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  1. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the obvious with respect to the "miracle" that seems to have the questioner in knots here. The miracle involves someone getting rich because they prayed for it. BUT. As any good Christian (or "ex") knows, Jesus says more about money and the love of money than love for fellow mankind. And not in a good way as far as rich folks are concerned. When the rich young man comes to Jesus and claims to have done everyone according to the law, Jesus tells him that until he abandons his wealth he hasn't earned a place in the kingdom. I love how so many Chris
  2. One more thing. The Case For Christ contains a huge lie. Strobel did NOT convert while researching the book. He converted already years earlier. This book is nothing other than boring and predictable Christian propaganda. That's it. Strobel is selling ice to the Inuit. He's making millions of dollars off of the time honoured tradition of preaching to the choir. The easiest thing in the world is telling people that they're right. And charge them money for it. Would you read a Mormon or Wiccan or Muslim propaganda book and instantly be confused or convinced of that religions truth?
  3. Thanks for sharing your story. I know exactly what you mean about apologetics. It's become a game of words and hidden agenda's rather than clear, concise reasoning. It's all about winning arguments. What a waste of f'ing time! I really hope you can hold onto your relationship with your wife, but I have to agree with MOHO. You have a LOT of life ahead of you. Don't waste it all on useless arguing pain and fighting. Not. Worth. It.
  4. Right on. The best thing ever is going through enlightenment with your partner. I got to enjoy this too.
  5. Wow. Your situation is almost identical to ours! 20 years married with two kids. My daughter was 13 when we deconverted and was delighted that she no longer had to fear hell. Our son was 11 and hated leaving church and all his friends from the private Christian school that they were attending. For our kids the trick was being 100% open and honest with them. We allow them the freedom to explore spirituality and try to give them as much freedom to figure things out without leaving them entirely on their own. It's a tricky balance at that age because we don't want to indoctrinate them from t
  6. I think you should send the letter but without any expectation of change on your daughters part. It's frustrating, but ask yourself if you would have even read the entire thing when you were a Christian and got something like this? Personally, I would have read the first paragraph and thrown it out, considering it the work of the Devil himself.
  7. I have no idea how hard it must be when one of you is still a believer. Hopefully one day your wife will come around. In the meantime, don't dwell too much on the past. Unfortunately, what's done is done. You can't change that. You can only show your wife from this day onward that you as an unbeliever are a nicer person and less of an asshole than you were as a believer.
  8. Yes - I think in general if a church proclaims itself as "Bible believing" the woman will suffer for it, and probably a lot. I've been married to the same beautiful woman for 20 years. We were high school sweethearts. I love her as much today as I did when I was a young teenager but we went through some pretty hard times as Bible thumping Calvinists. I did not respect her as an equal partner and I used to talk and think just like Burnedout does. I used to hate feminism and I used to get so angry when I would hear anything about women's rights that I would react out of guilt and rage just l
  9. For me it's also very simple. For the same reasons I don't accept the Book of Mormon or the Koran as the sacred words of god, I also don't accept the Bible. Nobody to this day can tell me why I should believe because of their very particular faith, when all other very particular faiths should be ignored and not believed. Why should their "answered prayers" and "miracles" convince me that their god(s) are real, when everyone else's "answered prayers" and "miracles" are not to be trusted as proof?
  10. Not exactly like me but very close. Much of what you write here is exactly how I feel / felt.
  11. It's all about what you're used to and what you've been taught since birth. Think about how easily you dismissed creationism as a Christian. That makes zero sense. How can evolution be true when there is no first humans to commit sin in evolutionary theory? Adam and Eve can't be real if evolution is true - there is no first human. Therefore there's no such thing as sin. Therefore Jesus isn't needed to save anyone from their sins. Therefore Christianity doesn't make any sense. Jesus preached that Adam and Eve were real - as god, he should have known better if he kickstarted evolution, no?
  12. I share in what you went through and share in the incredible frustration of not being able to explain it to any family or friends and to share the burden! Family and friends that are still Christian don't even want to talk about it - much less feel sorry for you. Friends that aren't Christian have no idea what you're talking about either! It's an impossible, frustrating experience. After four years I'm still struggling with this fact.
  13. I experienced the same thing for about two years after my deconversion. Remember there's a lot of stuff buried down deep that is just craving an outlet! I remember losing it at my father-in-law and feeling really bad afterwards. It only makes xtains more likely to judge us when we come across as angry even though it's very normal.
  14. You wrote such a long tome when to convert almost everyone on ex-c is so much easier than that! Want to know how easily you could win almost all of us back for Christ? Simply point us at a scientific study showing a statistically significant result comparing Christian prayer to milk jug prayer. That's right. You pray to Jesus and I'll pray to a milk jug. If we can show that your prayers are answered more than mine, I will give Christ another long hard look. (Hint. This study has been done more than once, and the milk jug didn't lose.)
  15. Congratulations! It's facinating that you got the exact same reactions I did with my parents. I'm glad you didn't go in guns blazing. That is not the best way to go about these things IMHO.
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