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  1. Welcome to Ex-C. The truth is, many of us were probably never really Christians either. We were emotionally coaxed into believing or it was forced upon us growing up. I wonder how many people actually make the choice to follow Jesus with a clear mind?
  2. Not all liars are prophets but all prophets are liars.
  3. Welcome to Ex-C. All religions, including Christianity started out as a cult at one point. 2000 years ago, some Jewish guy who claimed to be the son of god would have sounded equally as absurd as Xenu. In the distant future, one of the cults of today will be a mainstream religion with millions of followers. I really hope not but it seems to be the general trend through human history. Keeping this in mind should facilitate the deconversion process.
  4. I must commend you for being in a healthy relationship early on in your adulthood. This is something that I don't see very often.
  5. Lets say we lived in an alternate universe where the Christian god was real. Do you really think he would fall for such BS? Think about it? How many people who say grace actually mean it? Most just want to get it over with and get to their food.
  6. Not everyone is obligated to a long drawn out explanation on our parts, sometimes a simple no will suffice and sometimes not quite. The last encounter that I had with JWs was on a jogging trail that leads into this park area. As I was walking past them, I tried to go as far to the opposite side of the path as possible to the point where I was walking in the mud. When they initiated conversation, I simply said "if I'm obviously physically avoiding you, it probably means I have no interest in talking. You guys aren't very observant so I doubt you have the intellect to comprehend matters of r
  7. Liberalism can be as much a religion as Christianity itself. This is something that I discovered after spending sufficient times around atheist circles. However, being overly liberal doesn't mean that you will suddenly be ignorant towards other people's issues. My advice regarding that is to listen to all viewpoints from every possible side and decide for yourself. Don't fall into the trap of accepting a label either. I don't see myself as atheist, conservative, liberal, etc. My mind is sovereign and free from all group driven agendas. Do not fall for pleas to your emotions. As for m
  8. Greetings. As others have mentioned, your therapist should be professional and neutral. Your religious affiliations should not determine how they feel towards you. I can imagine finding secular options to be difficult if you're immersed in a Christian environment. I suppose it's a step by step process, gradually incorporating more secular people (among other things) into your life.
  9. Fools will be parted from their money. Nothing new to see here.
  10. Didn't that place go bankrupt and close due to lack of attendance? I guess I've been misinformed.
  11. I think these are the individuals who are "spiritual" or have some vague abstract concept of a god. Perhaps it could also be because people have a difficult time giving a definitive yes or no answer on sensitive matters.
  12. Just because a person is an atheist/non religious doesn't mean that they're suitable to be a lifetime partner.  Likewise, just because a person is a Christian, doesn't mean that they're unsuitable.  If I had to commit to marriage I would rather have a faithful, stable, Christian wife than some of the individuals I've seen in the atheist community so far.  Of course, I don't know the whole story or what else could have gone into her decision (besides pressure from her Christian mother and her child).

    (Sorry, I meant to reply directly to your status but posted here by accident, I can't delete this now).

    1. Lost


      Thank You for the reply Reality Check :)


      I don't know really details about this whole story. But I know and I always felt that this girl does not fit into Christian beliefs. During Christian home meetings she was asking many questions, just like me and she was reading lots of books (I am different, I hate reading).


      She was raised only by her single mother, cause her dad died, because of alcoholism. Her mother used to be an alcoholic, but Jesus saved her.


      I guess romance with a secular man (a little bit Catholic actually) disappointed her and maybe she started to feel hopeless with a whole perspective to raise a child alone.

      Here where I live, maybe there is 5 % of Protestants in my whole town. Maybe 5 groups that count around 30 people, SO I was hoping that there are some people who like me have doubts, are not afraid to admit it and I was hoping thst I'm not alone with my deconversion.

      I think that her  break from Christianity was not intellectual actually, so she easily was catch by goodness of Christian freinds and family that she always knew.


      Weird thing is that her cousin left church without a word and I have to admit that I was impressed and that gave me some hope that one day I will do the same.


      I thought that her cousin will influence her. And I thought that it happened...


      By the way...


      It made me kind of sad that what You wrote about some individuals from Atheist Community. If they are unstable and can not stay in a relationship for a long time...it sort of give Atheists a bad name.

       And yeah, people prefer to have morally good friends and family members, cause they are stable thanks to "God has everything under control".


