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  1. One day a passing stranger came into Notre Dame and asked Quasimodo if he could have a chance to ring the great bell of the cathedral. Quasimodo agreed and took the stranger up to the bell tower. Once there Quasimodo showed how to pull the rope to get the great bell swinging and explained that it was important to be sure you were out of the way when the bell swung back. The stranger pulled the rope and set the great bell swinging but he was too enthralled by watching it to remember to get out of the way of the backswing. The bell swung back and hit the stranger with a resounding BONG and threw him out of the tower. Quasimodo raced down to the street and pushed his way to where the stranger lay but found him clearly dead. Upon seeing Quasimodo approach through the crowd, someone asked if he knew the dead man. Quasimodo replied, "No, but his face rings a bell."
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  3. Yesterday: Pray for the 19 missing firefighters (in the big fire in AZ) Today: Pray for the families and friends of the 19 dead firefighters. WHY? So they'll die too !!!????
  4. Well, since the title of this thread is "Lame Jokes", here's a lame one. Knock, knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting co* MOOOOOOOOO!
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