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  1. And here is an exclusive photo from the White House restroom.
  2. Oops, double posted. Mod delete plz.
  3. "What happened to the constitution?" The usual, it's basically metaphorical toilet paper to the military industrial complex.
  4. RealityCheck

    If Christianity is wrong, how did B.C. & A.D. happen? The BC/AD calendar system was devised centuries after Christ's supposed death.
  5. RealityCheck

    My pet theory as to what the Universe is.

    Sounds like bubble universe theory. Google it. Though as with any of these theories, it's impossible to prove empirically.
  6. RealityCheck

    This Site Exhausts Me

    This site is a representation of some of the best and worst of human nature. It is just a reflection of the real world. That is all.
  7. RealityCheck

    I just feel sad about everything..

    First and foremost, do not focus on the world because in reality there isn't much you can do about it. You can't do anything about Brexit and you can't stop violent human nature. If you find a way to stop worrying about these, you will at least alleviate some of that psychological weight. As for your mother and your single status, these are factors in your life that you CAN control. I don't know the nuanced details of your situation so this is the extent of the advice I can offer. However, it does seem like you're falling into depression. I know from personal experience how that can grind any attempts at personal improvement to a halt. Perhaps you may want to take @mymistake's advice and see a doctor if it persists for a long time.
  8. RealityCheck

    Peterson on IQ and potential societal problems

    The modern world lacks the selective pressures necessary to boost overall IQs in the population. I imagine the demands of the hunter gatherer world required wit and constant thinking. That bottom 15% would have simply died out before having a chance to reproduce. The Silicon Valley geeks getting a hold of society will not make high cognitive jobs more desirable, but rather not necessary. Think about it, the McDonalds worker doesn't need much brain power to put the same order together over and over again (and they have a screen back there that keeps everything organized). He/she doesn't even need to calculate change because the register does it for them. These days we don't memorize anything because we have Google. We don't need to figure out directions or how to repair something as you can go into a maps app or look at a YouTube tutorial. I remember back in the 1990s when I fried a bunch of old 286 computers tinkering with hardware trying to figure out how they worked. These days if I want to say, set up a web server I can just look up a step by step tutorial and be done with it. If you want to write code, your IDE will automatically highlight errors and auto fill rather than having to memorize anything or scour your 2000 line program for that misplaced comma. Even the more mentally demanding jobs are getting easier and easier. Jobs that required an IQ of 120 in the past might just need 100 today due to all the tools at our disposal. I only expect average intelligence to plunge in the future barring a civilization collapse that reintroduces natural selection into the mix.
  9. I ran into a few Baptist preachers back in the day that swore by the KJB alone. Their argument would fall apart when I brought up the issue of the Bible being translated into languages besides English. I suppose those who read the Santa Biblia are doomed because the translators weren't divinely guided or some other nonsense. Oh well, regardless it's a level of bullshit on top of another level of bullshit.
  10. Well, neither did I until I started contemplating how unnecessary the whole story of salvation is. But that is for another thread.
  11. RealityCheck

    if you speak it, it happens - the dark side

    I wasted my 20s on positive speech and thoughts. According to the narrative I was deluded in, it would have been enough to guarantee success. Funny how the most positive of believers were afflicted with the worse of circumstances. Words don't mean a damn thing in this world, only your actions count.
  12. RealityCheck

    How deal with guilt of not returning to church?

    Ask yourself this. Why would you want to stay anywhere if the only thing binding you is guilt? It seems like church has nothing to offer you except negative emotions.
  13. RealityCheck

    Newbie to the exChristian world

    As a side note @shelleymak6376, I find your enthusiasm towards embracing this transition as refreshing.
  14. RealityCheck

    Hatred of particular Christians

    Take it from my personal experience. Embracing hate towards Christians or other groups who share a differing view will backfire and poison your mind. Unless they are attacking you personally or everything you hold dear, it is best to refrain from such emotions.