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  1. RealityCheck


    Welcome to the site. During my time as a Christian I heard countless stories of these occurrences. Upon following up it always turned out that the person was lying or exaggerating the story to garner attention. There is also confirmation bias to consider, a person sees a coincidence as evidence for god's intervention. Other times key detains will be omitted from accounts, a cancer patient would be said to be "miraculously healed" but you will hear no mention of the medical attention they received. The best way to approach these claims is with skepticism, look further into these accounts and don't accept them at face value.
  2. RealityCheck

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Deactivated Facebook a few days ago and only kept messenger. I'm realizing that nothing of value was lost...
  3. RealityCheck

    God cannot be judged by human standards

    The god virus has these defense mechanisms, they may be the lamest of cop outs but they get the job done. I would probably proceed by asking "if the human mind is incapable of understanding the infinite then how do you presume to know god's plan for your life and humanity". Likely they'll respond by referring to the bible which you counter by asking how they understand that too. This will either land you in an infinite loop ("the bible is the word of god, I know god by the bible") or you will corner them far enough where they will rage quit.
  4. RealityCheck


    Begging? For what? Nobody owns you or has dominion over your life. You can become whatever you want to become regardless of the disapproval of others. If you're the type of person who chooses to take path that pleases others, you will never please everyone but most of all, yourself. That is a mindset that needs to be dropped.
  5. RealityCheck

    Hello all

    Welcome to the site, your story is further confirmation to something that I've known for a while. The most potent tool for deconversion is not the "world" as normally preached at the pulpit, it is the bible itself. Not many Christians actually read or it but rather depend on a pre processed version of it's contents by a pastor. Other believers claim that they've read the whole book but only glossed over it. If Christians tool your approach, the percentage of atheists (or in your case, on your way out of the faith) would be much higher. I look forward to further conversations regarding the topic.
  6. RealityCheck

    Kanye reaffirms he intents to run for President

    Naw, Kanye isn't "woke" enough to be a Democrat.
  7. RealityCheck

    some poems ish

    Depression and Christianity go hand in hand, that is the bottom line. You then read the Bible and realizing you have to worship that blood thirsty god in heaven after receiving a divine lobotomy in heaven (glorification). This just takes that despair to a whole new leve.
  8. RealityCheck

    some poems ish

    Is this a metaphor of your faith or your Christian self? If so, I assume the religious you lies at the bottom of some creek now, weighed down and drowned by the stones of doubt.
  9. RealityCheck

    Kanye reaffirms he intents to run for President

    Personal responsibility is not politically expedient.
  10. RealityCheck

    Kanye reaffirms he intents to run for President

    Timeline of US presidents for the next few election cycles. 2020: Trump wins reelection. The Democrats decided to run Bernie Sanders this time. The fact that he lugged around a life support apparatus and kept soiling himself during debates didn't bode too well. Trump also dropped all pretenses and chose his wig as his running mate. 2024: Kanye West wins the election by a landslide. This isn't due to his brilliant policy ideas nor debating skills, but mainly because the masses wanted to see Kim Kardashian as a first lady. If you think that's far fetched, need I remind you that people are stupid enough for this 2028: Kanye West wins reelection because the Dems were dumb enough to run that socialist whack job Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with Opera Winfrey as a running mate. Apparently the slogan "you get free shit, and you get free shit, everyone gets free shit" wasn't as effective as they thought. 2032: This happens: The US is now a live version of Idiocracy. Somehow, conservatives will still put the blame on Obama while liberals on Bush. Yeah, we're all screwed.
  11. RealityCheck


    This used to be a recurring theme with Christian acquaintances in my life. Certain individuals would ignore me (even though we participated in small groups together) unless they wanted something. One day I got tired of it and went nuclear. I asked why they never stepped up while I experienced financial difficulties and brought it up in prayer meetings. I asked why they had the audacity to ask for my financial support when it came to their poverty tourism (also known as mission trips). Either way @ag_NO_stic, you don't owe this person a second of your time or thought processes. You need to make it clear to this person that boundaries are being crossed.
  12. RealityCheck

    Climate Change Lecture by Dr Jim White

    Yes, I'm aware of the facts and I know the purpose of this thread. I'm just making an observation, everyone is willing to have this conversation periodically but at the end of the day, everyone will go on living their high carbon lifestyles. It's also easy to understand while someone might be suspect of the data, if there is money to be made on something then you should at least exercise some level of skepticism. I do want to hear your response on the last point I made. Western civilization came about due to heavy use of fossil fuels. How would you tell developing nations (the ones who's carbon emissions are steadily rising according to the data I presented) that they can't do the same? That they can't lift their citizens out of disease and poverty? Would you think they'd be equipped to handle the challenges of climate change as a 3rd world nation or as a developed one? What is the path that minimizes human suffering? See, this last point is rarely touched upon and flips the selfishness argument on its head.
  13. RealityCheck

