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  1. I no longer have any buttons. I've been married too long. It's a survival technique. Lucid dreams are still dreams, not the brain in distress. I imagine there are studies to be found on the Internet, but I began looking into this way back when people had to obtain and read books. Susan Blackmore was one of the early authors on the subject. She is not a neuroscientist, but a psychologist who became interested in the study of NDEs. The often forgotten but most important thing to remember about this topic is that near death is not death. A living brain produces the memories people have o
  2. The reason they are associating it with NDE's was related to the overstimulation of the brain associated with consciousness which they did not expect. They did stress not to draw conclusions but this does lay the groundwork for more advanced studies.
  3. so true Ficino I think I even saw as much in the comments
  4. http://news.discovery.com/human/health/brain-activity-shows-basis-of-near-death-experience-130813.htm http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/10237745/Near-death-experiences-could-be-surge-in-electrical-activity.html
  5. sci-walker its good to be skeptical of claims even on Wikipedia. However while you worry about the left hand you put blind-faith in the right. Wikipedia has been shown to be just as accurate if not moreso than brittanica. You can also verify the claims pretty easily. and correct it yourself.
  6. she gets eternity in paradise not the stupid heaven in the bible right? if yes then sure whats a brief moment of suffering for eternal pleasures and riches.
  7. I got that feeling to his eyes!! He has lost it. But hes nit quite rock bottom yet still in the delusion
  8. I think the data would support this claim. There was another study that showed our shift to a sedentary lifestyle correlates with monogamy indicating that infanticide is the primary advantage to have a monogamous partner to protect the offspring. This would explain several things. 1 that the need for monogamy is to promote the welfare of the offspring and 2 why it is for the most part temporary. The vast majority of long term relationships experience this through infidelity on both sides. I do indeed wonder what sparked this shift somewhere in the last 1000 years this has become a big deal
  9. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00239-003-2458-x An interesting study looking y-chromosome populations " As a consequence, until recently only a few men may have contributed a large fraction of the Y-chromosome pool at every generation" genetic evidence suggesting we as a species were inclinded to polygyny not monogamy however as our society has become inclined to a monogamous society. Of course this shows an interesting reflection within the confines of religious beliefs as it has also experienced a shift to monogamy within the past 1500 years really.
  10. Hhahahahaha damn that guy is smart
  11. I cant stand all these women complaining about their "rights" lol yeah right get back down and be the receptacles for baby making juice that you are!!!!!! I NEED BABIES FEED ME MAURICE FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Is it just me or is Kirky boy here Lying for the cause? If he was an "atheist" would he not understand what he just said is asinine how can we hate what does not exist?
  13. I have to disagree. I didn't want to deconvert; instead, I wanted to hold onto the only worldview I had ever known as "truth." I hated the thought of leaving it all behind. My deconversion was a result of the facts before me, not a desire to deconvert. prplfox, good luck with your meeting. I'll have to check out the video you linked with I get some extra time. Are you going to do another video after Sunday's meeting? I agree I didn't want to deconvert either it just was sortof something I could no longer ignore was happening. It was not fun...
  14. Can it be addressed scientifically we know where consciousness comes from biologically speaking we know what makes us age we know how our DNA effects our inclination to certain behavioral traits we don't know if an ethereal concept like a soul exists and if it even has an effect on this world how would one test it anyways? What traits do you assign to a soul that could be testable? does it influence our consciousness/behaviors? does it effect our biology?
  15. I agree 100% about bringing down the house group polarization theory shows that when you push against one groups ideology it only reinforces the belief structure.
  16. That's a tricky question. Really when I was deep in my belief as a teenager nothing would have convinced me but. I wish someone had told me how the bible as we know it came to be and why we accept the things we do as Christians. When I started learning about these things it really opened doors for me. secondly I loved your series man it was actually what led me here and also really helped put things in perspective with my own life and deconversion thanks so much for posting what you did it really touched me man. It also helped my wife understand more about what I was going through sinc
  18. Yes she is off her-rocker the chippers are just another set of conspiracy theorists like chem-trails no-moon landing etc. Just read sci-walkers posts to see what I mean.
  19. and we keep spinning around on the merry-go-fuck-my-brain-round.!!! now to distract your
  20. Damnit end3 stop making sense!!! your making my trench shallower
  21. Yes group psychology is a hard thing to fend off. You don't have to make a big deal about it but you will be better off for it.
  22. Yeah I have read and watched a lot of Bart Erhman's work it really helped me get over the hump in terms of xtianity. However in regards to Christians especially when you are trying to point out blatant contradictions they do come from a position where the authors are who they say they are. It would be necessary to bring this up but I would assume it would be in a different context.
  23. Iatros this is the title Paul ascribes to luke in 1 Colossians 4:14. It makes him a "doctor" in roman times. However, this is not as glorious as one would think. As this class of doctors are not Archiater whom relate closest to medical doctors of today. The Iatros are self taught former slaves and are often akin to snake oil salesman pre 100AD the profession of doctors was highly frowned upon except for military doctors who served in the field. Often the Iatros based their healing qualities on mythological foundations. Now why does all this matter? what is the point in putting the referenc
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