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  1. In the American Southwest lies a hypothetical college town called Reflejos, AZ. It is a clean and quiet place only disturbed by the occasional school event. The peace extends from corner to corner of the city with once exception, a notorious street near the downtown area ironically named Church Ave. This area is rampant with criminal activity, drug dealers, prostitutes, gangs and has been common knowledge to the residents for decades. If you’re a law abiding citizen, you avoid this place and no harm will come to you. If you are a sketchier person then you’ll go there to indulge your every
  2. Well, it seems god has an obsession with genitals, human, donkey, or otherwise.
  3. If there is one message I want to get across to newer members is, leaving religion isn't the end of the road. You must abandon your tendency to gravitate towards one ideology or another, you must mentally stand on your own.
  4. Let's face it, God is the biggest voyeur of all time. Think about it, he has been witnessing all manner of sexual acts for millenia, like some guy on a cosmic Pornhub binge. However, over time God realized that the foreskin grossed him out hence why he command his followers to lop it off.
  5. This along with the rest of your post reeks of the No True Scotsman Fallacy (Google it). The answer is, we knew God in the same fashion as you would an imaginary friend. Eventually you set childish things aside and grow the hell up. Next question.
  6. Has it not occurred to you that someone grows up damaged not because of a person's sexual orientation but rather because they're just a lousy parent? Many here can turn that argument around you and say they're damaged because of a Christian upbringing. How would you respond to that? And my daughter? Holy shit! Do you know something I don't? Last time I checked I wasn't a father.
  7. Our pastor would preach a message about the homeless and quite literally walk pass them and avoid eye contact after the sermon (our church was based in the downtown Orlando area, a hotbed for the less fortunate). Mind you, some of those homeless were assholes at times but fuck Christian love, understanding, and acceptance. No time for that shit, gotta go to the next church ministry meeting, etc.
  8. Yes, I use to be envious of people who invited groups to their homes, their large ornate homes. That was until I realized how much their mortgage was, property taxes, maintenance, HOA, etc. They had no flexibility in adapting to a different way of life whatsoever because they were up to their assess in financial burdens.
  9. This is true, Americans and American culture is one of materialism and consumerism, why would it not permeate into mainstream religion too? I think that since Christianity stunts an individual's ability to think outside the box, perhaps they are more prone to the traditional consumerist lifestyle. During my time as a believer, the only exception to said lifestyle was by fringe missionaries who went to some remote corner of the world. Here on the other hand (as in this forum), I've met the whole spectrum from people living in a camper, to a small apartment and living sustainably, to the usua
  10. I live a very frugal, streamlined life. I don't require much to live and have no interest in accumulating possessions that I will get sick and tired of eventually. Many of you here operate on similar principles and aren't afraid to deviate from a traditional lifestyle. As I embrace the idea that less is more, I can't help to think of the materialism that mainstream Christianity is all about. Churches can't help but to but the latest crap, that may be flat panel screens for their lobby, a brand new shiny worship center, etc. Christians on a personal level do the same and claim that God wan
  11. Someone here shared this a while back with me and I find it pertinent in this case. I see people who claim that god speaks directly to them as having a "rogue agent" in the mind. It's milder than multiple personalities but distinct from the self. http://meltingasphalt.com/neurons-gone-wild/
  12. At some point, honesty is the only productive course of action. The consequences of staying quiet exceed those of speaking out.
  13. I found this the most ironic aspect of the faith. You see, the fact that we were higher and set apart from the animal kingdom was always emphasized. Yet, it was assumed that if you put a male and female human together, their mating was inevitable like a pair of rabbits. I was close with one girl but she refused to hang out with me on a one on one basis, even in a public place for the reasons I mentioned already. One day, I was so fed up with it that I told her "honey, you're not that attractive, I can restrain myself". Yes, there were some people who were so narcissistic that they believe
  14. The following is adapted from my blog website. By now I've transcended opposing religion and go against ideologies as a whole. Imagine if you will two very different college students, we shall call them Mary and Jake. They're starting their first semester and find the dorms lacking opting instead for small apartments near the school. All utilities are included with their rents except for cable and internet. With that said, they decide to head down to the Comspaz office (the local cable and internet provider). Jake is a big sports fan. He played on the high school football team and is
  15. This is the type of conversations that kept me awake at night. Imagine if you will a Jewish child born in Germany right before the Holocaust. That child would have just a few years of a normal existence before being forced to into a concentration camp. There this kid would be withered away to almost nothing for months before death. Instead of relief, there would be nothing but eternal torment for eternity ahead. Let's take this a bit further though. Imagine a girl born in Sub-Saharan Africa in a war torn region. She spends most of her childhood fighting disease and starvation but makes i
  16. Well Jess, it's a year later and you're still roaring.
  17. They say that Catholics don't celebrate their faith but rather mourn it. I think it's the most virulent strain of Christianity because it has negative consequences on a global level. Sorry you had to grow up in that bland, oppressive environment. Some of the elements of your story remind me of my own journey, the main being the constant cognitive dissonance. I'd liken religion to computer malware, running in the background eating up memory and system resources. The mind can run so much more efficiently once you uninstall the God virus. Your experiences also made me think of all the immat
  18. Greetings. I stalked this site for years before deconverting. I wish I would have taken the plunge sooner. You will find that sometimes we don't always agree here but generally have each others back. It feels liberating doesn't it? You have a sense that you can be altruistic just for the sake of it. You don't have to worry about eternal rewards or punishment, you don't have to worry about "doing something to glorify God". I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
  19. Just nod your head and say okay. Once this acquaintance realizes how futile that prayer was, it will only serve to slightly compromise their own faith. Sometimes you don't have to do anything except carry on as usual.
  20. I don't know how old you are or where you are in life. I can tell you that following the word does breed an aspect of mediocrity. This push to be content with who I was caused me to waste my 20s, I'm now in my 30s and have to make up for that lost decade. It's not an easy task and I would have been far better off if I never took up Christianity at 19 (deconverted at 28). If you're younger than me, I implore you, live life to the fullest and pursue every opportunity you can. If there is one belief you toss then let it be the notion that being malcontent is wrong.
  21. If you're doing this for entertainment value, you can probably do something else with your £30 and not fund a charlatan. You can probably go to the movies three times with that money and get 5 - 6 hours of content instead. The possibilities are endless.
  22. My mother got into this while I was in middle school. She has my fortune read as well as study how to do it herself. Every single prediction about me made has been hilariously off.
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