    Climate Change Lecture by Dr Jim White

    Humans are not wired to concern themselves with threats decades down the road, but rather their immediate needs. How many of you are willing to give up your carbon guzzling lifestyles? How many of you are going to stop driving cars or use electricity? What is the carbon footprint of that packaged you overnighted from Amazon? How much oil did it take to mine, create, and ship every component that goes into the device you're typing this in? I'm guessing the answers do not align with what you are preaching. And even if we cripple our lifestyles and economy by suddenly giving up fossil fules, do you think 3rd word countries will follow suit? The US and other developed nations carbon footprint is decreasing while that of developing nations is rising (with China being the 800 pound gorilla in the room). Would we be in a moral position to tell them to stop using coal and petroleum to raise their citizens living standards out of poverty?
  14. In the American Southwest lies a hypothetical college town called Reflejos, AZ. It is a clean and quiet place only disturbed by the occasional school event. The peace extends from corner to corner of the city with once exception, a notorious street near the downtown area ironically named Church Ave. This area is rampant with criminal activity, drug dealers, prostitutes, gangs and has been common knowledge to the residents for decades. If you’re a law abiding citizen, you avoid this place and no harm will come to you. If you are a sketchier person then you’ll go there to indulge your every vice at your own peril. A mere couple of blocks away are the town’s main attractions, the music venues, clubs, coffee shops, etc. This downtown core has been expanding in lockstep with the growth of the college. One day, a college girl, who we will call Rachel and her friends wandered out of this area and into the worst part of Church Ave. Their buzzed state from the craft beer place combined with their unfamiliarity with the town led them there. Unfortunately, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time as a shootout broke out across the street due to a botched drug deal. One of the stray bullets hit Rachel in the chest causing her to collapse and bleed to death before help could arrive. Rachel was the quintessential young adult with potential. She was well into medical school and was the first of her family to attend college. She had a cute inviting look which was complimented with a loving personality. The news quickly spread through the college and let many questions unanswered. First and foremost, if it was common knowledge that Church Ave was a cesspool of criminal activity (much taking place in plain sight), why did the police department turn a blind eye? Why wasn’t that issue being addressed? Why did patrol cars seem to graze by and ignore everything? Why was the person who fired the weapon still at large? The students who knew Rachel were having none of this and started a #justiceforrachel campaign. Though the power of social media this hashtag went viral and spread across the nation. It brought into question the effectiveness of police departments in a climate when cops are already seen with suspicion. Eventually, all of this boiled over and the Reflejos was inundated with protesters. The protests would eventually turn violent causing property damage and would be in national news. The RPD (Reflejos Police Department) was under pressure to act. They started an unprecedented crackdown of the street from end to end. Tens of high profile drug dealers were arrested, prostitution rings were dismantled, and illegal weapons were confiscated. Furthermore, the city moved to demolish abandoned buildings that were known meeting places of this criminal element. Finally, something was being accomplished at it seemed that the area’s crime rate was plummeting. The perpetrator of Rachel’s death was caught and charged with manslaughter. By this time though, the news cycle had moved on to something else and the moral outrage machine rolled away. The campaign died down and the students at the college felt that they made something positive occur. Months later, a disturbing trend emerged. Violent crime was starting to occur in quiet neighborhoods. There were drug dealers popping up near high schools and other sensitive areas. College students became prime targets causing an epidemic of armed robbery and muggings. Nobody felt safe going out and the vibrant downtown area saw business plummet. The randomness of these events is what had everyone thrown off. Law enforcement could not keep up with the spike in the crime rate and once again, outrage built up. You see, there was a reason why the police department ignored the happenings of Church Ave. They knew that they did not have the resources to deal with city wide crime. They had no way of procuring extra funds or resources to do so either. Instead they practiced a policy of containment by allowing crime to stay in one area. There was still violent incidents, but none like after the crackdown since as I mentioned earlier, law abiding citizens knew to avoid the street. When the police moved in the criminals scattered like rats all over the place. Now their activity is impossible to track. The situation is now far, far worse than it was initially. By now nobody from the outside cares anymore, the Rachel incident has passed and people have moved on to their next crusade. The following has been a hypothetical but plausible scenario. If you feel strong emotions when you hear this type of story then it means you’re human. However, it seems that the masses have the emotional control of children regarding these issues. We want instant gratification, we want to get rid of the problem now. Solutions need to be acquired like a game of chess, you must think of your next few moves as well as those of your opponent. Outrage culture permeates everything now fueled by social media and traditional news seeking to bolster their ratings. If we see ourselves as skeptical, freethinkers then we must analyze the nuances of a situation and consequence of every action. We cannot be governed solely by our feelings. For the readers, I’d like you to leave in the comment section any real life situations where an outrage driven solution made a problem worse. I can think of a few historic examples (like prohibition) but I’m looking for what you’ve notice more recently.
  15. RealityCheck

    Holy Donkey Genitals Batman!

    Well, it seems god has an obsession with genitals, human, donkey, or otherwise.