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  1. Your posting was moved because it is too silly and could not entail a science discussion. But it could promote a religious argument with some science thrown in for good measure. So here you are in the Lion's Den. You are the Christian and we are the lions. If you are gentle enough and Pray for God to protect you as he did Androcles from the Lions, then I believe we will not tear you apart much.
  2. That you like physics is really cool. So why don't you ask me the question of how the double experiment really works contrary to both religion and mainstream science. There's always a better alternative to religion, but sometimes there's a more logical alternative to the beliefs of mainstream science.
  3. Mainstream explanations, as well as your explanations of quantum physics cut no ice with me. They're almost as stupid as religion IMO.
  4. The mainstream-science interpretation of the double-slit experiment is almost as silly as your interpretation of it with an emphasis on the word 'almost.'
  5. Greed, ego and pride ain't too cool, but lust when acted upon can be super cool. Take it from me.
  6. Your posting was moved because it was just too silly for a science discussion. It is more like a religious argument where you threw in science with an imagined application. You are now in the Lion's Den. You are the Christian and we are the lions. If you are gentile and humble in your discussion maybe God will protect you from us as he did Androcles from the lions of the Bible. If not hopefully the lions (us) will not hurt you too much. Good luck.
  7. Welcome Joe. Only two posts ah and all those fancy words, Wow. and, proof of sin. Cool!
  8. WalterP suggested he would put this topic in a debate forum, and I thought I would put the science version of it in this forum so that if anyone wished to learn or discuss the science version of it they could. To learn the science version of the fine-tuning argument read any of the links below. A few also mention the religious perspective. IMO the fine-tuning argument, involving the so-called anthropocentric universe has its primary sway in religion rather than having a sound scientific basis. Most scientists today would strongly disagree with this statement. Also IMO F
  9. Hi Walter, I don't think you will find any Christians here who could defend via religion the fine-tuning argument in the debate forums. But If you post here or there I could play the devil's advocate and promote the mainstream science version of it, which I believe is the majority opinion. If the mainstream version of it is wrong, then religion would have nothing to support its bogus claims. Even if IMO the science argument for it is simply BS, I promise not to deliberately lose the argument When you are on a college debate team and are told the subject of the debate, either law
  10. As you said, this article and its perspectives are those of theistic scientists concerning multiverse possibilities. As such they push their ideas concerning both science and religion. And I agree that their rationale concerning fine tuning doesn't seem valid. A primary reason for proposing multiverse theory was to solve the so-called fine-tuning problem that doesn't exist in the first place IMO.
  11. very nice LF. As for me as a teen, I simply read the bible and in light of science realized that at least Genesis and Revelations, the first and last books of the Bible were obviously wrong and pure BS. This realization happened to me about age 13 when I came to believe that only a part of the Bible was correct. After studying other Christian and non-Christian religions of the world, and considering science explanations, I lost my faith in the existence of a God totally about age 16 while I was still in high school. Although I believed that evolution via natural selection was obvi
  12. Got it, but it does rightfully explain many of his postings. Because of his audatious personality I expected he was capable of describing himself that way.
  13. BrotherMario said he seldom went to Mass. I can believe that He doesn't act like any devout Christian I ever listened to. He acts more like a narcissist, and by his own titling a Braggadocio. Maybe when he was younger, but presently I don't think Groupthink had much to do with the formation of his personality. Here on X-Christ I believe I see the influences of Groupthink on occasion (group anti-Christians), especially in the lion's Den and Colosseum. We were the lions and BrotherMario was the Christian. But he deserved a good mauling, dismemberment, and excommunication from ou
  14. this sub-forum is science vs. religion so you're exactly on topic
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