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  1. "If god exists he will have to beg for my forgiveness." This is the only line that ever comes to mind when contemplating this possibility.
  2. There is a quick and efficient way of ending any Christian argument, continuously ask "why". This will either cause them to hit a wall and crash (when their reply is "God works in mysterious ways") or get caught int an infinite circular logic loop. If you actually get them to think about what they believe for a bit, you might just unravel their belief system (see Socratic method).
  3. I've met horrible atheists at the same rate that I've met horrible Christians. I've also met people who were unhappy and disconnected on both sides. The reason you might notice that we seem unfulfilled is because we're open and honest about it. The last church I attended was filled to the brim with believers who's lives were not going anywhere. They were good at hiding this fact behind the veneer of God's timing, purpose, or some other nonsense. They weren't really allowed to display unhappiness or discontent. This frequently spilled out during prayer groups.
  4. I do have mixed feelings about AA, on the one hand, it helped one of my good friends quit his compulsive drinking. However, it replaced that addiction with a god one. I may not be an expert in psychology or addictions but I'd say that one is truly free from these ills until they are can stand on their own mentally. In other words, be able to operate without the crutches of either mind altering substances or mind altering imaginary friends.
  5. Greetings and welcome. You've started walking the path from Christianity and towards mental freedom. This route isn't straight but rather meanders around, forks off into dead ends, and you might have to backtrack. I can understand all the struggles that you are going through, I also understand the sense of loss. Even now I sometimes miss that church community and the positive (if few) aspects of the faith. However, revisiting my writings from the time and my mindset as a believer quickly dispels such feelings. I also always enjoy reading through people's blogs, every post is a paint st
  6. This person is showing signs or mental illness (bi-polar). The problem is, Christianity takes anyone who is prone the these conditions and makes them far worse. The form of rejection she is showing is especially despicable as she is hiding behind her god as an excuse rather then being direct. It's going to take time for your emotions to subside and you to come to terms with that. This of course will make the process of deconversion more difficult but thats what this community is for.
  7. Well, there isn't anything preventing you from deleting your profile.
  8. Can't tell if that's a warning or some raunchy fanfic.
  9. Psalms 137:9. "Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks." I need not elaborate on why this may disturb someone.
  10. I merely see Christmas, or Xmas (or whatever you prefer to call it) as this background noise with Christian overtones. By this point (past the 6 year mark as an atheist), I have no religiously driven emotional connection to the holiday whatsoever. I think the goal for most of should be (or has been) eliminating the religious emotional substrate from all areas of our life, to uninstall the last traces of the god virus from our minds.
  11. I chose my name because everything in my life up to this point, including the desertion of religion is one reality check after another.
  12. There is no transformation, as you experienced, Christians are subject to the same behaviors as nonbelievers. It's not to say that some people can't do good deeds in the name of their faith but so can atheists just for the sake of doing good. We can work and change ourselves by our own efforts, praying to a god isn't going to accomplish that. Don't feel frustrated, feel empowered. The type of person you want to be is in your own hands.
  13. I reread your post to be sure that I wasn't missing anything. It seems your primary focus was on how Christians treated you hence why people here might misinterpret your story. Fellowship or friendship, regardless of what your focus was you were still treated badly by fellow believers. This in itself poses a problem as people supposedly undergo sanctification (as per Presbyterian jargon), a transformation towards being more Christ like that never seems to happen. As far as inconsistencies in the bible, unanswered prayers, etc you aren't going to get many answers fro
  14. Does it get better? The short answer is yes, the long answer is yes but it will take you time and mental deprogramming. You may or may not have to seek counseling to aid in this detox but that will be up to you.
  15. Questioningone, I see reflections of my own story with Christianity in your testimonial. I was sucked into the church at age 19 for the very same reason, because I wanted friends. Like you, I experienced all manner of rejection and pain merely for the crime of being myself, for not fitting into a certain mold. For almost 10 years I tried the same formula of wanting to fit into the church community and failed, suffering everything that you have. When you build relationships around the fairy tale of religion, expect those friendships to be as much of a fantasy. Now that I think about it, I
  16. Welcome to the site. During my time as a Christian I heard countless stories of these occurrences. Upon following up it always turned out that the person was lying or exaggerating the story to garner attention. There is also confirmation bias to consider, a person sees a coincidence as evidence for god's intervention. Other times key detains will be omitted from accounts, a cancer patient would be said to be "miraculously healed" but you will hear no mention of the medical attention they received. The best way to approach these claims is with skepticism, look further into these accounts
  17. Deactivated Facebook a few days ago and only kept messenger. I'm realizing that nothing of value was lost...
  18. The god virus has these defense mechanisms, they may be the lamest of cop outs but they get the job done. I would probably proceed by asking "if the human mind is incapable of understanding the infinite then how do you presume to know god's plan for your life and humanity". Likely they'll respond by referring to the bible which you counter by asking how they understand that too. This will either land you in an infinite loop ("the bible is the word of god, I know god by the bible") or you will corner them far enough where they will rage quit.
  19. Welcome to the site, your story is further confirmation to something that I've known for a while. The most potent tool for deconversion is not the "world" as normally preached at the pulpit, it is the bible itself. Not many Christians actually read or it but rather depend on a pre processed version of it's contents by a pastor. Other believers claim that they've read the whole book but only glossed over it. If Christians tool your approach, the percentage of atheists (or in your case, on your way out of the faith) would be much higher. I look forward to further conversations regarding the
  20. Depression and Christianity go hand in hand, that is the bottom line. You then read the Bible and realizing you have to worship that blood thirsty god in heaven after receiving a divine lobotomy in heaven (glorification). This just takes that despair to a whole new leve.
  21. Is this a metaphor of your faith or your Christian self? If so, I assume the religious you lies at the bottom of some creek now, weighed down and drowned by the stones of doubt.
  22. This used to be a recurring theme with Christian acquaintances in my life. Certain individuals would ignore me (even though we participated in small groups together) unless they wanted something. One day I got tired of it and went nuclear. I asked why they never stepped up while I experienced financial difficulties and brought it up in prayer meetings. I asked why they had the audacity to ask for my financial support when it came to their poverty tourism (also known as mission trips). Either way @ag_NO_stic, you don't owe this person a second of your time or thought processes. You need t
  23. Yes, I'm aware of the facts and I know the purpose of this thread. I'm just making an observation, everyone is willing to have this conversation periodically but at the end of the day, everyone will go on living their high carbon lifestyles. It's also easy to understand while someone might be suspect of the data, if there is money to be made on something then you should at least exercise some level of skepticism. I do want to hear your response on the last point I made. Western civilization came about due to heavy use of fossil fuels. How would you tell developing nations (the ones who'
  24. Humans are not wired to concern themselves with threats decades down the road, but rather their immediate needs. How many of you are willing to give up your carbon guzzling lifestyles? How many of you are going to stop driving cars or use electricity? What is the carbon footprint of that packaged you overnighted from Amazon? How much oil did it take to mine, create, and ship every component that goes into the device you're typing this in? I'm guessing the answers do not align with what you are preaching. And even if we cripple our lifestyles and economy by suddenly giving up fossil ful
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