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    I still live the Christian philosophy as it was ingrained in me growing up, by that I mean the character of Jesus in the NT.

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  1. I'm Doing the Deconversion Thing

    I could not rely on my emotion as I had been a RC for 40 years before I cracked open a bible. Then I spent around 15 years reading history of the Egyptians, Greeks and Rome and all of the ME and other religions. Finally I ended up reading Atwill's books and studied Josephus as I had read Josephus before a few times, and I noted so many things, so when I got Caesars Messiah that was it for me. I had to read his books a few times as well. Long process. I hope you are doing well, for me I was devastated and to this day, my friends and family do not know. Then again RC do not talk a lot about it, the converts do though. I so remember when I was living in the bible belt, how they treated RC's and even being back in MI, I have some Baptist who come to my door an tell me how I'm not saved.
  2. Read Ceasars Messiah, and there will be

    Well I have read them all and I am convinced mainly that Caesar Messiah is the closest to the truth. I say this as a cradle RC , and as one who never cracked a bible the first 40 years of my life, as RC's do not need to, but my curiosity got the best of me, and its been a long ride. The secret is to read Caesar Messiah and Shakespeare's Secret Messiah and look up Josephus links. Eleazar is the Jewish Messiah who is a zealot. The home of the zealots was Galilee. He can also cast out demons like King Solomon, Josephus 8.2.5 (Antiquities). Eleazar ben Simon and John of Gischala are both zealots who fought Romans and ended up in Jerusalem The High Priests were pro Roman and they allowed Simon bar Giora , who was head of the Sicarii in to take care of the zealots. The Sicarii were the dagger men who hung out by Jerusalem, and they killed the Pro Jewish jews. Joseph Atwill discusses this in his books.
  3. Read Ceasars Messiah, and there will be

    Its was not enough for me to just say this did not make sense, I wanted it to make sense and now it does, when we compare Titus military excursion to Jesus's ministry.
  4. no question of the NT. One must also read Josephus - War of the Jews as well. its hard I spent many years as a Christian, RC, and then about 15 years ago I started to read the bible and study it and read all the history, and jewish and RC encyclopedias , everything and nothing made sense till reading Caesars Messiah. I had read Josephus earlier but I noted strange coincidences but his book helped me put them together.
  5. Hollywood Finds Religion

    The Jews making money off the Christians.
  6. Do You Still Watch Christian Television?

    I did for awhile when I first retired and watche EWTN mainly. I was amazed at the Prot preachers, WOW! I have never been to a non RC church. Now I really believe the maj. of them are faking it. I can't believe how they can ask for money like that. I know many people are gullible and this should be against the law. They are con artists in my opinion.
  7. I think a lot came from the Persian empire as well, King Cyrus was a messiah according to the Jews and a liberator according to Babylon, read the Cyprus cylinder, and King Cyrus state the Great God Marduk, but in the Bible the Jews say Cyrus was talking about Yahweh. Persians allowed freedom of religion as long as it was peaceful, and they even helped rebuild temples, including the Jerusalem one. Also in Gen 2 we have a garden and good and evil which is also Zoroaster's belief. King Cyrus build a beautiful garden and was said to work it in the morning before work. It was fed by underwater canals, and was divided into 4 sections. Zoroaster religion believed in a reincarnated virgin birthed savior and the Jews did not. The dying God came from the Greeks, due to Alexander taking over , and then the Jews took on Greek beliefs as well. Its rather fascinating, esp. the dates of everything and the winter and spring solstices , the dying and rising God is the sun. Its Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Rome all in one.
  8. turned atheist, and he has lots of good videos on you tube. His story is very good.
  9. Is It Disrespectful To Participate In Communion?

    I was Rc for years, I was in the hosp and the communion servers came in and I took it and one of the nurses also did. Afterwards I felt I was dishonest to myself, and no I would not take it anymore, for one thing, when I quit believing in transubstantiation and seen if more as the Protestant view, I also could not take part in it. Now when I think of growing up and going up and having it finger fed to me on my tongue it makes me cringe. I also see how it has been used as a dog bone for the RCC. Its not like your breaking bread and wine, at the meal you will be breaking bread together.
  10. Looks Like I'm Out Of The Closet

    Its hard isn't it, but you were asked, not like you brought it up. Most Christian parents realize younger people goes through changes, and I know I had times when I didn't go to Church when younger, but not that I didn't believe in God. This hopefully will not interfere in your relationship with your parents, I haven't even told anyone I know what I feel, but I'm been a Christian for over 50 years, and being one that always talked about God, I think some people may realize I've changed in that. To be honest the older and longer one has been a Christian, like your parents, its very hard. You had to be honest as your parents gave you good morals I see, to try and discuss issues with them, your might say your going through changes right now and would rather not discuss it unless they want to. I use to be upset my grand daughter did not get baptized at birth like all RC do, but now of course I feel different. Try to be gentle with your parents, honor their beliefs and let them cut their own cord, and ask them to not talk about the subject anymore , as its not easy for an older person.
  11. Destoryed By Faith

    I stayed in a bad marriage, physical abuse and cheating for several years because as you know RC's can't get divorced. Glad I came to my senses.
  12. How Old Are You?

    You have a few years on me, I also wish I had investigated earlier, but when busy one just follows the RCC and had no need to question. There to be honest are things I may of changed if I had the beliefs now I had earlier in life. Living for the hereafter is not the best way to live.
  13. I Quit Smoking Today.

    I smoked for a bit over 40 years. I quit 2 years ago using the patch, and yes for Lent, at the time I made a vow to God which well can't be broken. I am not suggesting that, You can do it, and you will be so glad you are free of cigs. They are nasty and stink. My husband still smokes and I can smell it awful on him. I'm afraid I'm a terrible ex smoker, I just can't stand the smell of it anymore. Yes I did put on 10 pounds in the first year, am trying to get rid of it now. For a woman its a whole pant size, 10lbs. Oh and think of your health and well its a lot of money. My husband at 2 paks a day spends 105 a week about, that is over 5200 a year, plus the surchange on his health ins premium. Good luck, hang in there, and if you do falter get back on track. You can do this.