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  1. The thought of the biblical god being real is one of those thoughts that can drive me to instant depression.
  2. The problem is, God would know your thoughts so laying low wouldn't fool him.
  3. Well, since I couldn't exactly hide my thoughts and feeling from this monstrous, disgusting entity and would be hellhound anyways. Why not?
  4. I still get people who come to my workplace while coughing and hacking all over the place just for some trivial non essential item. In one instances, someone coughed and I could feel a droplet land on my face. I had to immediately run to the back and hose myself off. I do wear a mask though but some of our customers are starting to wear thin on my patience. I am one of the managers though and have the authority to kick people out if they get out of line.
  5. I remember skits done during Halloween (targeted at kids of course) where they took you through one room after another depicting scenes of these teens ending up in hell. It was kind of unnerving to me and I was well into adulthood when I first saw that. Yeah, it's child abuse...
  6. Telling a child, someone with a lifetime of potential ahead of them that they're nothing but depraved sinners is the epitome of child abuse. I think the testimonies of the members of this site can attest to that fact.
  7. I don't understand why religions consider women as inferior to men (at least in the Abrahamic ones) condemning them to the background of their society. You would think that having that having the other 50% of the population engaged in spreading the god virus would be to the religion's benefit. The god virus does however mutate and allows for the inclusion of women in leadership positions in the modern world despite scripture. Unfortunately, that's no comfort to many of you ladies who've had your self esteem torn down over the years. The good news is, I've had many female friends here who'v
  8. I wish I could say these episodes were strictly due to my deconversion. I'm not proud of many of the things I've said in the name of politics or other ideological differences. There are a whole string of alienated friends who I will never recover.
  9. It's been a coupe of months since my last update, I figured I would fill everyone on current happenings. Something that I deemed a lost cause occurred, I've shared this with some of you one on one but I've never made a post about it. When I first deconverted 7 1/2 years ago, I had an atheist friend who'm I could be as open and intellectually honest about any topic. The taste of mental freedom that she gave me was a major factor towards my loss of faith and for that I'll always be grateful. However, due to the the worst aspects of my nature (that many of you no doubt have experienced) combi
  10. I wouldn't call them idiots, some of them have had an interesting life. Then they get down there and just give up.
  11. If you spent any time down there, then you are aware of the condition called the "Keys Disease". For those not familiar, it is when people become too comfortable with island living and lose all motivation or desire for intellectual pursuits. In this regard, my peers were some of the most "diseased" people you could ever meet. This was a type of hell that I had to endure for several years and my only reprieve was a bi-annual vacation out of there. Now that I'm back on the mainland, there is this energy around me because everyone is trying to accomplish something and/or better themselves.
  12. It just occurred to me that I never bothered messaging an admin to delete my profile. I'm not fully returning to this site, however I've decided to keep my account and just give everyone periodic updates. Many changes have occurred since my last post. In the beginning of September, I found out that I had to move out of the building I was living in down in the FL Keys. The reason behind this requires it's own post but in a nutshell, I had to find another place to live and fast. Rather than signing a lease and remaining in that small, toxic town, I decided it was time to move on. As many
  13. Well, which mod wants to do the deed and delete my profile?
  14. Also, I wish I could go back to 2012, before the filthy politics crept into the atheist community. Back then, the only time politics were mentioned was when Christians were trying to undermine the separation of church and state. The specter of social justice or left vs right wasn't really upon us and if present, was nothing but faint background noise. Of course, one cannot rewind back the clock in such a manner unless you had the power to put every atom, every particle, and every quantum state exactly where they were 7 years ago. There is one particular person, the very first atheist frien
  15. I'm probably drawing this out more than necessary but I might as well get everything off my chest now while I still can. One thing that Ex-C has also taught me is that there is an immutable aspect of my nature. It is not in me to be a neutral, agreeable, moderate individual. Though I can suppress that for extended periods of time, eventually the polarizing side of me always wins. I have fought this for years and every time this has caused me to emotionally hurt someone, I've looked at myself with disgust. I don't have the energy to fight it anymore and thus, I choose to accept and embrace
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