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  1. RealityCheck

    How Following the Word Affects Us

    I don't know how old you are or where you are in life. I can tell you that following the word does breed an aspect of mediocrity. This push to be content with who I was caused me to waste my 20s, I'm now in my 30s and have to make up for that lost decade. It's not an easy task and I would have been far better off if I never took up Christianity at 19 (deconverted at 28). If you're younger than me, I implore you, live life to the fullest and pursue every opportunity you can. If there is one belief you toss then let it be the notion that being malcontent is wrong.
  2. RealityCheck

    I want to see a psychic or a palm-reader....

    If you're doing this for entertainment value, you can probably do something else with your £30 and not fund a charlatan. You can probably go to the movies three times with that money and get 5 - 6 hours of content instead. The possibilities are endless.
  3. RealityCheck

    I want to see a psychic or a palm-reader....

    My mother got into this while I was in middle school. She has my fortune read as well as study how to do it herself. Every single prediction about me made has been hilariously off.
  4. RealityCheck

    I want to see a psychic or a palm-reader....

    Short answer, you'll waste your money.
  5. RealityCheck

    Advice from the unequally yoked club

    It's alright. It wasn't like I was particularly devastated or anything, it was more of a WTF type of event.
  6. RealityCheck

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    You can mitigate this on your browser by downloading the Facebook Purity plugin (yes, ironic name considering the situation). It completely eliminates those suggestions as well as other annoyances. There isn't really much you can do in the FB app though. I combine that with a healthy dose "friend" purges periodically.
  7. RealityCheck

    Advice from the unequally yoked club

    All relationships have some shitty risk involved. I don't really take myself too seriously anymore but rather enjoy them while they're exist and enjoy the single life when they don't. I also see you're from Belgium. I'm going to guess that Christianity there isn't as strict. Here in the US, every Church that I've been to has an aggressive altar call driving people to recommit their lives to God. This is why I had my bad experience to an otherwise positive relationship (albeit brief) relationship with a Christian woman back in 2013.
  8. RealityCheck

    Advice from the unequally yoked club

    I see nothing wrong with dating a Christian like the one you describe. Hell, there are plenty of Christian women I know like this that I would date in a heartbeat. It's just a matter of overcoming the annoying irrational holdovers from faith that will occasionally pop up. If the person has sufficient positive traits then it's worth it. However, from an experience that I had a few years ago, I must warn you. As long as the God virus is implanted in this person's brain, there will always be that risk of a sudden "revival" or "recommitment to God". If this happens then they'll likely break it off with you.
  9. The answer to this is simple. A Christian might be logically consistent in all areas of life. However, there is always that mental compartment that shields their faith from any form of scrutiny. In the case of prayer, it isn't about logic, it's about wrapping oneself in a blanket of false hope. Despite events transpiring exactly as they would regardless of prayer being uttered or not, a Christian's confirmation bias might interpret that outcome as answered prayer regardless.
  10. RealityCheck

    Forced to go to church on Christmas

    I would probably use the experience an an intellectual exercise. Deconstruct the sermon bit by bit in your mind and actively rebute it with your thoughts.
  11. RealityCheck

    Asked to pray

    Sometimes we have to put beliefs away and just embrace our humanity. If someone's loved one is passing away, I'll say a prayer if asked. I understand that it won't change the outcome but at least it brings comfort to that person. If I among Christian friends and asked to say grace over a meal, I usually ask someone else to do it. I bow my head and stay quiet, seeing it as a mere formality. No need to ruin a hangout or create tension for no reason. This doesn't mean I won't stand up for my lack of faith when the time comes, I just rather pick and choose my battles.
  12. RealityCheck

    I'm Still Alive....and a STILL Deconvert

    Another person I knew has a similar accident. She claimed that she saw angels dancing over her and it reinforced her faith. Fortunately you're still with us and did not have that reconversion inducing hallucination like her.
  13. RealityCheck


    Time is the only cure for bitterness in some circumstances. As you mature as a person, as more time elapses since your loss of faith, the feeling will subside. Eventually you will be free to feel joy, meaning, and purpose once again.
  14. RealityCheck

    Hearing "God's" Voice as a spiritual practice?

    I've come to the conclusion that the "voice of God" is but a rogue "agent" in a Christian's brain. See the following link, specifically the part describing level 3 sub personal agents. Those fit the bill nicely.
  15. I lost 10 years of my life and countless opportunities. I was so distracted by Christianity that it affected my performance in college, jobs, etc. The "Jesus will take care of everything" mentality was akin to being high on a drug, it killed all motivation. I lost my self esteem as well, that took years to rebuild after the fact. I count myself fortunate though. Some people are trapped in this loop for decades. Some are born into it. Some go from cradle to grave not knowing a single moment of true mental freedom.