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  1. You bet. I'm grateful to have found what you wrote, so no worries! I hope that you tell your story every chance you get. People need to hear your clear story of identifying and doing the hard word getting free! Cheers! ~Yak
  2. That was brilliant. You've clearly been doing a lot of work to recover from ravages of sick and worn out christianity. I see You expressing compassion for yourself that no christian or their "god" could or would ever give you. They succeeded in creating a very familiar and deep pain and confusion in you that they did in me and in countless others. But you've found the way out and you have walked it. Bravo! Keep telling your story. Many need to see that there is hope for their otherwise similarly confused and hurt lives. I wrote a similar letter to my young self 7 years ago and found myself in tears, partly from the connection that I had with that hurting youngster and partly from the open grieving I was finally able to do, because that young me did not deserve the abuses and abandonment given me by those terribly troubled people. Finally, the tears came from recognizing that I have finally become free. We know a freedom that christians cannot and will not understand until they make the choice to get free. I know that you know that they're taught to eschew freedom, to lash out at anyone professes to have it and to do whatever they can to avoid it. Their teaching around this reminds me of the Japanese during WWII who told their people to kill their own families and themselves because the Allies were devils and they would do unspeakable things to them. Horribly, there's a lot of documentary footage of people throwing their children and then themselves to their deaths --all because they were told a grand lie. Just like the People of The Lie, christians. You and me and many others who have become free are the voices of true hope. Cheers and thank you again. ~Yak
  3. Well-done! Between you and Epicurus, I think you have nailed it. When directly compared to the nonsense from the bible and other Abrahamic conceptions, I just refer to "it" simply as a bad actor. I guess we should add it all to the "Ain't all that" list: Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent, Omniscient... Just, loving... "Ineffable", but I know a lot of folks on this site would simple say "in-F-that "
  4. YakRider


    Relevant stuff that I've created and other stuff that I haven't. Explore, absorb, exude, react all at your own discretion and for free!
  5. Fuego, sorry. Been away for a bit and just saw your post about yet another christian propaganda film. I have an idea: let's make some films. Perhaps a series. Let's use our knowledge and the open-source material like online videos, tv, articles to expose their activities using their materials. There's enough out there, and they're arrogant enough and careless enough to put out highly revealing and embarrassing activities that will give credibility to the effort. They believe that no one could ever come up with a complete case against them. So, why not let's call their bluff and prove them wrong. A little more exposure can't hurt...
  6. FW, Agreed. I have to keep in mind that the decrees that christians order their lives and thinking by were written by and for a culture in which men were (as Christians are today) deeply insecure in their manhood. the fact that it was deemed necessary to write such statements as " wives will be in submission to their husbands" and similar statements reveals the extent of their insecurity and the fact that christians continue to "buy into" this mindset gives their men an easy way to not have to grow up. They just quote their holy book and done is done. This is a natural outgrowth of the beliefs of their horrible "old testament" that allowed violence, up through killing a woman. Needless to say, this is more of their anti-human, anti-life, misogyny that forms the backbone Christian beliefs. Think of the trenchant modern christian hate groups like "the promise keepers" they are a modern organized example of the principle in action today. All the more reason to organize, expose them and speak out! Thanks for posting this. It's timely and necessary.
  7. Indeed. Well-said. Fear is a great motivator, especially when crafted by individuals and organizations that expect a payoff from inculcating that fear. Using, as you say, something that one cannot control or that is beyond understanding is a commonly used tool in the hands of such individuals. The fear of "what's after death" and of death itself are a common themes, because no one has been there and back to confirm or deny what is "beyond." The fear of the "god" is a holdover from ancient assignment of frightening natural forces to some unseen and highly powerful, capricious being. Again, since no one has seen it, no one can confirm of deny its existence. That of course does not stop them from connecting this to the "just world" cognitive error, and events as mundane as "praying" to this "god" to find ones keys" but glossing over the fact that when they "pray" for peace or the protection or health of someone, it does not occur. One can indeed hold two irreconcilable or opposing thoughts in their mind at the same time, and act on them, when fear is a motivating factor.
