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  1. I remember when I was in a young adult prayer group. One of the guy's mother suddenly passed away and the pastor was formulating a strategy to witness to people in such a situation. I understand that some of these people are insatiable and have no shame whatsoever. Therefore I have to keep a close eye on the entire thing for such problematic individuals, the good news is that most of my father's friends aren't particularly religious. However, I don't want a repeat performance of my grandfather's service.
  2. Furthermore, my father despised religion, he was marginally catholic in is earlier days but then realized the absurdity of it all. He also saw enough of the world to realize that there is no god watching us. I know that he sighed in relief when I deconverted, happy that I left such absurdity behind. It would be a disgrace if there is another wannabe preacher in the service again.
  3. I think you guys might need a bit more context to my statement. I don't mind something like "we'll pray for your family" and whatnot, I know they mean well. I also know that people cope in different ways. However, I'm referring to what happened when my grandfather passed. The service was supposed to be about recalling his life and the impact he had on others. Some jackass, who wasn't even family decided to hijack the service and give what was for all intents and purposes a sermon. I think he came in there with an agenda, to target emotionally vulnerable people and give them the "good new
  4. Well, now comes the memorial service and the inevitable religious bullshit that's going to be spewed forth. I might just lose my shit if that happens.
  5. My logic and rationality is all I have at the moment, I try to hold on to it the best I can despite how dire the situation gets. If you don't, the world is full of predators that will use your own emotions and irrationality to devour you. This is a life lesson that took me years to learn the hard way.
  6. The burden of dealing with the aftermath falls solely on me. My brothers are nowhere to be found and unreachable, they'll likely only find out our father passed when they show up 6 months down the road wanting something again. I don't particular feel compelled to try again as they couldn't be bothered the countless times my dad was in the hospital over the last few years. My mother is not in a place mentally to deal with much right now, she lacks the emotional fortitude that I have. The funeral home and their sleazy sales pitch they're tossing at me is making me lose my shit. My father wa
  7. I'll be rather blunt with everyone, the death was a horrible one to witness. I don't think I'll ever be the same after this, no way in hell. I feel rather sick to my stomach as I relive everything in my mind over and over. Yes, loved ones have passed away before but I've never seen it in person...and especially not like this.
  8. Christians who convert others are merely at it to gain Jesus points. They get that reinforcing rush of dopamine that comes with accomplishing the work that their indoctrination requires of them. They do not give a damn about the convert nor have any interest in being there for them during difficulties after the conversion. That is the job of the Pastor, the main repository of the god virus tasked with keeping the hosts infected. I wish I would a been a more perceptive 19 year old and have avoided the trap but then again, I was all emotion and no logic back then. I should have realized tha
  9. My father passed away Friday evening. He started breathing heavily and passed out on the couch not breathing and without a pulse. Emergency services had me doing CPR on him while the paramedics arrived but my efforts and theirs were in vain. In a very short span of time I saw him embrace oblivion, which perhaps is the only mercy this indifferent universe gives us in the end since he was constantly in pain the last few years. There is no comfort of seeing him again, I do not subscribe to ideas that consciousness transcends our brains nor will I delude myself due to the current situation. A
  10. I've already shared my sentiments with you via message but will do so for anyone else reading this and experiencing a similar scenario. Your in-laws are thoroughly infected with the god virus and their beliefs are immutable. There isn't really much you can say or do that's going to change their mind and frankly, it isn't worth your time or emotions. You both need to live your lives to their fullest and let these religious ramblings fade into background noise. You might have to put your foot down and tell them to fuck off at some point, I certainly don't shy away from doing that to certain
  11. I really do appreciate your sentiments. This is really the one reason I remain on this site, because I still have a possibility of making a positive impact on someone. I know that's sometimes that's not the case because in reality, we can't get along with 100% of the people we interact with. However, stories like these keep me hanging around. I've gotten to know many people here since my join date in 2013 and some I've met in person. These interactions go both ways, either they really like me or hate my guts (for one reason or another). That's the beauty of it though, we're not confine
  12. The key is not to take anything to serious and ESPECIALLY be willing to laugh at yourself and your own beliefs. Many people seem to leave those "grim-faced preacher-types" behind only to take politics and other subjects way too seriously on here.
