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    wasting time on the internet, playing with my kittens, disorders, watching stuff on hulu, open to trying just about anything.
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    Former Christian, really threw myself into the religion even at a young age. I was taught that was the most important thing in life, after all. I am agnostic, leaning heavily towards atheism. Late 20s.

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    Feels extremely weird to say but no, I do not.
  1. Love rainy weekends!

    1. EyesOpened


      Send it this way. I will take rain in Phoenix, Arizona. You can have my 115 degree weather for the day. Deal?

    2. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Ugh. I hate rain. I love sunny weekends, and I'm hoping for many of them over the summer months! :)

  2. Can't sleep at all past two weeks, sure

  3. Welcome to tne forums!! Glad you're here and, by all means, feel free to type what you need (I can get lenghty too, lol). The extimonies are cathartic! Feels good to let it out and know there are others who can relate to you!
  4. I prayed and prayed to get a university scholarship that consisted of a small class that would be easy to get to as I was in a 2 + 2 program (2 years community college 2 years unversity). I was extremely specific recalling a sermon taught about a year before about being specific in your prayers. I prayed every night for about six weeks. One day on Campus, I noticed a newly posted sign inviting people to come back at a certain time for scholarship opportunites. I went back that evening and since only eleven people showed up, we were all offered scholarships (they had fifteen to give away)
  5. Probably depends on the university, professors, and a number of other thing. I only ever remember one pastor talking about authorship of the Bible and even saying stuff as the book of Job was written as an allegory and should be taken as such. He was sometimes considered a little radical by the elders of that church (even though he wasn't the youngest pastor by any means). Unfortunately, this kind of stuff tended to get him booted from churches (Southern Baptists). My family being military, we attended a lot of churches over the years, but that's the only pastor I can remember talking about
  6. Not sure how much help I can be, that really sounds like it needs to be parent-teacher-counselor conference. One thing is certain, you can't give up your lunch, so that leaves study hall being the course you'd lose. I don't know your needs as they vary from student to student so I can't really say whether or not keeping or dropping study hall would suit you, some use it to goof off, others need it to help them pass. It's a little early to worry too much over whether the music class will make or break a music career, this is supposed to be something you enjoy especially right now. Do you
  7. The problem with Christianity is it is constructed to survive for years and years (much like Islam) with it's persecution complex. If someone is oppsed to it, the Christian views the opposer as "in the dark," in danger of spending eternity in Hell, and, in some cases, as being influenced by Satan (maybe even possessed by demons). Then the Christian either sees it as their duty to witness and help bring this person to Jesus/God or they see this person as something to overcome as if it's God testing them. If too many people disagree with the Christian they will view it as veing oppressed or exe
  8. They will view it as persecution for their religion. That's likely how it will be presented in other churches even though it was blatant racism on the perpetrator's part. However, persecution of Christians is something all Christians believe they have in common, I'm sure more than one church who has almost no black people will act like they are so brave for still attending church and never address the real issue. Even though I disagree with their beliefs, it is always wrong that anybody be attacked and picked off in that manner regardless if it's church, schools, the mall, a theater, gas
  9. Unless someone says they are a South Park Republican, it's safe to assume religion is a major part of their life. As a kid and during the first election I could vote in, it was drilled into my head to vote Republican on everything because they were Christians that were carrying out the will of God and Democrats were trying take God out of America (my mother's words). My parents didn't seem to mind too much about moderates as long as they were conservative leaning. My mom even admitted to not knowing or understanding half the issues she voted on just that Republican was basically code for Chris
  10. Yes, this. My mom always took me to Proverbs 31 claases and women studies about how a woman was supposed to act according to God. My mom always claimed that's hwo she was, but she's nothing like that! She's controlling and my dad always deferred to her and when he didn't it'd be a huge fight (same to this day). But she did always insist he say the prayers, lol. Sybaris..... I feel for you, having to deal with all that.
  11. What?!? Wow, sounds like so ething straight out of a movie!! Hopefully, that never happens to you again! I'm lucky not to live in a super religious area (midwest, but Ohio and it really is a mixed bag here), but I'm also a city dweller, just can't do small towns at all. That second lady- that's what she's worried about?!? Not, "Not all Christians are like that!". She doesn't know your past, you think she'd be a little more concerned about converting you than just feeling sorry for you. If she's going to feel sorry for you, you'd think it'd be about being harrassed by that crazy woman.
  12. Yeah, I've wondered about liberal Christians, too. I think I was maybe a liberal Christian for a few months (the beginning of my deconversion), but honestly I just figured it was people who haven't really read the Bible, like they are the people that only show up on holidays and just acknowledge God but don't really pratice Christianity. My mom used to say liberal Christians were just Catholics (she really had it out for Catholics and Pentecosts). I was so far in, I still have my Bible Drill trophy, lol, the only thing I'm real proud of from my time as a Christian. Love when people ask if I
  13. Aw, how sweet! That is a good change. Made me happy for the both of you!
  14. Wow. Yes, that would upset most normal people. Seems like pre- arranged marriages are coming back into style or people are more vocal about them. You really are stuck between a rock and a hard place. No matter what you do, it probably won't prevent the wedding. That is frustrating. I'd be angry, too.
  15. Yes, I can't even imagine my own parents not laughing right out the church's door at that kind of thing and they enjoy going to smaller churches that preach fire and brimstone. $72,000 a year he was getting?! Plus paid tuition and paid med insurance for his family? Geeze, beginning to realize why some pastors turn out to be sleazy. And asking for 10% of the congregation's grossly income a week?!? That is just nuts, wonder how many people he really screwed over. That is one thing I know my parents would completely agree with me on, almost tempted to call them up and be like, "Did you hear ab
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