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  1. pantheory

    God of the bible is not a scientist

    Yes, the God of the Bible is no scientist. The writers of the Bible probably had no concept of what a scientist was all about. How could the Bible have had any scientific information in it in that everyone who wrote it was likely very ignorant concerning the little scientific knowledge that existed in those times. The little science that there was at the time of the new testament was brought across and around the Mediterranean by the Greeks, Macedonians, and the Romans, but generally not believed or respected by Israeli Jews who were the writers of the Bible no doubt.
  2. Me too, I've never seen a growth video as good as this one.
  3. Yes, I have heard of the flying fox; so finally I get to see what they really look like. So pretty! I love its red coloring.
  4. Yes, I agree. This would be the primary creationist argument against such examples as the sticklebacks above. For the argument of changing genera and species we more easily find examples in the fossil records. Here is a pretty good link showing some probable examples:
  5. This fish seems to be a great model into showing how evolution via natural selection works. Probably a good example to show to creationists, the few that would be bright enough to read about it.
  6. pantheory

    Climate Alarm = Flat Earther?

    Interesting video but the title is off IMO. They discuss why mainstream science global warming theory has a lot of propaganda to it, and that it is less certain than what the "propaganda" alleges it to be. There are many issues involved. First of all is global warming real, is the Earth slowly getting warmer? Yes, the majority of climate scientists think that it presently is. They have a very great deal of evidence to back this up. Next, is man contributing to global warming? Even with the global-cooling effect caused by pollution, the vast majority of scientists still think that global warming is the net effect and that man is contributing to global warming. Next, is mankind the main cause of global warming? Again most climatologists believe mankind is the primary cause of global warming but there is still much debate as to what extent we contribute to it. As to the physics presented, they assert unrealistic over simplification in a particular model. The model seems to have been dumbed-down in an attempt to provide numerical data for global warming, this however is not an important part of the argument. The main issue is whether anybody has debunked the assertion of mankind causing global warming, and the simple answer is no.
  7. Yeah Mandy, Here is food-for-thought with a little humor thrown in for good measure. Let's say the true likelihood of Ham being honest is 70%, and that the true likelihood of him being sincere is also 70%, then the probability of him being both honest and sincere would be 49%, less than 50-50
  8. pantheory

    Before the Big Bang

    Joshpantera, Roger Penrose IMO is a superior theorist, not because of what he proposes necessarily, but because he seems to always logically be able to justify his reasoning concerning why he thinks it is a real possibility. As to his Eternal Cycle and Twister Theory, I am not too impressed by it but listened with interest because he proposed it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As to your food-for-thought link: Why "group-think" can often come to wrong conclusions -- it is the pressure within the group for members to conform to majority opinions. "......In Schnall’s view, the wise men of ancient times were sensitive to the possibility that a consensus could mask the psychological dynamic where intelligent decision making is distorted by the pressure to conform. "The Jewish high court, as Schnall discussed in his presentation — that is, the Sanhedrin, comprising 71 judges — had an interesting remedy to this danger. If a decision in a court case was unanimous, with all judges in agreement and forming a perfect consensus, the decision was automatically set aside and rendered null and void. The validity of the decision was assumed to be tainted by the agreement of all the experts sitting in judgment. --------------A consensus, in this view, is far from a guarantee that the truth has been discovered. On the contrary, it’s an indication that group think is afoot." very nice
  9. One thing I like about Ken Ham is that he comes across as being honest and sincere, which I think he really is. He bones up on argument points to defend creationism but unfortunately for him, he is defending stupidity, the same as his profession. He is not a good example of a person having knowledge of the natural sciences arguing for creationism because too many of the things he says are obviously wrong, misinterpreted, or seem to be delusional. Bill Nye, on the other hand, knows what he is talking about.
  10. The coldest temperatures ever recorded on Earth was recorded in Antarctica in June 2018, in the winter of the southern hemisphere. While the north pole is getting warmer, the south pole seems to be getting colder. The reason for this could be that the north pole has no land mass underneath it. It is totally surrounded by warmer ocean waters and has a great land mass underneath it which would somewhat insulate it from the surrounding oceans, while possibly absorbing some of its relatively small amount of heat. A changing increase in the temperature differences between the poles as well as possible temperature differences between the northern and southern hemispheres, could also involve the Earth's ever changing cycles of its axis of rotation, its precession (wobble of its axis), the relative position of the planet alignments, solar cycles and conditions, or a combination of one or more of these ever changing conditions.
  11. pantheory

    New humaniod fossil found in SA

    This fossil is one more piece of the lineage of humanity. According to this article this species was not in our direct line of evolution, instead it was the result of an evolutionary off-shoot that lived maybe a million years after our direct-line descendant.
  12. Fast Radio Burst usually come from unknown sources. We see them only once and usually never gain in the same location. But a couple (2) of them are repeaters. They have been observed several times in the same place and could be seen again in the future. The prevailing hypothesis is that many come from the centers of active galactic nuclei AGN's (galactic black holes) where often we see two huge high energy polar jets coming out from opposite sides of the galactic center, thought to be created by the central galactic black hole, usually having millions of times greater mass than our sun. This report is generally the same information as the one below, New Fast Radio Waves detected It is still speculation concerning why these radio bursts occur.
  13. pantheory

    China in space - acheivements etc

    The Chinese are doing some cool space stuff. We need the competition so we don't just sit on our assets. Space X seems to be leading the way commercially.
  14. Open source science someday will make a big difference. The problem will always be the protection of intellectual property and claims of discovery that could bring the Nobel Prize to one person or group, or give it to another. The question concerning who discovered what and when, is a problem with open source science. Sometimes different groups are working on the same project and separately discover the same thing at almost the same time. Today with such things as Blockchain technology and , groups might be able to work more closely together , patents, copyrights, and intellectual properties better protected, who did what and when protected in the process of software input. Here is a simple explanation of blockchain technology.
  15. pantheory

    A Single Cell Organism Dying

    Coming apart at the seams. kinda sad 😣