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  1. The Difference Between the Church and Denominations

    I would gladly drink a six pack with you. Then who would buy the next six pack, and the next after that? The total after that would only be 9 bears each? Hardly enough but still a good start if some good-looking young women were involved. I would buy liquor for them too. Do you know any? If not, I know some but you would have to pay half of their cost, while I would pay the other half, plus pay for their liquor. If this sounds good to you PM me and we could arrange the date, travel plans and details. You could talk religion if you like with the girls and me. This reminds me of the old query. What is better, a belief that is true, or one that makes you happy, aside from heaven and hell? IMO opinion the answer depends on the individual.
  2. The Difference Between the Church and Denominations

    In other words, God has taken you off the beaten path, to, to learn the lessons why you should not be here? or have I got it wrong? Addendum: Most all Christians in this forum, like yourself, have good intentions IMO, but our intentions are for you to see the real light, not the delusion which you think is the light -- that Christianity in any and all of its forms, is pure BS concerning its validity. My immortal soul against a six pack on that bet, but not less than a six pack since I need to hedge my bet.
  3. The Difference Between the Church and Denominations

    Isn't that a good thing. Since it is all BS anyway why value misinterpretations of it so that it sounds better?
  4. The Difference Between the Church and Denominations

    Pardon my density, but I don't get it. A tilted perspective? Maybe the ratio above being PI, as in pie in the sky? Of, or related to writings, drawings? Adding 3.14 times more interpretations to what was written? Big "C" as in Christianity?
  5. The Difference Between the Church and Denominations

    Not when Priests and Ministers drink it.
  6. The Difference Between the Church and Denominations

    It's all cool, even though Christianity and all religions, God, gods, heaven and hell are all 100% BS, no different from the Greek gods of yore. fyi : the way you have used the word Catholic should not be capitalized. The word Catholic capitalized refers to the Catholic church only. The word "catholic" can be used as you did, to refer to the entire body of Christian religions. But congrats on your location "in a glass bottle of Cheerwine." Wine is a good way "to lift your spirits" and to commune vis-a-vis a great indulgence in the blood of Christ, the fondest form of bloodthirst.
  7. On Faith and True Knowledge

    Hi TinMan, Welcome to this forum. On Faith and True Knowledge. (only believe some of what you read below) "True knowledge" can sometimes be certain, like 2,000 + 2,000 will always equal 4,000. Not because you would count it, but because you have knowledge of the principles of math involved. True knowledge is not involved if theory is a part of it. Some theories have shown to be false in the past. Knowledge can be tricky, however, like you think a person is someone you know but you find out it is their twin. Few things that we call knowledge can be absolutely certain. Religions, on the other hand, necessarily must involve faith for one to believe in them because their foundation books are literally unbelievable to most educated people. And, if you take my advice, you can be certain that little or none of it is true concerning its stories, and none of it is true concerning its teachings concerning a God or gods, heaven or hell. These are called theistic religions. Some others, like Buddhism, are philosophical in nature and are based upon a human perspective concerning how to live a "good and productive" life. One could adopt some philosophies of religion, such as from Buddhism, principles of Christianity such as the Golden Rule, or principles of other religions, as long as one realizes that the stories are nearly all made up, a type of allegory developed for the purpose of teaching desired moral behavior, obedience to religious authority, and fear of excommunication and eternal torment. The bottom line is that one understands that all religions that have ever exited are all BS. You can prove this to yourself concerning the Christian bible by reading the first ten pages of Genesis, then the first ten pages of Revelations. If you can believe any of this, I have some great snake oil that can help you with your religious doubts and truly make you feel great according to its producers (Rattle-snake oil, as a lineament and to create spells of magic). It sells for $79.95 US, for a 2 oz. bottle. Buy several bottles. Little mark-up is involved. 20% of the profit will be spent on advertising to inform all of its benefits. We donate to children's charities. An e-mail address will be provided for questions and orders upon request, as well as a certificate of authenticity and details of its other beneficial ingredients sent with all orders. Free shipment upon advanced payment for 3 bottles or more. Limited quantities. Get yours now.
  8. Evolution is intelligent

    And he acted like he didn't believe in evolution, a type of guest-posting sock-puppetry evolution and other alter egos? If so maybe his possible posting "sins" are in the past and he has repented like a good Christian should? In any event I am awaiting his further assertions and questions concerning Intelligent Evolution, his topic, if he continues.
  9. Evolution is intelligent

    Of course not, having uninformed beliefs is not a reason to leave this forum IMO.
  10. Evolution is intelligent

    Cool, the Silver Rule, from Carl Sagan.
  11. Evolution is intelligent

    It is far better IMO to be charitable when there is no reward in it for yourself, no pie in the sky Your sole intention is to help another person. Honesty can make many people feel good and happy, a type of personal integrity, but empathy is more important IMO. "Do unto others......." the golden rule is a good guide to a happy life, but more important is the negative golden rule: Don't do unto others as you would not have them do unto you.
  12. Evolution is intelligent

    I believe there are many good Christians and that you are one of them. But my job here is to enlighten you, not with beliefs but with knowledge and better understandings of reality. Ask me any related questions and I expect to be able to inform you. Most thinking people cannot continue to believe in a falsehood in an avalanche of evidence to the contrary.
  13. Evolution is intelligent

    Not that I am an expert in such things, but mud-skippers and lung fish came to mind based upon your question. Wikipedia provides many more examples. Just scroll down.
  14. Evolution is intelligent

    Natural Selection is the prime driver of biological evolution, according to theory. There is an undeniable mountain of evidence to support natural selection if one studies its almost infinite detail. Certainly some details of present theory are wrong, but the breadth of evolutionary theory cannot be denied based upon logic alone, aside from the almost infinite fossil evidence supporting natural selection. What you always end up with are the best suited and most prolific plants and animals for their environment. What one observes is the end results of this understandable process. Although humans are great tool and product makers, other primates have also shown their intelligence by making tools or tasks. Some birds, with their bird brains :), have also created tools for multiple purposes, granted not compared to humans, but with their minuscule brains, a few trained parrots can talk and some have shown to understand what they are saying. A few chimps have learned sign language for communication with humans, and with other chimps that understand the language. Ashamed to be naked is not a smart thing, it is a cultural thing. Clothes in the open environment are a practical thing. Just a couple hundred years ago a number of human cultures in temperate climates, were all nude.
  15. Does Hell Scare You....It Does Me

    "Does Hell Scare you, It Does Me" Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Revelation 14:10-11 He who does not heed the word of God, upon judgment “…will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and will be tormented with fire and sulfur …And the smoke of their torment will go on forever and ever….” Revelation 20:10 And the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No castigation, just advice: Don't believe in the BS of the Bible or of any religion. Just follow a good life of your own moral conviction. Believing in a God of any religion, heaven or hell, is not rational thinking based upon serious intellectual considerations over time IMO. Such a life can be very happy and generally fearless in the absence of ridiculous beliefs.