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    I have been a christian my whole life, and at times been quite a radical one. But now at 37 years I have discovered that I was decieved by myself and others. I am now a happy atheist, but my wife, frends, family are still very christian. I felt alone - and then I found this site. Thanks

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  1. Great post :-) It is really true what you point out: "Man, the more insight I gain, the more ignorant I realize I used to be." In the beginning of my disbelief I thought that if God would only appear himself to me. I would start following him again. But now. If it is the sick bastard god of the bible. No, I wont follow that idiot!
  2. So our pastor was babbling about how great it is going to be in Heaven. No pain and sorrows and so on. So if he is speaking truth - if my wife and I die tonight,she is going to heaven but won't feel any pain knowing that I would be suffering-meaning she have lost her compassion with people she loves! Then I would prefer hell and at least be able to feel compassion with people. Today's text matt 11.25 "Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children." I take it as a compli
  3. zeldarocks, I also wanted something supernatural from the holy spirit badly, pleading to God to get it. I only experienced a very small "feeling" two times, but nothing convincing. However, there were some people who felt the “spirit” when I prayed for them. It is good to know that all the spiritual experiences are clearly something going on in people’s brains, and we have different brains. Sorry that your OCD should be translated to demons! It is good you now know that it nonsense. You are lucky!
  4. Yes, you are right, it used to be quite miserable. The more miserable the better, - because then you need Jesus more. Probably not the most healthy way to look at your self..
  5. Thank you all for wellcomes and for encouragements. I'll definitely more use of this unique fellowship in here, and hopefully also forward the help I have received to others who is losing their faith. Thanks again. Dan
  6. I grew up in a Lutheran family in Denmark. My parents were good Lutherans, going to the Lutheran government church every Sunday and to meetings once or twice during the week in the Lutheran Mission. It was a conservative not charismatic church, but well-grounded, where the mantra was “Sin and Grace”. People were not very outgoing and didn’t evangelise a lot. It was common to feel embarrassed about the belief (in Denmark Christians are not very common). Speaking in tongs, healing and so on, was not used as it could lead us away from the true belief in: “Sin and Grace”. When I was about
  7. I feel the same way, like Neo. - Good description! Can I ask you, what made you hold on to the Christian belief for the many years? - In my own case my biggest reason I hang on to my faith for many years was the awesome nature, and I couldn’t imagine it all to be without God. I didn’t believe Evolution Theory could be anything else than an excuse for not having God in life. What a naive fool I was! Dan
  8. Thank you all for your replies and comments. An update on my situation with my wife: It has been quite lonely for me the last few weeks after my wife said she would rather live in the delution than find out. And until yesterday I havnt spoken to her about the subject. She is now willing to see the documentary and she is also talking about her own doubts. I am much less lonely now :-)
  9. I asked my wife to watch a documentary about evolution, but her reply was that she will rather live in deception than find out! What to do?
  10. Exactly and clear! - we are - so far - just very few of us who are willing to find out and admit it!
  11. Since it is very new to me and unknown to everyone around me that I now consider myself an atheist, I don’t think it is time for me to come out with that yet. My wife even thinks that I should not talk about me believing in evolution theory and doubting the Bible. Well, I told a good friend that I believe in evolution theory and that that makes me doubt the inerrancy of the Bible. Before I told him I first asked if he is interested in science, which he was. He then began to explain me about scientists like “Doctor Dino” and that he believed in a young earth and literal interpretation of th
  12. Hi there I am new here, and want to thank you for this site, it is great not to be alone. I have been a Christian for 25 years, I have Christian parents, Christian wife, Christian colleges, and guess what: I am send out as a missionary (doing a practical job thow). The road leading me to become an atheist is mainly that science doesn’t support the Bible, which I used to believe. Science and namely evolution is something difficult to discuss with my Christian friends. It is like they seems to want to avoid the facts and prefere to ignore them. I am wondering if there a
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