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  1. You guys all know the deal. You're reading a science article or watching a science video and you genuinely want to discuss certain points or aspects of a theory or discovery. As you scroll down you notice that a swarm of fundy assholes have hijacked the thread and of course you have to listen to a sermon. Is it just me or is this kind of thing becoming much more frequent than it used to be? I even see this in science articles that don't even touch on the usual controversial subjects of evolution or big bang cosmology. How do you guys deal with these fundies (aside from not bothering to po
  2. There are countless mythology stories that have been fabricated by humans all around the world. By sheer probability some of them are going to sound like genuine science. An example in a completely different religion the story of Pele the Hawaiian goddess moving from island to island before finally settling on the big island. That particular myth parallels the volcanic hot spot theory on how the islands formed. For every myth that sort of seems like factual science there are about 1000 that are way off though.
  3. There are still a handful of Christians who only offer to pray for me AFTER having a conversation and/or trying to helm me find a solution to whats troubling me. Its merely and afterthought and not their primary course of action. Those that only offer prayer are BSing me even in their own deluded reality because I found it to be the case that most believers don't even bother to pray for you anyways. Most of the "pray only" Christians already ditched me after they realized I wasn't returning back to the cult anyways.
  4. Yet another example of Christianity's fetish with death. I always imagined if believers truly believed in their convoluted vision of the afterlife they would seek death in the quickest most efficient way possible. However as the more perceptive of us notice, Christians cling to life just as fervently as the rest of the human race. Have you ever heard anyone at church announcing "praise GAWD I have cancer! I'm gonna be with Jeebus soon?"
  5. Like any business it is necessary for Christianity to hype and re-brand their product over and over and over again. They somehow need to stay competitive in a world that is trying to pull away the attention of their followers away. But seriously, what is really their sales pitch? "Hey so you have to kiss this god's ass for eternity, give up sex and everything else thats of any fun, and it only cost 10% of your income...isnt that the great? Woo, praise Jeebus!" I never had any rest trying to keep up with that bullshit whatsoever.
  6. September of last year, though you can say my faith has was rather moribund for some time before that. Though it will soon be a year there is still significant fallout over my decision.
  7. Christians believe they have all the answers from the bible (even though most of them don't even read the damn thing), that they have the truth, hence their puffed up arrogance. It also doesn't help that they think they have a claim to moral superiority. When I was in my last phases before my total loss of faith, I remember several individuals suggesting I read the bible in its entirety to seek answers. Its amusing to see how riled up they become when I tell them scripture was the final nail in the coffin for me. I quickly ran into such lovely verses like Psalm 137:9 "Happy is t
  8. Yea, I'm sure he was going to comfort her with his "rod" and his "staff". On a serious note, I would usually see the church filled with single, late 20s, love starved men who where somehow put in charge of ministering to young, naive, and vulnerable college aged girls with no real life experience. Some of these girls had a history of mental illness, abuse, or other past trauma and where genuinely seeking help only to be tossed at the wolves. Usually the guy in charge of the small group got caught sleeping around, confessed his sin in front of the congregation, and got put back in charge of
  9. Now that I think of it heaven is all about the bling (streets of gold, pearly gates, all kinds of gemstones, etc.) I suppose they don't mind bringing hell on earth as long as they have the bling-ness of heaven.
  10. Sexy for Jesus... The women at my church where perhaps among the most attractive (physically) that I've encountered anywhere, I mean hell a few where even magazine models and whatnot. I actually believed that god put them in my path to tempt my dirty sinful mind (although approaching any one of them was utterly hopeless.) There was an equally attractive, more accepting, and more mentally stimulating atheist girl who I hung out with outside the church but my self righteous bullshit kinda drove her away. I shall now go and bang my head against the wall yelling "stupid, stupid, stupid" for th
  11. I think that many of us are familiar with verses like Mathew 5:5 "blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Also, Christians love to claim that god chooses the most deficient people in the bible to carry out his will. Concepts like natural selection are lies from the deepest levels of hell right? Well, I will argue that the church reinforced my belief in survival of the fittest far more that any lecture on biology or evolution. My dilemma was that Christianity targeted the most destitute members of our species yet when Christians gathered in any sized group the law of the ju
  12. I finally gathered the energy and courage to post on here. I also need to state that I'm literally too depressed to write a long and detailed anti-testimony so forgive me if this lacks emotion. When I was 19 I was a socially award young adult with a low self esteem. I worked in a restaurant at the time and I remember that one of the servers invited me to go on a missions trip to Bolivia. The church which sponsored the trip offered to subsidize the cost putting it in my financial reach. I suppose they felt the experience would save my soul. On top of that I've always had a desire to tr
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