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    A friend told me about this site recently and I have been lurking on here now and again and thought it was time to perhaps share my experiences in losing my religion.

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  1. Let’s just say that that particular church had a long history of husbands and wives cheating on one another with other members of the congregation ........so much for all the cant about sexual morality!
  2. I suppose my de-conversion started way back in the nineties while I was still attending church. The church didn’t live up to it’s claims of family and fellowship- what a joke. Once I was an established member I felt ignored and overlooked, it was really difficult to build real and lasting friendships. It’s true that there weren’t many other Xians I felt compatible with, perhaps I was never really “one of them”. Why is almost everyone in church so bourgeois and conventional? It seemed to make a difference if you were born into a Xian family as to whether your "face fitted” -or not. I have maybe
  3. it’s bollocking shite (I wasn’t sure of swearing protocol) Oh yes I’ve come across the one about rape being acceptable in marriage. Also when questioned about oral sex an elder instantly pronounced it a perversion (after his wife whispered to him what it was). That one always makes me laugh.
  4. “Santa” is evil because if you re-arrange the letters you get Satan ~Yes I really did hear that from the pulpit Having sex with someone means that you form a soul tie with them. Exchanging Friendship bracelets forms soul ties between people. Soul ties are bad. ~ Because of course it’s wrong to form bonds with other human beings Connecting with other people is what life is all about surely! Burning joss sticks summons evil spirits ~ In that case my house is demon possessed All that stuff about back tracking in Rock music. The Bible is God’s love letter to his people ~ bleuuuuu
  5. Thanks Margee and BlackCat- nice to see you on here BlackCat I often idly wonder if I could have had the same conversion experience say in an Indian ashram or a Kingdom Hall. I’ll tell you what though, although my de-conversion has been a long process taking place over a number years and largely on a sub-conscious level, now that I have left Christianity behind I feel the same sort of elation that I did when I first became a Christian. It’s as though I’m experiencing the world anew; like being born again again.
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking here now and again for a few weeks and decided to join up and share my story: Way back in the mists of time when I was eighteen years old, I had a conversion experience on my very first visit to a Pentecostal AOG church. Straight away, instead of being allowed space to figure out what this experience meant for me, I was given a package (metaphorically speaking) containing what I should believe and how I should behave etc. I took the package on board thinking and believing it was the authentic way to be. After all, I’d just had this amazing experience so t
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