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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra%C3%ABlism far more logical than Christianity and that says a lot ll
  2. If a credible, reliable witness toured an alien spacecraft, and could recount to you in great detail what the bathrooms on the mothership looked like and how they functioned, wouldn't you believe him? A UFO is precisely something NOT identified. It is a mysterious encounter with something not understood. In contrast, the disciples knew Jesus, they touched him, they ate fish with him. Jesus spoke with them about specific things, including Peter's betrayal.They did not see a hazy apparition from across the sea and decide it was Jesus. If Peter knew that his testimony about Jesus' resurrecti
  3. The Bible is a library of texts, including many historical narratives. Virtually all of recorded human history comes to us through recorded historical narratives. While it is true that people in the Bible, like Jesus make theological claims, the historical narrative itself is evidence on its own, particularly when the details in those narratives is heavily corroborated by external evidence about the culture and time. Regardless of the theological claims, historians consider the Biblical narratives generally accurate. Unlike a novel, many of the Biblical texts are written as historica
  4. "And you think humanity is worthy of not being condemned? Without external restraints, humanity quickly falls into a festival of murder, rape, and exploitation. Even "innocent" children go Lord of the Flies in the absence of external moral restraints." what evidence do you have for this I am now going to officially call bullshit. Here is evidence to the contrary the Piraha people have never had a god of any kind they have no religion and they have largely been outside of external influence for thousands of years until recently. The exhibit highly altruistic behaviors they are extremely
  5. For one thing, no one sought to kill them because of their "blasphemous" claims. None of them had disciples who followed them to learn their teachings. No one waved palm leaves at them as they rode into Jerusalem on the colt of an ass, heralding them as the King of the world. No Judean King flogged them, and no Roman prefect tried to avoid having them crucified because of their innocence. None one witnessed them risen from the dead. No one travelled the world proclaiming the good news of their resurrection and what it meant for sinners, and no one went to their death refusing to recant they th
  6. Wow have I learned a lot in the past few posts I think there is still one fundamental problem with Calvinism or any Christian denomination and that is the bible. Lets take your mountain elevator/crane example This demonstrates that god plays favoritism and is sadistic. why make us like spiritually handicapped in the first place. Any dog owner who puts a poisoned steak in front of their dog as well as a healthy serving of vegetables is sadistic. Basically god created us as meat eaters and punishes us for it because we don't crave vegetables. In my opinion this makes God pure ev
  7. Yeah that is not a bad idea keep up the good work.
  8. couldn't agree more. whenever I hear the free gift of god I cant help but think "cough Bullshit cough". It costs you everything from your mind to your sex life and everything in between. You must enslave yourself to YHWH to get salvation. which makes a lot of sense considering in the beginning god created us as slaves to work the fields so Massa El Elyon could kick back and relax
  9. I love the one on the bottom the most wish the lighting was better but not much you can do about that. Brilliant shot though. Love the crashing wave behind him creating a nice negative space to balance his silhouette. Over all great shot almost makes me want to crack out the ole paints ;D
  10. The family that purported the hoax of the Amityville horror has a splinter from the cross of jesus in a crucifix true story.
  11. I am glad for you Contra while surgery is never a guarantee it is a lot safer nowadays . Honestly who needs their organs after they pass selfish people who are obsessed with keeping their organs to the grave are no better than misers who die hoarding their wealth. I am proud to say I am an organ donor and that if I were to pass I hope my organs stay intact long enough to extend some ones life. Religious zealots who think they need their organs for the after life piss me off. Organ donation should be standard procedure at this juncture in society.
  12. No, of course not. How could he? With lots of hand waving and distractions about needing faith and trusting in a god of mysterious ways that cannot be judged yet are somehow defined as being higher than human understanding. well I thought you knew that the bible says we cant trust our own logic as its the work of the devil
  13. I agree, when they were little I let them to go to church with my parents, and we actually went to a church for about a year and then quit. They haven't been in church for the last 5 or 6 years at least. Although, my mother is constantly nagging me about it. So they have that background, and my parents teach them christian rituals. I just go along, but I don't preach or put it in their lives any more than I have to under the circumstances. I am very open and honest with my kids, and I am not afraid to discuss ANYTHING with them. If they ask, I give them an honest and realistic, intelligent
  14. OMG you just hit the jackpot 777 posts you win the forums until you make 778 posts!!!
  15. As a connoisseur of breasts I personally feel it was a rather nice display of some fine human ta tas. Unfortunately this display of objecting women as mere sex objects will end after this period and probably resume at some point down the line .
  16. uhmm guys I think your missing something here the god factor duh. with him all naturally occurring processes are possible even if they were to happen regardless of his intervention.
  17. I think Floriduh hit the nail on the head. You don't have to subscribe to anyone culture or belief system if spirituality seems strange to you but you cant shake that feeling why not just try incorporating some of their philosophies?
  18. Do you doubt that some one some where in the world will spill oil on some water some where in the world at some point of time in the forseeable future Bah Heretics!!!!!
  19. Hmm seems to me like out of your mind and would you persuade suggests that the resurrection was not of public record the mere fact that Paul asserts Agrippa knows this does not mean Agrippa knows this. In fact Agrippa questions Paul's ability to convert him. Also are you aware of gods other sons suggested by Genesis 6:2 still waiting for an answer on that because it makes John out to be a liar in John 3:16
  20. Jesus told me to spread the word!!! In the time of man when great power is given to them. They will create machines that will tread the waters. And low unto you for there will be a great darkness that will spread on some waters. Some animals will be choked by this darkness. It will stick upon their flesh where no water can remove. Their will be men who bear responsibility and they may or may not be known for such is the way of man. way more accurate than other biblical prophesies.
  21. Probably worse? BDSM is based on a mutual agreement. No one is coerced by religion or anyone (if the rules are followed). The dominant stops when the submissive wants to stop. CCD is based on the idea that women are naturally subordinate to men, and under household law, women have no choice. Exactly. If my wife says no it means no the sub has all the power. CDD the woman has no freedom to object and if she disagrees with her husband she gets beaten for it as she has to submit to his authority no matter what. Now I am not going to make a blanket statement as it is possible some of these w
  22. the empty tomb doesn't prove resurrection some early Christians used this as the ascension without ressurection and didn't mean to leave out begotten /facepalm although that doesn't change the meaning unless his other sons where formed from abiogenesis which would make them not his sons
  23. Ok so since your trying or hoping to convert us I have a laundry list of issues with the accuracy of the bible lets start with John 3:16 For god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son... oh wait I think there is an issue here genesis6:2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were fair; and they took for themselves wives of all whom they chose uhmm I guess that makes John a liar Or how do you explain the fact that the earliest known gospel (Mark) did not originally contain the resurrection story until after the 2nd century? please give me some
  24. I thought the same thing lol. She is soooo close. Now she just needs to put the dots together.
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