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  1. It'll blow over just give it a few generations lol
  2. So JamesG, I couldn't help noticing that your God is "A flying pink invisible and glittery phallus"? So you can really relate to this kind of stuff. Cool! YES YES I CAN! the flying pink invisible and glittery phallus is a goddess beyond question since she doesn't have penis envy So... your phallus goddess is a lesbian? Interesting. Start a new post in the Spirituality forum. I want to know all the juicy details. lol will do
  3. So JamesG, I couldn't help noticing that your God is "A flying pink invisible and glittery phallus"? So you can really relate to this kind of stuff. Cool! YES YES I CAN! the flying pink invisible and glittery phallus is a goddess beyond question since she doesn't have penis envy
  4. Do you masturbate to scripture or worship music ?
  5. Uh, what? I think what he is getting at is what did ancient Hebrews consider a year? They didn't know the earth rotates around the sun which denotes a year for us. so what did ancient Hebrews consider a year? add on top of that exaggeration and forming reality from mythology its not that unexpected. In fact It would be unusual if it didn't
  6. I've served for years, helped elderly women, mowed grass, It doesn't get you much other than the occasional thank you and a little personal satisfaction. Currently I am working, i.e. "serving" to pay the portion of my eldest daughter's tuition that my wife is about to default on to the tune of 4K.while she simultaneously bitches about me not moving far enough away. Pay your portion sweetheart and there will be plenty of money for me to move. But my mother suggested the same thing R. I guess the problem is I feel trapped in this disgusting little town with no social outlets waiting
  7. cant stress this enough. TV is a brain drain get outside and enjoy life go for a hike build something enjoy the beauty and splendor of planet earth. Fuck TV
  8. art display!!! I am going to have my ashes poured into a mold it will be my last and final art piece. the main filler will be a corrosion resistant metal like aluminum. the core will have my brain or brain tissue thickly encased in resin. some ashes will be made available to family to do as they please. the main funeral event will feature booze and good food. Celebrate my life don't mourn my passing
  9. read the Hebrew version to it falls apart at the seems. It can't even decide if its mono or polytheistic Gen 1 has the Eloyhim(gods) creating the universe in the opposite direction (planets before stars, plants before sun.) Gen 2 has Ya'wah of the Eloyhim not creating the universe but 2:4 ¶ These [are] the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that Yähwè ´élohiym made the earth and the heavens, mainly it appears he was the god that created the earth and plants. gen 2:4 has him as a participant of creation not a singular creator. http
  10. Love Kim Jong-un for everything being a subset or manifestation of Kim Jong-un, so why not
  11. Thought this exchange was relevant and massively face palm worthy when pointed out that shaming,bullying,disowning LGBT kids caused depression and suicide to increase among this group and ex-gay therapy contributed to these problems here was the Christian response So what do you propose to do, make it illegal for the world's 2 billion Christians to think homosexual behavior is sinful and immoral? It is ridiculous to think a difference of opinion is 'shaming and abusing' someone. Is a liberal Democrat 'shaming and abusing' a conservative Republican because he disagrees with him?
  12. http://www.qbible.com/hebrew-old-testament/genesis/1.html Here is a good unadulterated source ancient Hebrew and greek with active definitions on roll over If you don't trust the church just bypass it Genesis 1 is particularly eye opening you get to see the other gods =D
  13. The concepts of the trinity existed before the Nicene creed. It may or may not have been the majority in theology but it definitely did exist beforehand. There is a great thread that shows the political wrestling between two major forces in early Christianity regarding the trinity. Christianity is a very nebulous term not believing in the trinity might not make you a catholic or a Baptist but so long as you consider Jesus as the savior or messiah of some kind your a Christian. Early Christian groups were marginalized much in the same way Mormons were and scientologists are. Uniting Christ
  14. with respect I was referring to tools humans use on each other a single virus can be far more destructive than we could dream to be. black holes are supremely destructive . Religion secular or spiritual makes it easier to manipulate those around you. It operates on group behaviors and when you have an adversary you can create an other this allows us to dehumanize them. Nationalism does the same thing but to a lesser extent. With regards to evolution this was necessary to small tribes fighting for scarce resources. Believe it or not the psychological damage killing a member of your own species
  15. For me it doesn't matter if he was an atheist or not. Religion was the driving force for those that actually carried out the attacks. The most destructive force on this planet is not a gun or a bomb or weapon of any kind its religion
  16. he would make more money if he started a church in florida than in the NFL doG is saying its time
  17. Hi James, I might be crazy (I don't drink) but that is a different topic. My moral principles and my faith are one and the same so there is no conflict there I got tired of trying the same ole thing and getting the same result. So I decided to try something different . Lucky You get to deal with it. Sincerely Cliff I never said you are in conflict I shall clarify. In order to maintain your morals you have disassociated the negative aspects of the bible so you don't have to deal with it. Suddenly anything outside of your morality is not Christian. i.e. slavery genocide
  18. It seems like you are either trolling or have very real and serious doubts about your religion. Clearly you are disassociating the negatives into a separate category of belief. This allows you to both maintain your moral principles and beliefs while they are in conflict. What is your opinion on witch hunting in Africa. The bible CLEARLY says you shall not suffer a witch to live. Parents are burning their kids alive and this is a fairly recent occurrence due to the introduction of Christianity.
  19. I agree with all that is mentioned above and yet we all are equally right. Luke makes a birthdate earlier than 6 AD impossible John puts him close to 20 BC and Pauline Epistles put him at 1BC-1AD. seems to me he was either 3 different people or :gasp: he's just a myth. or 2 of the three are wrong and not divinely inspired. @meikko I get it LE was more of a backdrop to the likelihood of the luke dates
  20. this assumes Jesus existed which I particularly don't necessarily believe at this point this comes from a discussion I was having on another forum http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/311195?uid=3739616&uid=2134&uid=36... After some brainstorming this morning I had an epiphany. Everyone is always looking for the missing 18 years. It is curious I must admit, however Several problems creep up with this figure the first in reference to the link above. Average life expectancy of a Roman Citizen was 30 if they reached the age of 20. The justification for Jesus being 33-34 at the
  21. first you have to establish he existed (you cant) second if you could you would have to prove he did meet with Buddhists (there is no evidence) third you would have to prove his teachings were not influenced by similar religions in the area its a huge stretch to prove any of it
  22. "even if you send transmissions back at speed of light unless you are close they will take years to reach us from out in the galaxy." you need to examine quantum entanglement communication devices which have already had their Alexander G. Bell moment. Its possible our grandkids will not know about communication satellites
  23. Aren't all brains living until they're dead? (Or most of them at least...I can think of some people that may be on the fence.) So if you were to die and have this sort of NDE and just keep on dying until you're good and stone cold dead I think that would still mean you'd have the experience, right? You just wouldn't be able to report it (being dead and all). It's like those worms they've killed where they can see the death "wave" go through them over an hour and a half. They die but it takes awhile for the whole of them to be notified that they're dead (or something like t
  24. so many puns I just experienced an NDE.
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