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  1. If God is perfect, if She is incapable of making a mistake, then Ted Cruz is proof that God does NOT exist!
  2. BO and I have knocked heads a few times. BO claims to be a Libertarian (and if he means the Libertarian Party then I believe him). I, on the other hand, am a Whig (read Classical Liberal, aka libertarian). There are some correlations that can be observed, but I think they are the product of what I will call the "birds of a feather" principle. That is, people will flock to a leader who is most like what they believe, whether that be politics or religion. I have (only half-joking) maintained that religion was created by a nerd who figured out that bullshit could overcome brawn and beauty
  3. Orbit, I must respectfully disagree with you in that I do not consider myself to be "lingering" as you put it. I am an agnostic, pure and simple. I don't know, and to some extent do not care, if there is a "God" (or gods) or not. So far as I know, it can not be proven either way. I have upset more than a few people on this forum by saying that in my opinion, there is little difference between a Christian who is steadfast in their belief and an athiest who is stadfast in their disbelief. I would be willing to accept either position based upon an acceptable proof. (Given that even "l
  4. "so there it was, I felt i needed to take that hat off. take the label off. I am not a christian." - pops So there it is indeed! Does that make you an evil person? No! It simply means that you are being honest with yourself and that is always a Good Thing. May you enjoy continuing to explore what you are.
  5. "I would rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy." - unknown originator, possibly W.C.Fields or Steve Allen.
  6. Fuck you. I'm still a kid at 60. I admit that I like to save money and take advantage of the "senior" specials when I can, but I think I am at the point where I'm going to enjoy my life by doing things I like, such as enjoying good food (BBQ), Scotch and cigars. Why would I want to live to be 100 if I can't enjoy getting there?
  7. It is logically impossible to prove that the Universe and everything we can discover about it was not created a little over 6,000 years ago exactly as we perceive it today as a test of faith (or proof that "God" has a sense of humor.) Hence, there is nothing that can be discovered or witness that could be substantial enough proof to a Christian that their faith is wrong.
  8. Define the terms "older" and "senior" please.
  9. Thats why man invented the stapler. Why did the punk rocker cross the road? He was stapled to the chicken.
  10. Who gives a damn about the UI? Backend is where the real work gets done, by Perl!
  11. And you make it clear that you, along with many, MANY other Christians, not only don't know but don't care that you don't know. But that won't stop you from trying to teach everyone else that they are the ones who are ignorant.
  12. Like so many, if not all, of your statements.
  13. I want to know why you put Mormons ahead of Seventh Day Adventists. Or weren't they in the "Shitbox Christian" caste?
  14. If you go and sample some of my posts I think I can back up the claim that i am an agnostic in the truest sense of the word. I don't know, it can't be proven, and except when people who do have faith that there is or is not a deity intrude upon my life I usually don't care. That said, the concept can make for some interesting discussions at times.
  15. I can easily identify with this. As I relate the following, bear in mind that I recognized that I am not a Christian more than 30 years ago. My youngest daughter (who is now 13) was born deaf. Apparently, that wasn't bad enough. She suffered a stroke at age 9 that has left without the use of her left side pretty much. Not a good thing for a child who had dreams of being a dancer or a gymnast. I usually get one of two responses from Christians who learn of this: 1 - God has a plan for this wonderful child. You should feel honored that He has entrusted her to you. 2 - This is your puni
  16. You say your friend is unhappy with her life, but is she, really? Most people will make changes of some kind, including adopting or rejecting religion, to have what they consider a better life if things are going badly. I submit that she is in fact comfortable enough with her life that she sees no need for change. Just as I detest those who try to impose their beliefs on me, I do my best not to impose mine on others. (That is not to say that I won't tell Christians to mind their own damned business and keep it out of the ballot box!) I got the impression that the best thing you can do
  17. And the very first question would be "Why not?" and if not answered they would still find a lawyer who would want to show that bias was the reason. Just as i would fully defend your choice to not serve such clientele, I have to apply that position equally. With regard to the MS church refusing to perform an interracial marriage at their location, I will only say that while I think they can not find anything in the Bible to justify it, no one has ever said that religion is justifiable to begin with.
  18. Like I said, for me, it is a gray area that opens a real can of worms even though I would not refuse business on that basis. I think my basic point is that any laws applying to this should be equitable across the board, and not carve out exceptions such as a church can refuse service but a professional can't based on religious belief (or lack thereof.) The First Amendment says this: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ..." The problem is that many people today read "establishment" as meaning an organization. What it really means is more along these l
  19. Roz, I agree in general with you, but I have problem with saying that a person must provide service to anyone without any semblance of discrimination. If we can agree that anyone who accepts employment can be thought of as selling a service, then I think it logically follows that you would say that an atheist must accept employment at a Christian firm, or a Democrat must accept an offer from a Republican, if that is the best offer they receive while collecting unemployment. If a person can pick and choose who they work for, then a professional should be given the same freedom. Let
  20. FreeTbhinkerNZ, It is implied by the "Give unto Caesar ..." passage, and pretty much stated explicitly when Jesus sends the disciples out and tells them to "shake the dust from your feet .." in reference to towns that reject them. One can also infer the same principle from the Sodom and Gomorrah story in as much as Lot should have had the good sense to get out of there without waiting for a rescue. It can also be reached (by a stretch) depending on how one views the admonition about slaves should remain slaves rather than insist on freedom if they convert to being believers. There
  21. I was trying to avoid the hot-button of gay rights, but ... I agree with what you said, but let's consider the recent case in Arizona involving a photographer who refused to provide service to a gay couple and suffered legal consequences for doing so. Where does one draw the line? Does that imply that a gay couple could sue a church for refusing to perform a marriage ceremony for them?
  22. I think that a more practical request to make of Christians (or any other group) would be that they not impose their beliefs on others who disagree with them. In fact, it is my opinion that the New Testament clearly says that to do so is wrong, that each person is responsible for their own salvation and it can not be forced upon them. It does not matter if the group in question is religious or secular (think various social activists.) I see little difference at times between those who say you must teach creationism as science, and those who would ban lunchtime Bible study groups at sch
  23. Roz, you would be surprised. I can easily think that opinions about Perl vs. Python or Java could brink up a relationship.
  24. The difference between being arrogant and being an arrogant bastard is that us arrogant bastards are usually right.
  25. I do not say that Christians are not arrogant, I say that they are no more (and no less) arrogant that any other group without regard to whether the classification involves religion. For example, programmers can be classified by what languages they prefer, and believe me, discussions about what is the best language to use can rival any debate about religious belief. Clearly one can be a Christian programmer, or a Hindu programmer, or an atheist programmer. Arrogance is completely independent of that. I could possibly make an argument that arrogance is an evolutionary advantage (since i
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