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  1. One more thing. The Case For Christ contains a huge lie. Strobel did NOT convert while researching the book. He converted already years earlier. This book is nothing other than boring and predictable Christian propaganda. That's it. Strobel is selling ice to the Inuit. He's making millions of dollars off of the time honoured tradition of preaching to the choir. The easiest thing in the world is telling people that they're right. And charge them money for it. Would you read a Mormon or Wiccan or Muslim propaganda book and instantly be confused or convinced of that religions truth? I doubt it.
  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I know exactly what you mean about apologetics. It's become a game of words and hidden agenda's rather than clear, concise reasoning. It's all about winning arguments. What a waste of f'ing time! I really hope you can hold onto your relationship with your wife, but I have to agree with MOHO. You have a LOT of life ahead of you. Don't waste it all on useless arguing pain and fighting. Not. Worth. It.
  3. Right on. The best thing ever is going through enlightenment with your partner. I got to enjoy this too.
  4. You're obviously not Calvinist! I used to believe that everything is predestined, including most folks choosing against God. We were the lucky few who were not born only to suffer and die eternally.
  5. Thx for sharing this beautiful poem. It's heart breaking to read and makes me angry that people continue to ask, "what's the harm of xtianity"? You are experiencing the harm. We've all experienced it.
  6. Yes! Of course most of us have felt these feelings! Any of us who really believed that crap is bound to feel very depressed and dissacociated from life when we realize it's all bullshit. It took me three years to recover and it's only partial at this point. Every day is a new day I guess. One thing that helped me was realizing that life goes on. If you didn't party and have random sex with strangers for the first 30 years of your life, why do you feel like you should do that now? Feel free to do it, but don't feel obligated either. There are no rules. That's the freedom that we've attained!
  7. I think what qadeshet was trying to say was that wishing God was really there has no bearing on whether or not he actually is. Just like wishing we didn't die doesn't make heaven or hell real places.
  8. I'm not quite sure how to respond but thanks for sharing your struggle. It sounds to me that you are still in the midst of deconverting which is a time of intense turmoil and upheaval. You are naturally questioning everything including the point and purpose of life. I don't want to offer too much advise other than hang on. It's a rough ride but things will get better. One thing that helped me get over my fear of Yahweh was researching where he comes from. I figured people used to be so scared of other gods that they would sacrifice their own children to them. Since I wasn't scared of their gods, why should I be so worried about Yahweh? He's no more real or scary than Zeus, Baal or a plethora of other deities that have been worshipped over the past 10,000 years or so. Somehow this helped me get over my fears.
  9. Mormons deconverted us too! We watched a video sent from a brother-in-law that was Julia Sweeney in which she talks for a bit about some young Mormon missionaries. He was implying how stupid they were. I had the exact same thought as you did and went from fully committed, 100% dedicated xtian to total atheist in about 4 weeks. My wife took about 4 months but thankfully we are both happier and more in love than ever before, over 3 years later. I'm still shocked at the suddenness of our deconversion but I'm a "no bullshit" kind of guy. If something is wrong - it's wrong and I don't mess around trying to make it "right". The wealth of evidence against what billions of people believe is scary. It's scary that so many humans can be so fucking scared and blind to the idiocy of religious belief. Hopefully in a few thousand years we've learned our lesson but somehow I doubt it. We're too scared that we are essentially meaningless in this universe. We want to be "special". Welcome to ex-c!
  10. Welcome and thanks for sharing your story! I remember feeling exactly the same way only 3 short years ago. I am now more happy and content than I ever came close to being as an xtian.
  11. Fair point but many EX-Christians, such as myself, become staunch anti-theists too. They aren't exclusive domains.
  12. Welcome to freedom. Keep studying and asking questions. Your life has changed forever and trust me - you will feel the freedom soon. It takes time to get over religious indoctrination. As others have said, a secular therapist may be able to help.
  13. Welcome to ex-c! Thanks for sharing your story. Very moving and as a former Dutch Calvinist I understand where you come from. As far as Hell and the fear of Hell is concerned, many here have already stated what I found to be absolutely true. Time heals all wounds, including the wounds of indoctrination and fear. This includes the fear of the boogie man and hell. One thing that helped me get over my fear was the very same thing that deconverted me in the first place. Studying the origins of hell and realizing that the Jews never had a "Hell" at all! Another question that helped was asking why I was so afraid of one particular version of Hell (the one I'd been taught) when there's so many other versions I could fear! (Different xtians, Muslim, Aztec, Viking...) I then quickly realized that I wasn't scared of a necessarily real place, but rather a fairy tale. That seemed silly, so I quit believing it.
  14. So many people have died for a lie by now, I'm shocked that xtians still dare to use this argument! Even Catholic and Protestant xtians died for their different beliefs - killed by EACH OTHER !! By the tens of thousands. And they supposedly believed in the EXACT SAME GOD!! Mormons died for their beliefs and their founder is a known fraudster, even convicted in a court of law. Are you tempted to be a Mormon because so many have suffered and died over this lie? And why the heck are Muslims different than xtians in dying for their faith? Just because most modern xtians would never die for Jesus, doesn't mean they can arbitrarily argue that somehow Muslims who are dying for their faith, don't really believe. That's hog wash.
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