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  1. "The Problem of Morality" ?

    Hmm, this is the way I see it. Imagine an ancestral hominid roaming the savanna some 2 million years ago. It would require the collective senses and intelligence of a group to survive in such an environment. The benefits of cooperation and caring for the well being of your fellow group member outweighed that of aggression. Hence, in this scenario what we could call altruism or even "morality" would have evolved. Overly aggressive individuals and groups would have eliminated themselves from the gene pool. This is as far as I can probably simplify it. In fact, I see no reason to complicated further than this. We have a sense of morality because it's an aggregation of behaviors that were beneficial to our survival for millions of years.
  2. Visions and/or Visits to Hell

    I see you're from South Korea. I saw a video about this South Korean girl once who supposedly visited hell and painted these elaborate paintings describing different torture methods. It deeply disturbed me as a believer. However such elaborate accounts are often contradictory to one another or to the bible. The human mind, when suffering trauma or oxygen starvation (as in many triggers many of these experiences) isn't the best source of evidence. When the brain is in such a state, it produces all manner of hallucinations. There is also the chance that such stories have been made up for attention and publicity as mymistake suggested.
  3. Evolution is intelligent

    Yes evolution is intelligent. That's why the rods and cones in our eyes face the wrong direction and have blood vessels in front of them forcing the brain to filter them out. That's why he have leftover parts (vestigial organs), some being prone to infection. That's why our bodies sometimes malfunction and self destruct with cancer or autoimmune diseases. Even a semi competent human engineer can design something more efficiently and/or with a lower failure rate. It almost seems like we just evolved into our current state chaotically and haphazardly, hmm...
  4. I really need your help!

    Also, try increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake. These are essential for strengthening your enamel. Since you live in UK, you may not be getting too much sun hence your vitamin D levels might be low.
  5. I really need your help!

    The best course of action for both your teeth and your health is to give up sugar entirely. It's not an easy task and your body will crave it like a drug for the first week or two. However, if you manage to get past that then you will be rewarded with increased energy and mental clarity. You will also notice that your emotions are more level and in control. I've gone further than that and cut carbs entirely as well (Keto diet) but I understand that may not be for everyone. The discipline you build from this will also help you regulate your cell phone usage. For that I also recommend just dedicating periods of the day where you don't use your phone. You could start with an hour and increase that gradually. If you would support or an accountability partner, feel free to PM me on here. I'm sorry you've had to experience what you've been through. I know it can be far too easy to seek routes of escapism to temporarily treat the pain.
  6. Anyone dealt with conspiracy theories?

    I think conspiracy theories occur for the same reason humans are religious. We see a pattern where their is nothing and attribute it to some behind the scene cause. It could also be that we are naturally paranoid as those human ancestors who didn't assume the noise in the brush was a lion probably got eliminated from the gene pool.
  7. Hopsin (rapper) on Christianity

    On a side note, Hopsin made mention of God again in Ill Mind 9. I'm wondering if he reconverted...
  8. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    A change in my behavior leaning towards the "bad boy" end of the spectrum has worked wonders. Oh well, after so many years you stop giving a crap. Thank FSM I'm in my 30s and past that raw emotional phase. All our basic impulses are driven by evolution and no amount of social conditioning is going to change that.
  9. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    The kindness thing has never worked for me. I've stood up for women in the past, I've put myself in physical danger for female friends (our alt right friends here would call it white knighting), I've been there for countless hours while they were going through hell. I've also done everything in my power to help them succeed. Yet in the end, each and every one of them has walked all over me for one reason or the other, or they simply become bored and move on to the next person. I'm not stating this to be pitied, I'm just saying that I learned my lesson the hard way. I didn't really get any respect from the opposite sex until I started approaching everything with a semi-apathetic attitude. I refuse to tolerate any crap. I am not a completely heartless bastard but after a point, I will cut a woman off. Furthermore the amount of women who are supposedly in a relationship with a "nice guy" and have attempted hard core flirtation (with me, the apathetic I'll say whatever the hell I want guy) is rather alarming. That last bit sort of sealed the deal in my mind.
  10. What's causing the rise of GIRLIE MEN?

    In the past when society was more primitive, masculinity was indeed just raw aggression. However, I believe that it transmuted itself into the drive that built up civilization. Furthermore, the cure to years of depression was found in embracing my own masculinity, basically doing exactly the opposite of what mainstream culture has told me my entire life. I don't care if someone is a "girly man" (whatever the hell that means). I have a problem when these men throw their more masculine counterparts under the PC bus so they can virtue signal and show how progressive they are. As far as the nice guy thing? It flat out doesn't work.
  11. The cry for the Wild Woman

    For most of my adult life I've alternated between feeling amazing and feeling like a pile of human trash. As I've grown older the peaks and troughs of of my mood have diminished. I was never diagnosed as bipolar but I'm almost certain I've experienced it to some degree. I will say it is still possible to leave Christianity and still be imprisoned by your mind. Do you have the original French text readily available? I know that subtle meaning and emotion are lost in translation.
  12. Thoughts On Crying?

    I cannot speak for others in this forum nor the perceptions of their respective cultures. I can speak from my own personal experiences however. Crying is one of the highest forms of emotional venting. Yes, I can vent out to others at the expense of respect. I trade the relief of emotional relief for respect from my peers. Getting to the point of tears is probably the equivalent of pissing your pants in public when you can't hold it anymore. You feel as if a tremendous discomfort has been removed from you but the the perception of you by others will take a comparable hit as urine soaked clothes. A couple of years ago, our male supervisor at work actually broke down in tears. I suppose it was a combination of being understaffed combined with marriage issues at home that caused him to crack. I noticed something strange in my perception of him, I could not seem to take him seriously after that and neither could the other guys. I knew logically why he broke down but there was a sort of subconscious, instinctual block preventing me from doing so. I noticed the same when I was supervisor myself and was open about my emotions. Is that instinctual block that I mentioned backed up by science? Who knows, good luck trying to fund a study in this culture that does everything in it's power to emasculate men. I can't afford to cry when a loved one passes away either. I have to be level headed and rational when every one else breaks down and behaves irrationally with grief. I can't afford to cry or be emotional around women who I have a romantic interest in, its a one way ticket to the friend zone. I can't even do this around friends because I will see a similar drop in respect as I do with coworkers. If I do shed a tear I will be sure that no one will see or know about out.
  13. A reality check to the newly deconverted.

    1. People make that "grass is greener on the other side" assumption all the time. How many posts on this site that bash Christian behavior? Do you not believe the newly deconverted not want to flee those social circles for something else? You only do this if you perceive that the alternative is better than what you have now. Do you actually interact much on a personal level with anyone here? 2. Based on your post history, you frequent the Spirituality forum, I think you'll find plenty of examples there. However, the the irrational beliefs that I am referring to don't necessarily pertain to alternate forms of spirituality. Any notion that the non religious are mostly rational went out the window this last election season. I left an atheist organization up in Miami because their Trump derangement syndrome was out of hand. It was unsubstantiated claim after unsubstantiated claim, hysteria about being deported (though they were US citizens/residents), etc. You will find this mindset extremely common when debating social issues and politics. Now don't get me wrong, there are rational atheists here, some backed me up when I got into a debate during the BLM debacles of last summer. However other than a belief in the Christian God, I found Atheists as irrational about certain topics as the rest of the population. If a newly deconverted person is expecting more objectivity in all areas like I was, I think they're a tad SOL. 3. Okay. As for the last question, expand on what you mean please.
  14. New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    My all time favorite sexually repressed song...