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    Music, books, movies, video games, Calvin and Hobbes, old school Nickelodeon, spending time with my family and friends, and surfing the 'net.
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    I can't reconcile any of what people have done (to me, to family members and in general) in the name of their superstitions and what they say they believe. And i never will.

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    nope. those days are long gone.

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  1. happy new year, everyone!

    1. LogicalFallacy


      same to you!


      Watch the prophesies start to get mentioned with the resolution against Israel.

    2. Margee


      Happy New Years to you also milesaway!!


  2. As Jeff said, maybe for you it was a stepping stone on your way out of religion altogether. Everyone's roadmap out of religion looks different, and for me, after the last church I went to screwed me over for the last time, I visited one of those New Age/Pagan shops in my area and looked around. I guess I followed a similar path out, so maybe this is more common than we think. Anyway, I never bought anything, and I realized to myself, what's the point? It's basically the other side of the same coin as what didn't work for me in the first place. You get to define what spirituality means for
  3. The only thing I'm sorry for is the suffering those idiotic tracts have caused. Otherwise I feel nothing but relief knowing there's one less hateful superstitious jerk in this world, and joy knowing he can't hurt anyone else.
  4. My deconversion process was fairly quick, but I wasn't involved with the churches for any major length of time. In that respect, I came off no worse for the wear, and I recognize that I lucked out there. The last one I visited during my rodeo with religion was 2 years, and that one proved to be damaging in more ways than I thought when I walked out those doors for the last time. Everyone's deconversion process looks different, and yours may end up taking longer than other people's. I think the amount of time it takes and the intensity of it is largely dependent on how long you were involved wi
  5. First off, it's ok to miss Christianity. Maybe what you miss more is the community aspect, but whatever you miss about it, it's all ok. It's also understandable that you miss it. After all, the work in terms of making friends and finding a community was done for you, and also it offers some kind of certainty in a world of unknowns. Christendom is often known for demonizing other religions or those who don't identify with any religion by sending us the message that it's Christendom or bust. Remember that it's a scare tactic, and a tough one to unlearn. I would suggest building a life outside of
  6. It could be that what you're looking for is something familiar right now, and that's ok. That said, I would be very careful with the church. The potential for fundamentalism even within their ranks is huge, and they can cause a lot of damage as a whole. Maybe it would help to think back to when you left for a different religion, and think about why you left back then. If you do decide to try it for awhile, ask questions, and don't accept canned responses as answers. Don't make any quick decisions, no matter what they might tell you.
  7. I'd heard about this, and like others here, I considered joining as a way to show support. After this shit, no way. It's like trading one toxic environment for another, where the shit will hit the fan eventually. It's pretty sad to see an organization with this much potential going postal like this.
  8. What I experienced goes way beyond "quirks." That's like calling a blizzard a light flurry. I know what happened to me, and I don't care who chooses to doubt it or ridicule it. That says more about them than it does me. I'm sorry that you came across toxic churches during your years in christendom, and at the same time happy that christendom seems to have treated you far better overall than it ever treated me. I wish my experience was a whole lot better than it was. I wish all of us who came from toxic environments at the churches we attended had better experiences there. Nobody's disputin
  9. I'm late to the party, but here goes. I left for many reasons, not just one. First, I gave church my best shot, and I found it sorely lacking, no matter which one I tried. It didn't take long before I got nothing out of the sermons or the services. Second of all, the toxic environment at each one I visited was doing nothing for me. I figured maybe it was just that one rogue church, but every one I visited turned out to be like that. The extents to which they sucked vary, of course. I got to thinking one day at the last church I visited during my rodeo with religion, that if they didn't think t
  10. I can imagine what it's like to give a relationship your all and feeling hopeless the whole time. I've been there myself, though in my case religion had nothing to do with it. I got the impression that you never once gave her any reason to act like this, and that's what I based my comment on. All of that still holds, and to answer your question, there's no way in hell I could stay married to someone who acts like this upon finding out about my lack of belief in any god or gods. You're taking the steps to work on whatever issues you have, but it doesn't seem like she's all that interested in do
  11. Isn't it freeing or what? Just knowing I never have to be a part of that pointless rat race or see the inside of that hellhole ever again is a huge gift.
  12. I'm sorry she's acting like this towards you. She should be so ashamed of herself! Whatever you decide to do from this point moving forward, we've got your back. Her actions are inexcusable, and nothing gives her the right to hold you hostage emotionally. I'd be willing to bet she was like this long before you ever found each other, because people seldom just do this kind of thing out of nowhere. She has a damn good guy on her hands, and still she finds something to say about it. That's on her, not you.
  13. happy new year, everyone!

  14. happy holidays, everyone!

  15. ^This. Someone at the last church loaned me a book to read a couple months before I left, and I had to return it. It was "Patty," whom I've written about here before, and obviously this isn't her real name. Anyways, Patty had left for the day since it was on a Friday, but someone was in the main office. I'll call her "Sharon" for the sake of the story, and I'll leave out some of the major details in case any christendom defectors from that particular church and denomination should happen to find this place. Sharon and I had talked periodically, but nothing beyond the surface pleasantries, and
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