  8. A very good point. Some individuals reach a point of being unable to cope with events they are confronted with and they may fall back on thinking that provided the comfort in times of crisis. Others make a conscious choice to use religion as the "opium" that a 20th century philosopher described. Marlene Winell describes how the problem may develop in visual fashion here: https://new.exchristian.net/2014/06/childhood-indoctrination-is-serious.html
  9. Well-put! That's pretty straight forward. Christianity by no means has the corner of delusional thinking.
  10. That's been a pretty common line of reasoning in christianity since it's earliest days: the notion that "if I (god) make you suffer, then you you will love me or you should love me." A related problem in real life is when parents create fear of pain in their children, common responses by the child is for the child to leave the household as early as possible and to avoid contact and, later, withhold contact with the grandchildren. If it is the "god" or "father" whose "plan" is creating confusion or suffering, would anyone marvel why so many leave the religion?
  11. They are not in treatment at the time of writing or at this time.
  12. Yes. You have a great point. That's one of the cognitive flaws expressed in this delusional thinking. Somehow the "god" is connected with everything; however, the key matters of why a) did you know about and cause do this, b) allow this to occur or, c) aren't you doing something to stop the suffering are never answered. It is assumed that one must have already known, without knowing, that this is acceptable behavior. Do keep in mind that religiously-based ideation in delusions is a frequently encumbering part of this pathology. The book and film industry have made ample use of this deep problem.
  13. When I received the following I wanted to present it here as a current example of a highly dysfunctional, self-protective reaction to a crisis when religious ideas have infiltrated a person's mind to a considerable degree. What makes this interesting is the depth to which the writer's religious delusions have affected them and the writer's inability to cope with a crisis by blocking reality using those delusions. My profession includes psychological pathology and, being a humanist, I want to share this recent example of religious delusion as a coping mechanism in a crisis situation. No names are used and the material is not under copyright or other legal encumbrances. The writer appears to have reached a point where the reality of the global effects of the virus crisis has caused them to shutdown or severely restrict rational thinking by resorting to abject denial, fantasy, blaming humans for their normal reactions to abnormal situations. When someone obsessively repeats something, perhaps a related set of details that are extraordinary, it's a psychological condition called perseveration. The repeated "I am," "I am one", "I am with all," "I will never abandon", "dear ones" and similar detailed sayings appear to indicate that the writer has become "stuck" in this circular thought cluster, and has stopped being able to relate to the world. The writer, a human, has also taken on the omniscient narrative voice --in this case, speaking as "God" The writer likely suffered trauma as a child and was perhaps indoctrinated with religious ideas that may have served to "protect" the person as a child --fantasies of a "protector god" when the person was undergoing significant and repeated trauma without appropriate support. However, those childish fantasies were never reviewed and discarded (like Father Christmas, Easter Bunny, etc.) and they resurface now in this crisis in a form that has shifted the person from being a victim to now speaking as the omnipotent, "protector god." This is delusional thinking that has been informed by fantasy religious ideas that were never dealt with and in this current crisis, those unresolved fantastical religious ideas have disabled the writer's ability to relate to the world in a way that society would consider appropriate. I know this sounds a bit technical, but having an understanding of the underlying problems caused by certain ideas can help us to better understand the people around us who use religion and delusion as a dysfunctional coping mechanism. "Dear Child, Blessed be those who open themselves up to my Love, my words, my communing. All is well. All is Love. Be at Peace. Much is happening in Planet Earth with the virus. Know I AM with all, in the hearts of all, Loving all. As you know with a virus, they rear their head when it is time to take notice, when life is too busy, when all is out of balance. When, as you say, you are in self-abandonment. The world has created this virus in the “out of balance”. Just as when you slow down with other virus’ to heal, the world is slowing down to bring this virus into a remission of sorts. Know Love is the healer of the hearts, minds and spirits of all Dear Ones. We are all One. As you all are struggling with the