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  1. End3 I wrote a pretty good in depth thread that discussed why Adam and Eve were created http://www.ex-christian.net/topic/57175-adam-got-no-help-no-help-indeed/?hl=%2Badam+%2Bgot+%2Bno+%2Bhelp and here the bible spells it out Genesis 2:15 "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." there is also this http://www.ex-christian.net/topic/56981-adam-gets-my-eve/page-1 Its not above any ones pay grade it just requires reading genesis.
  2. I was that guy when I started deconverting >.< after I realized the contradictions and piss poor translations. I was convinced we were living in the time of the final church of revelation and our current texts were read from by luke warm scholars. Then I actually did some more reading and realized painfully and eventually that it is all just bull honky and should be disregarded as such.
  3. It is really annoying. However, it makes me feel good because they are that afraid of losing their faith they feel the need to be loud about it. Its just a symptom of tiny pieces of logic filling their head and their desperate need to pull it out. Much like a drug addict seeing bugs crawling on their skin
  4. Oh my God up until this point I just did not know!!!! I must bow down and worship JAYZ US!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! I WANT TO BE A SLAVE AGAIN
  5. Geez I hope they don't lump this in with BDSM Christians find away to pervert everything
  6. Unfortunately for Christianity, we see where it got the reformers- Lutheran or otherwise. We still have a divided Christianity with not just a few denominations as in the days of the reformation, but hundreds or thousands. I would rephrase that statement to read" "truly sought to confess what THEY THOUGHT scripture teaches" Roman Catholics would surely disagree about the primacy of scripture at the expense of tradition. The fact is, the scriptures are open to everyone's interpretation, unless you have a central authority to interpret it for you. If you have a priesthood of beli
  7. I personally wonder if Paul even believed in this stuff or saw the Christian movement as a way to gain more power and simply co-opted ideas.
  8. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    I'll just drop the genuine part it either is or it isn't. I consider love to be a deep emotional connection between an individual(s)* this is displayed through actions over time. It can be both elusive and lasting. *We can be capable of loving just ourselves or many and that all depends on the individuals involved. Love propels us to do things for others we might not even do for ourselves. Love is a commitment. Love hurts,brings joy, and most of all love brings us together even if its just for moments in an elusive wave of time. Love is integral to our lives it motivates us when we are
  9. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    Also the title post Genuine love is very misleading end was talking about sacrifice in regard to God's genuine love which aside from the personal attacks has been discussed ad nasuem.
  10. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    Sorry Gallien but I have to agree with MM you are spouting off very ill-informed rhetoric here. It is like you have been listening to the Jerry Falwell of anti-America. He asked where was your evidence and you respond by insulting him?!?!?!?!
  11. More to wet your Fetish!!!!! thanks for the praise So close to finishing Its fleshing out finally
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    20130711 170428

    From the album: SHTUFF

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    From the album: SHTUFF

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    From the album: SHTUFF

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    20130711 170410

    From the album: SHTUFF

  16. I am curious about your beliefs to on one hand your profile states that you truly believe on the other hand you make statements suggesting you don't believe at all. please give us some background so we can understand where you are coming from and better illuminate your questions with answers.
  17. In scripture, the primary work of Satan is deception. However there are two scriptural examples of Satanic deception: Eve, and Jesus. In Eve's case the deception was to deceive Eve into believing that she could become like God by rebelling against God. In one sense Eve tempted herself, because she believed the Satanic lie. False teachers and workers of iniquity do Satan's work because they preach Satanic deception. glad you bought in to false theology hook line and sinker welcome to the forums btw. Please provide scripture to defend your beliefs I have read the bible multi
  18. JamesG

    Genuine Love

  19. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    Why is bragging necessary at all? Well if your going to brag why not brag about your success and no it is not necessary but is it evil or bad to brag in every circumstance?
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