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    I was raised in a Christian home in a small Christian church and spent time as a missionary. After many years avoiding the answers I'm finally taking my first steps out of the church as an atheist.

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  1. I always hated that "Sunday best" thing too, the preacher at my church was a real stickler for it and used to bring it up at any opportunity. When I was in college one of my college friends started attending our church with me and he would get up to give Bible readings dressed in jeans and t-shirt because that's all he had. He lived very simply with very few possessions and he just didn't have a lot nor was he concerned about his appearance. The preacher took him aside one day and told him that when he was in front of the church he should wear a suit and tie. It was just so shallow and showed
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for books that talk about how the Old Testament came together, I know there are a lot of books on the New Testament (ehrman, price, etc) and I'm interested in reading those too but I'd like to read similar on the Old Testament. Anyone have any that they would recommend to me? Thanks!
  3. Yes, exactly. I was also a big fan of CS Lewis and thought that his Mere Christianity book was just the be all and end all. One of my last ditch efforts to hold onto my belief involved my going out and buying loads of his old books thinking he'd set me straight. Instead I found exactly what you did... terrible arguments that even I could see through with my layman's understanding of Logic.
  4. Thanks for all the answers, reading through everyone else's similar experiences is really helpful, plus I've been thinking and putting myself in their shoes and I agree with what many of you have said, they just don't know what to do with me. I think it's kind of like when someone gets really ill or has a death in the family, oftentimes people think that they will say or do the wrong thing so they just pull away. I've been trying to remember how I was with people who left the church in the past when I was a Christian, most of them just faded away and I don't think I ever went looking for them
  5. Right, I have some stuff to get out and with nowhere else to share it I'm coming here to try to work it out. I've been deconverted (or should I say that's when I admitted to myself that I'm an atheist) almost a year now, right after my 40th birthday. At first I told only my immediate family and they all responded well and now we talk about it a little but mostly I feel like they'd rather not talk about it too much so I respect that. The people that have surprised me are the Christians in my home congregation. I grew up there, it's a very small group (no more than 60-80 people meeting
  6. Thanks xliar, I think I will do this, I just feel like I'm bursting at the seams to get so many things out but nobody's asking.
  7. "I don't need to research a fact to stand for what I believe in." Well that just says it all really! Classic.
  8. Thank you all for the great advice, where I stand now is that I agree that a letter will probably do more harm than good so I won't be doing that. I have told my pastor which was quite a sad experience and so the cat is out of the bag as he will no doubt tell others in the congregation. In fact my Dad told me last night that it was discussed briefly at a Tuesday night Bible Study. These people are good people but they are also very respectful of boundaries and so I don't expect to have them knocking down my door. It seems so strange and sad to think that this big chunk of my life is going to f
  9. I was wondering if anyone did anything to let their church know that they were no longer christians? I ask because I come from a very close-knit congregation of just 40 people or so, most of whom I've known for more than 30 years and who have been a huge part of my life. They have been there on call if I needed them at any time and are really lovely people. Over the past few years as I have been deconverting my attendance has just faded away but I'm sure they think I'm just busy and am still a member. It feels strange to just leave it hanging like that. My parents and my brother and his wife a
  10. Welcome. Congratulations on breaking free! Everyone's given you great advice so I won't add much more but I wanted to say I just got back from lunch with my pastor where I finally had the talk with him and told him I no longer believed. I've been thinking about and building this conversation up in my mind since I deconverted back in March to the point that I felt sick this morning going to see him. The weight is now gone from my shoulders although it didn't turn out at all as I expected and that's been the pattern all along. People I thought would go crazy took it in stride, people I thoug
  11. That little article here is interesting and I'm thinking about how fun it might be to tear that whole thing into pieces and expose it for the nonsense that it is. I'm not sure where to ask about this or who I should even ask, but since it goes with this thread, I might as well ask it here. I would like to tear that article apart, just for some fun, but how should I go about sharing it with the world (or just anyone who would be willing to read it)? You could try submitting it here to the ex-christian mainsite: http://new.exchristian.net/p/submit-story.html#.UnDP4WSD7vM
  12. Ever been up around Belfast--little town called Carrickfergus? I'm from Southern Ireland but I did go up North quite a lot as a Christian, there are a lot more fundamentalist groups up there compared to the South so we had a lot of youth retreats and camps up there. Mostly around Belfast but I don't think any of them were in Carrickfergus.
  13. One of the biggest regrets I have in my life was trying to be a missionary in Ireland. I love the country and would gladly go back for the experiences I had there, but I'd want to go back as just some ol' punter who loves a pint and a bit of craic, not as a self-righteous hypocrite. Ireland's a small place, who knows, we may even know each other RNP. I feel much the same way about my mission time in Mexico, I missed out on so much because I was there to spread the "good news".
  14. I wonder what the false claims of psychology and psychiatry are that she's researching... I'm also curious about what sources she is using to research the stuff, though I have a feeling her sources are all propaganda put together by Christian theologians, in an effort to keep the sheep in line and prevent them from thinking for themselves. I never even saw that, very interesting. I thought it was just Scientologists who have it in for Psychology and Psychiatry.
  15. The anti-Hallowe'en pious, finger-wagging crap has begun. A friend just posted this to Facebook with a suggestion that all good Christians should give it some thought http://www.prophezine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=861%3A10-reasons-i-kissed-halloween-goodbye-&catid=41%3Atop-headlines I've always loved Hallowe'en, as a child I had a very active imagination and I was into anything to do with spooky, scary stories. I loved the idea of ghosts and witches (in the Wizard of Oz sense of the word) and the supernatural although I saw it as just good fun with a b
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