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    Genuine Love

    LOL this thread took a weird turn End3 don't you think it would have been pertinent to mention you got your GED? that would allow you to go to an accredited college If you truly only had a 7th grade education you would have not been able to. Call your self a high school drop out all you want but you did seek higher education so there is that. Brag about being a high school drop out makes you seem ignorant why don't you brag about your Bachelors more? Yes I see now that you and English don't get along lol as you mentioned in your earlier post. However in reference to post #330 you have made the clearest statement I have seen you make ever. When your not fitting round pegs into square holes it becomes a lot easier to understand.
  2. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    geez I think Gallien woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Lets try and check that negativity at the door. Probably doesn't even notice all of our international aid that probably has helped far more lives than have been damaged by our foreign policies. Only seeing the bad is a symptom of your depression. If you strip out the emotional response you want to give and just plainly add up the observable evidence America is not so bad. Heck 70 years ago the Japanese were knocking at your door in their empire building schemes but that wasn't your generation was it funny how short a cynics memory is.
  3. I don't think anyone should worry too much about what Luke says, as he wasn't an eye-witness author. You and most fundamental Christians would not get along well. No, they do nothing but pervert what they read in scripture and see in front of them (as though their own prism is the ultimate arbiter of what may be said to be the work of the Holy Spirit), which some would say is full-on blasphemy. nothing different than what you do right?
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    GUS SWING!!!

    From the album: SHTUFF

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    IMG 1488

    From the album: SHTUFF

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    From the album: SHTUFF

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    From the album: SHTUFF

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    20120909 170233

    From the album: SHTUFF

  9. Making Dinner FEEL MY SPATULA WRATH

  10. Or tell him there is a god and he just likes to FUCK YOU DOLPHIN!!!!!!
  11. The nephalim are the grandsons of god. You see god sons saw that the human women were hot shit and gave them the ole donkey dicking and boom you have demi-god nephalim like Hercules!!!!
  12. Anonymous is just an extension of the UN's cyber warfare unit to bully nations and people into complying with agenda 21
  13. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    its not an insult end3 and I never said you were unintelligent. In fact despite your lack of education you managed to succeed which says quite a bit about yourself on your own merit. You may not need an education now but it does show in your writing which can make you seem less than you are. My "high-powered" education is in art in areas of science math and English I am average I never said I was better than you because of it. learn to grow some thicker skin. You cant take offense to constructive criticism its meant to help not to hurt. And no I am not in a sad shape very happy with my self. Just get over the personal stuff we don't know each other I can only offer an unbiased opinion of what I have read from you.. I don't think your a bad person but you might have some maturing still left to do if you are still so aggressive despite what is going on around you. I am not out to get you but I will always be bluntly honest with you
  14. lol haven't heard that one. I guess the first thing to ask is which creation account? if its genesis 1 that doesn't go in order of creation of our planet if genesis 2 man came after many other carbon based life forms and is wrong as well so archeology geology biology etc do not support a literal interpretation of creation. Or you could just say that is not a fact bud go back to elementary school and learn what fact means cause it smells like bull shit from over here.
  15. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    I feel the same way Bhim. I think the spiritual quantitative analysis argument made me go prematurely bald but I am not sure End3 has his teeth still after all my pulling on them. As far as dealing with End3 while these tend to be somewhat isolated conversations keep in mind that what we are discussing typically involves larger groups. So there probably is a degree of Group Polarization involved. So acting to aggressively can push your opponent more to the extreme of his/her original position. Which seems to be happening here. Just an observation though while I love the sciences I am only a mere artist. now if you read this far End3 if you want to stop getting insulted by Bhim I suggest acknowledging the value of a high-school education this does not demean you or your background it is simply acknowledging value in something as helpful to ones well being
  16. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    Bhim we get it already lol lay off a bit. I know you are smart we all know you are smart what have you got to prove? Are you trying to assert yourself as an Alpha male, might as well just piss on him mark your territory and move on. I don't think high school makes you smarter it gives your more knowledge that informs your intelligence although I will say if you cant get passed high school odds are you didn't have much to begin with. If End is being honest about his job and his success considering a lack of a high school diploma or GED the fact that he got there leads me to believe that he overcame many obstacles to get there demonstrating some form of intelligence. Given his poor writing acumen I would suggest masks this. His pride also makes him appear even more ignorant. That being said when I first read his posts I thought I was talking to a kid. Especially with the misapplication of terminology. Also given his propensity to insult I have no problem with you hurling them back but just remember he is likely lashing out because of deep seeded insecurities related to his lack of education.
  17. JamesG

    Genuine Love

    Quit blaming my writing Bhim. I write well enough that you can understand. I was a deacon in my church Bhim. 150+ folks thought I was worthy of the title. I explained it was a process and how one could let the process lapse due to ego. Your thoughts? If you can't get the gist of this explanation Bhim, I can't help you. No your writing is an issue and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to be a deacon ignorance can be valued for that position. But aside from that at this stage in life you probably don't need a GED but it would be nice if you took some writing courses online or something it would help your written communication skills immensely your verbal skills are not always associated to written so you could be a very capable speaker but a poor writer. Your skills in grammar might be fine or scheduling etc. but when you try to describe esoteric ideas things reaaaally start to break down for you. You mentioned when you get depressed or emotional you feed it with booze have you considered you have an alcohol problem. I really recommend therapy.
  18. I think there is some value to debates though. When I was a Christian I saw a youtube link to a hitchens debate titled Atheist loses debate. It pulled me in because I wanted to see how to argue against non-Christians. when it was over I really had some questions that contributed to my deconversion.
  19. Humans, like most animals, are pattern seekers. IMHO, it's this that best explains why so many believe in ghosts. We also tend to attach intent to random events and we are susceptible to phenomena such as sleep paralysis. I once experienced sleep paralysis where I saw two large green eyes spaced about 9 inches apart at a level above my bed that would have been about 7-8 feet tall. It seemed very real at the time. It was only years later when I learned about the phenomena that it all made sense. At the time I was an xian and thought it was a demon. Well when you put it in those terms, everything we see, believe and understand could be sleep paralysis. Don't you ever think to apply some kind of criteria to distinguish between what is purely in the mind and what is not? I tend to think when I'm not in the state of semi conscious sleep and I see commonplace phenomena that it might just perhaps be commonplace phenomena. Call me crazy, but I don't demand extraordinary evidence for ordinary experiences. Crazy now
  20. Welcome I grew up in Alabama ROLL TIDE!!!!!. good to see you have come to the dark side the force is strong with this one
  21. I have been toying with the idea of hosting some debates on google plus because I to have a desire to improve my debating skills. Perhaps we could organize some debates with other members on here I envision a topic a moderator and at least three people that make up the jury. Anyone interested? maybe the first debate could feature two women from here pitted against each other!!!!! Maybe we could find some Christians to debate as well. After all practice makes perfect right actually getting up and speaking in a informal safe environment can help build confidence to.
  22. Cool stuff Drawing cars and me never quite got along I am jelly!!!! love the way you drew the merc on the bottom.
  23. will all of you shut your shanty mouths because I don't give a chit!!! now I am going to shant my chitty pants if I don't move!
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