effects of the virus, I AM there with all. Those times when sweet Human will self-abandons, I will never abandon. I AM One with all. We are One, always and in all ways. Fear creates further self-abandonment. The virus feeds on fear and the effects of fear in all its forms. Be that fears of shame, as you speak of, or fears of “too much” or fears of “not enough” of fears of death or fears of life. Fear is behind the virus as it keeps all who fear in self-abandonment, in survival and potential harmful choices. And, most importantly, fear becomes an idol and keeps all who fear away from Love and Loving. Love and Loving heal all Dear Ones. Love is always the answer. Be at peace. Know that I AM. Know that I AM there and aiding those who are suffering. I AM Loving all. I AM Loving all through all the transitions. Be that healing. Be that moving from this reality to the next. I will never abandon. I AM. No matter what the sweet human will creates, I will be with all to aid in and through Love and Loving. Be at Peace. Be aware of what the virus is teaching so that you will increase your wisdom and Loving in future days. Sweet human will is powerful in its ability to manifest. Be that Love manifest or fear manifest. Be the Love and express Loving to all Dear Ones. Love is the creator energy of all. Fear energy blocks Love. It cannot destroy Love, it can only block it. But as the blocking happens, all is out of balance. All becomes distorted, disordered, so to speak. Just as in the body where the good health cells are being blocked through a disease from their natural state, fear blocks the natural state of Love. Focus on Love Dear Ones. There is time for everything. There is always time for Love and Loving. Allow not the fear and fearing to block your Love and Loving. Be at peace. You are never alone. I AM always with you, always. You are all One with Me, God, the All of All. All Love. Be at peace, Dear Ones. And remember the truth of who you are, of who and what all is – Love. Send Loving energy to the virus. Surround all cells, all minds, all with Love. This pulling together of planet Earth has now changed its path and the new path or evolution or cycle is in process. Focus on Love, Dear Ones. Allow this new path to be a Love Evolution for all of planet Earth. There is all Power in the Power of the ONE. Be the One Love. Be the One Loving. Be your true Self. We are all One, Dear ONES. Be this truth, this One Love. Love is far more powerful than fear. Love Dear Ones. Love All and be the Love that created you. Be at peace. All is well Dear Ones. You are all Loved with the Love that is Me, God, the All of All."
  14. Well said, RP. You clinch the point in that article. The fact that any human would not only follow, but spread the christian message that their fiend-god has a plan for someone's life shows that the person is not just gullible, but complicit in spreading its evil. It was also humorous and pleasing to see the opposition spitting their talisman quotes from their book at your clear premise..and exposing the shallowness As I said earlier, those people get engaged with their beliefs uncritically. Perhaps they started out as children in a family where it "just what we did" but growing up in a church and really didn't have a chance to develop critical thinking faculties. There are those too, who contracted the christian disease at an older age. My belief, and I think it is supportable, that they bought a "whole package" of beliefs uncritically or by being provided misdirection over a long period of time that allowed them to become somewhat numb to the problems, and, of course, being provided with "christian apologetics" which is, of course, not about "learning about your faith" but learning to become arrogant with one's beliefs, a lot like your opposition who responded to your article. I would like to drop-in the Epicurean Trilemma, since I've been alluding to it. Perhaps it will assist in clarifying my premise particular discussion: The "Epicurus' Trilemma or paradox: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? — The Epicurean paradox, ~300 BCE
  15. Moho: I think you have a good point which I take to mean, "Don't go into *anything* that offers promises of relief, platitudes and denial and expects compliance." I think the matter applies to all of these. After all, why are you and I on this site? We were roped-in to something that is so damaging and so corrupt and "accepted* uncritically. My point is that some kind of action is required to expose the matter more. Sure there will be push back, but there exists a proliferation of images, video, sound and print of these bad actors spouting their unsupportable doctrine. The same is true of the reality that exposes examples that "God's Plan" is in fact a) a fallacy/outright lie and, b) that any "god" making such a "plan" (since they believe one exists) is without a doubt malevolent, impotent or at the very least, non-existent. (again, referring to Epicurus' famous dilemma).
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