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  1. Hmm, a democrat who actually blames gun violence on mental illness rather than the guns themselves. That type of common sense will never fly in his party. How long before they give him the Sanders treatment?
  2. The bibles were probably saved due to fire retardant paper and this is only seen as a miracle by logic retardant believers.
  3. The scriptures that composed the bible were a product of their time. No doubt that these middle eastern tribes had to adhere to the rules presented in said scriptures as to prevent neighboring tribes from outcompeting them. It also served as a mechanism for social cohesion. It was the best that group of humans could come up with given their knowledge and environment. These scriptures should have remained a historical curiousity and nothing else. However, modern humans try to function in the modern world with these texts. From a technical standpoint, it would be the equivalent of trying to run DOS as your operating system on a laptop designed for Windows 10 AND trying to get work done/accomplish modern computer tasks.
  4. Lets set aside all the political baggage Trump has as a president. From a purely tactical standpoint, declaring an emergency to get anything done is a HORRIBLE long term strategy. The reason being that the Democrats can use something similar next time they're in power to undo whatever Trump has done. At this point it doesn't matter though as the average voter has the memory of a goldfish.
  5. I don't have much time or patience to read yet another desert religion book these days, but if you want to get a feel for Islamic scriptures in a nutshell than this place has you covered.
  6. Questioningone, I understand what it's like pouring out your heart to some god that doesn't listen, doesn't care, and replies with nothing but a void of silence. I hope you are able to stop spending your emotions on this entity and channel it to real people, individuals who can in time genuinely care about you. Reach out to us if you have to, send us a PM, spend time in the chat room but please, don't torment yourself with a god that isn't there and if he is, he doesn't give a damn.
  7. A similar experience was brought up with another member in the past hence I will give you the same response I gave them. A Christian might be as moderate as can be, they might not care what your faith (or lack of) might be at a certain point. However, if they listen to the wrong sermon or go through some kind of "revival" event, they will be inclined to cut whatever it is in their life doesn't align with their delusion. You see, it's a ticking time bomb with no clock to indicate when it will detonate. I too have felt this type of pain and rejection for the exact same reason. No matter how many times I tried dating or pursuing someone with religious tendencies, it always ended badly. Let these stories serve as a warning to anybody else in your shoes, you cannot date someone who's core beliefs differ vastly to yours. These are so interwoven into their identities that an assault to said beliefs are an attack on them.
  8. Insects have survived events in Earths history far worse than whatever we can muster. I think they'll be fine regardless although humanity is another story.
  9. "If god exists he will have to beg for my forgiveness." This is the only line that ever comes to mind when contemplating this possibility.
  10. There is a quick and efficient way of ending any Christian argument, continuously ask "why". This will either cause them to hit a wall and crash (when their reply is "God works in mysterious ways") or get caught int an infinite circular logic loop. If you actually get them to think about what they believe for a bit, you might just unravel their belief system (see Socratic method).
  11. I've met horrible atheists at the same rate that I've met horrible Christians. I've also met people who were unhappy and disconnected on both sides. The reason you might notice that we seem unfulfilled is because we're open and honest about it. The last church I attended was filled to the brim with believers who's lives were not going anywhere. They were good at hiding this fact behind the veneer of God's timing, purpose, or some other nonsense. They weren't really allowed to display unhappiness or discontent. This frequently spilled out during prayer groups.
  12. I do have mixed feelings about AA, on the one hand, it helped one of my good friends quit his compulsive drinking. However, it replaced that addiction with a god one. I may not be an expert in psychology or addictions but I'd say that one is truly free from these ills until they are can stand on their own mentally. In other words, be able to operate without the crutches of either mind altering substances or mind altering imaginary friends.
  13. Greetings and welcome. You've started walking the path from Christianity and towards mental freedom. This route isn't straight but rather meanders around, forks off into dead ends, and you might have to backtrack. I can understand all the struggles that you are going through, I also understand the sense of loss. Even now I sometimes miss that church community and the positive (if few) aspects of the faith. However, revisiting my writings from the time and my mindset as a believer quickly dispels such feelings. I also always enjoy reading through people's blogs, every post is a paint stroke that creates an image of who they are. I think I will read yours when I get off work.
  14. This person is showing signs or mental illness (bi-polar). The problem is, Christianity takes anyone who is prone the these conditions and makes them far worse. The form of rejection she is showing is especially despicable as she is hiding behind her god as an excuse rather then being direct. It's going to take time for your emotions to subside and you to come to terms with that. This of course will make the process of deconversion more difficult but thats what this community is for.