-palma-volcanic-eruption-2021
  6. Most people living there are very affluent. When on the island of Tenerife I saw no areas that looked lower than middle class. Many retired and high income Europeans living on all of the islands.
  7. Yeah, you're tight. According to my reading, tidal waves are only centimeters or inches high in the open deep ocean but increase in height as the depth of the sea greatly decreases, as you said. Regardless of the location, tidal-wave surfing could only be done in the shallows of the sea, on the shoals
  8. Anything to catch the big one. Surfers dropped into tidal waves in mid-ocean then pulled out by helicopter. Just waiting for the big one.
  9. A misspelling on my part, auto-correct couldn't help me. Now that you've pointed it out I can't correct it but thanks anyway.
  10. Yeah, such a major eruption there could be devastating to some cities. I never made it to La Palma, but I was on Tenerife island the most populous island of the Canaries. I was in its largest cities where It was easy to see the island of La Palma at a distance. The year-round climate for much of these islands is almost perfect. Tenerife island has a major fault line which also is of concern. A major move along this fault line could result in a part of island to cleave off into the sea (landslide), on the half where there is a large opulent western European style (Spanish) population and largest cities on Tenerife. As to your posting, yeah, a big tsunami (title wave) could result from the collapse of La Palma island's volcano.
  11. It's still all Cool stuff with future possibilities for us. I see two problems. One is that bigger planets are harder to escape from and go out and about, and planets that are more than 10.000 light years away will take 20,000 years for any back-and-forth communications with us based upon speed-of-light communications. Closer exoplanets would be much better --the closest possibilities being about 4 light years away.
  12. No, you're right concerning this particular observation. But there are almost countless problems with the model IMO. This observation and possible problem was very small in comparison to much bigger problems with the standard model IMO which I won't go into here.
  13. I'm not very fond of the standard model of particle physics so either way it went, did not mean very much to me.
  14. A healthy salad is great. secular reading stuff is OK too as long it's not anti-religious; just keep the porn stuff under your mattress
  15. Like Jesus and Lazarus, I plan to do fantastic things here on Earth after I are dead "on the third day he arose again from the dead ....."
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