  13. You know, to change the mood of this thread, I should ask the question. What relationships have you GAINED due to the loss of your faith? It's sometimes best to reflect on that.
  14. `Welcome to the forums. Sometimes it's best to not fall into any particular category, labels tend to stifle your growth and place limits on your mind. Embrace being undefined, sometimes I feel as if I fall into that category too. Your family sounds like they love you. Sure, they might quote scripture but they only do it because it's what brings THEM comfort. Think about it like a child seeing an adult in distress and offering them their teddy bear. The grown up is far beyond toys but as far as the kid knows, that's what brings comfort it times of tribulation. Once you come to that r
  15. I went to church a few weeks ago (did it for a new friend I met). The same old insecurities and negative emotions suddenly boiled to the surface. I was especially disgusted when they had young children reciting bible verses by memory as they've effectively filled young developing minds with bullshit. This friend ghosted when I quoted Jordan Peterson on my FB though. I don't see it as a total negative experience though because sometimes I need to be reminded why I left religion in the first place. I also needed to see that those typed of individuals can't be reasoned with. I needed a.....
  16. But I want to take this back to the OP and address @Jerry. Anytime anyone goes through a sufficient ideological transformation, you can expect to lose friends. I have lost my fair share and so has everyone here. Its sad that we can't see past that collectively but it's just the way things are.
  17. I wont bullshit you (or anyone who is reading this and knows me), I can be a piece of shit of a human being sometimes especially when I go into full on defense mode. That doesn't exactly help my situation. However, I'm sure you've seen the Darkmatter2525 vid where he makes the case that rejecting a person's beliefs is often seen as rejecting the individual as a whole. Ideology is intertwined with someones very being, it's their identity. So when I, for example argued against feminism, suddenly I was a sexist bastard, etc....and the person promptly ghosted. This is despite the fact that I
  18. When I came out as an atheist (and I did immediately after deconversion), my church community began the process of love bombing to try to win me back to the fold. When it became clear that it wasn't happening, one "friend" after another stopped talking to me. That entire group gradually fizzled out save for a handful that I still keep in touch with till today. In retrospect, I think that falling out was more to do with the fact that we had nothing in common except Jesus in the first place, I would never associate with them outside the context of the church. There was the couple of fire and
  19. Just don't let Jesus take the wheel...
  20. The bibles were probably saved due to fire retardant paper and this is only seen as a miracle by logic retardant believers.
  21. The scriptures that composed the bible were a product of their time. No doubt that these middle eastern tribes had to adhere to the rules presented in said scriptures as to prevent neighboring tribes from outcompeting them. It also served as a mechanism for social cohesion. It was the best that group of humans could come up with given their knowledge and environment. These scriptures should have remained a historical curiousity and nothing else. However, modern humans try to function in the modern world with these texts. From a technical standpoint, it would be the equivalent of trying t
  22. I don't have much time or patience to read yet another desert religion book these days, but if you want to get a feel for Islamic scriptures in a nutshell than this place has you covered. https://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/index.htm
  23. Questioningone, I understand what it's like pouring out your heart to some god that doesn't listen, doesn't care, and replies with nothing but a void of silence. I hope you are able to stop spending your emotions on this entity and channel it to real people, individuals who can in time genuinely care about you. Reach out to us if you have to, send us a PM, spend time in the chat room but please, don't torment yourself with a god that isn't there and if he is, he doesn't give a damn.
  24. A similar experience was brought up with another member in the past hence I will give you the same response I gave them. A Christian might be as moderate as can be, they might not care what your faith (or lack of) might be at a certain point. However, if they listen to the wrong sermon or go through some kind of "revival" event, they will be inclined to cut whatever it is in their life doesn't align with their delusion. You see, it's a ticking time bomb with no clock to indicate when it will detonate. I too have felt this type of pain and rejection for the exact same reason. No matter how
  25. Insects have survived events in Earths history far worse than whatever we can muster. I think they'll be fine regardless although humanity is another story.
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