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  1. The Ganzfeld experiments that the author heavily relies on have been the target of much scrutiny. An honest assessment of the methods and potential pitfalls in these experiments should uncover concerns. A couple of abstracts of articles that point out some of the issues with these studies: https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Fa0019457 https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0153049 Additionally, other experiments have been done with null results. At this time, telepathy evidence is dodgy at best and not subject to replic
  2. Good day all. My apologies for the leave of absence. The college has been crazy and I've been working my way through the many committees that will approve or deny my application for tenure. Not to mention I've had a significant teaching load over the past year as our divisions transition and my direct management retires and is replaced by newer and less established folks. This is a tricky issue to discuss because it's so inherently subjective and very difficult to quantify. We've certainly been able to associate perfusion to areas of neuron cell bodies using contemporary imaging m
  3. A hypothesis is more like an "educated guess." A theory is a large framework that typically explains phenomena. Therefore, you can test the predictions that a theory makes. This is what makes theories so powerful. It is in their ability to reliably predict and explain. Do you now understand? Theories explain and furthermore, theories make predictions. We are constantly attempting to test theories to see where they break down or make predictions that do not comport with what is actually observed. For example, the general theory of relativity makes exceptionally powerful and exact pr
  4. My advisor in graduate school was a pharmD and is a publishing powerhouse. He's an expert in statistics and developing pharmacokinetic models. I would have been hopelessly lost without his guidance as I did my research, particularly when it came to developing a research protocol and navigating the institutional review board, not to mention the quantative analysis of my data. I most certainly would not be published without his help and to give even more credit to him, he allowed me to publish as the corresponding author of the research even though he was the principal investigator.
  5. This was something I have pointed out to a deeply religious family member. His retort is "Satan is a deceiver and makes everything look like that." With an argument like that, I simply do not see the need to waste additional time and energy attempting to engage in dialogue with any hope of rational discourse or intellectual honesty.
  6. Had a few experiences in high school that were horrible. Cannot stand the smell of anything containing ethanol, let alone drink ethanol containing beverages, so I'm a complete non-drinker.
  7. Jon, what evidence do you have for these claims? I've already replied to a similar question in another thread. You posit that thoughts and voices come from some "spirit realm." However, we can take people who are hallucinating and psychotic and give them medications that block serotonin and dopamine receptors. In many of these folks, these hallucinations are able to be controlled by said medications. A couple times a year I take large doses of a plant that contains mescaline. I've had incredibly hallucinatory experiences; however, once the mescaline is metabolised and eliminated,
  8. RogueScholar


    Are you talking about auditory hallucinations? We have good ideas. Blocking dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain is a very effective way of treating them in many people. Additionally, administering drugs that agonise these receptors can cause hallucinations. A particularly well studied concept is that of the serotonin 2A (5-HT-2A) receptor. There have been studies where we administer drugs that block these receptors then administer drugs that agonise these receptors. In these cases, hallucinations did not occur or were significantly attenuated due to the blocked 5HT-2A receptors that
  9. Jon, particles don't "notice" being "watched." Unfortunately, we do folks a great disservice when oversimplifying processes with language that is marginally accurate in a qualitative sense let alone anything a bit more quantitatively robust. When we make "observations" of systems this small, we need to interact with those systems using high energy light and other techniques that may use electromagnetic fields. It is this interaction with the system that causes a change in the results. There's no "magic," it's simply do to the fact that to "see" the electron, we need to interact wi
  10. Ninety+ posts, four+ pages, multiple attempts to take a qualitative but nuanced approach toward important concepts that stem from and revolve around probability and what some folks decide to take away is that BAA has a faith based belief system around the unsupported claim that science will reveal "all?" This is astonishing and I cannot help but think this is why those of us who are involved in doing actual science (albeit, a limited number of published papers with my name attached) have not really engaged in this discussion. Clearly, it would have been a waste of time IMHO.
  11. Pantheism may pertain to a spectrum of beliefs and you'll likely find individuals who identify with certain nuances. I am not sure about any "spiritual energy," but I can see how someone can hold beliefs that could be considered pantheistic and still have an intellectually honest overall world view. In in a certain sense, I could identify with a pantheistic type of view where the entire universe is "divine" without any specific, personal god that exists separate from the world and actively intervenes with the day to day affairs of said universe. In essence, I can see how someone c
  12. I was thirty and struggling through both a back injury and the early stages of deconversion. I gained a significant amount of weight and was absolutely miserable. Some years later, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and took up endurance mountain biking. Now, I'm competing in races and consistently doing better than folks twenty years my junior. You can regroup and become a beast in your thirties and forties. You may need to be smarter about diet and workout routines but it's absolutely doable and this is anecdotal but extreme endurance feats seem to be associated with "older" f
  13. Hey guys, I'd be very careful about strictly adhering to ideas. Unfortunately, when talking about matter and how matter is described, we often use analogies like waves and vibrations to develop an intuitive sense of things. However, when you really drill down into things, intuition really breaks down. In fact, the literal mathematical solutions for phenomena such as electrons in atoms are often in the form of functions that are complex and at their core, use imaginary numbers such as i (the square root of -1). What does this literally mean? Well, that's not easy to answer, but if
  14. This is; unfortunately, a highly complicated discussion filled with nuance. One big issue is concerning the concept of "motion." Most of what I have seen on this topic makes it seem like systems at ground state lack any motion. This is simply not accurate. Even assuming we could cool something to absolute zero, which does not seem possible, there would still be motion. For example, electrons in atoms cooled to near absolute zero in a ground state configuration still have motion as they move around the nucleus of the atom that said electrons are associated with. This is sometimes called ze
  15. Pantheory, you probably need to spend more time looking at the literature. If you did, you would see that it is full of high quality manuscripts that have been published in high impact journals by groups and labs in China. As far as I can tell, China has been very good about using theory to inform their engineering.
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