      Christian partner better than a secular one? - good topic forb a new thread :)

    2. RealityCheck


      Currently there are two Christian women in my life who if given a chance, I would date without hesitation.  They are both attractive, highly motivated, have much going for them, are uplifting, and most importantly they are stable.  I would date them over the atheists who wallow in cynicism, complacency, ect (although, I can't say I am without those faults myself).  They have exactly what I'm looking for in a partner and I'm willing to overlook belief differences.  Likewise, when I was a Christian I was very attracted to an atheist girl because I could be myself and free around her.  At the time, it was what I was looking for and what made me feel complete.  That was years ago however, and the atheist movement has been contaminated with self righteous justice warriors, identity politics, self victimization, and a whole other basket of ills that I find repugnant.  I can't be myself anymore without offending someone.  I'm also attracted to raw femininity which again, the atheist community seems to discourage.  The point I'm trying to make is that for many, a person's religion isn't the main factor in determining compatibility.  The perceptions in this forum are skewed because many have been hurt by Christianity and therefore cannot be with someone who embraces it.  I've been out of the faith for long enough that those wounds have healed and I can look at the world in a different perspective.

      While a Christian, I saw my peers dating secular individuals for a multitude of reasons.  I've also seen atheists do the same.  Your friend is dating a Christian man because he probably offers something that her atheist peers do not.  Maybe he offers her the security and stability that she lacked for most of her life.  Maybe he offers the love and affection she's been craving.  If that's the case, don't be disappointed or concerned.  Instead, be happy for her, maybe get a chance to meet this guy.  You may find the reason why she is attracted to him.  Maybe yes, she did leave Christianity for non-intellectual reasons or perhaps she is in a transitional phase like some people here.  I do wish her the best.

    3. Lost


      Yeah, You are right :)


      I think that if these Christian girls that You know are notfundamental in their beliefs You have a chance to build with one of them a really great relationship.


      All the best for You in Your plans :)

  13. I try to keep my chin up and hope that's the case. I hope science prevails once and for all over the whole human race. I don't see it happening though, some other faith will come in and fill the vacuum left behind from Christianity. Unless we genetically engineer away our tendency towards religion, I see it as a recurring cancer to humanity.
  14. Hmm, this is the way I see it. Imagine an ancestral hominid roaming the savanna some 2 million years ago. It would require the collective senses and intelligence of a group to survive in such an environment. The benefits of cooperation and caring for the well being of your fellow group member outweighed that of aggression. Hence, in this scenario what we could call altruism or even "morality" would have evolved. Overly aggressive individuals and groups would have eliminated themselves from the gene pool. This is as far as I can probably simplify it. In fact, I see no reason to complic
  15. I see you're from South Korea. I saw a video about this South Korean girl once who supposedly visited hell and painted these elaborate paintings describing different torture methods. It deeply disturbed me as a believer. However such elaborate accounts are often contradictory to one another or to the bible. The human mind, when suffering trauma or oxygen starvation (as in many triggers many of these experiences) isn't the best source of evidence. When the brain is in such a state, it produces all manner of hallucinations. There is also the chance that such stories have been made up for
  16. Yes evolution is intelligent. That's why the rods and cones in our eyes face the wrong direction and have blood vessels in front of them forcing the brain to filter them out. That's why he have leftover parts (vestigial organs), some being prone to infection. That's why our bodies sometimes malfunction and self destruct with cancer or autoimmune diseases. Even a semi competent human engineer can design something more efficiently and/or with a lower failure rate. It almost seems like we just evolved into our current state chaotically and haphazardly, hmm...
  17. Also, try increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake. These are essential for strengthening your enamel. Since you live in UK, you may not be getting too much sun hence your vitamin D levels might be low.
  18. The best course of action for both your teeth and your health is to give up sugar entirely. It's not an easy task and your body will crave it like a drug for the first week or two. However, if you manage to get past that then you will be rewarded with increased energy and mental clarity. You will also notice that your emotions are more level and in control. I've gone further than that and cut carbs entirely as well (Keto diet) but I understand that may not be for everyone. The discipline you build from this will also help you regulate your cell phone usage. For that I also recommend just
  19. I think conspiracy theories occur for the same reason humans are religious. We see a pattern where their is nothing and attribute it to some behind the scene cause. It could also be that we are naturally paranoid as those human ancestors who didn't assume the noise in the brush was a lion probably got eliminated from the gene pool.
  20. On a side note, Hopsin made mention of God again in Ill Mind 9. I'm wondering if he reconverted...
  21. For most of my adult life I've alternated between feeling amazing and feeling like a pile of human trash. As I've grown older the peaks and troughs of of my mood have diminished. I was never diagnosed as bipolar but I'm almost certain I've experienced it to some degree. I will say it is still possible to leave Christianity and still be imprisoned by your mind. Do you have the original French text readily available? I know that subtle meaning and emotion are lost in translation.
  22. I cannot speak for others in this forum nor the perceptions of their respective cultures. I can speak from my own personal experiences however. Crying is one of the highest forms of emotional venting. Yes, I can vent out to others at the expense of respect. I trade the relief of emotional relief for respect from my peers. Getting to the point of tears is probably the equivalent of pissing your pants in public when you can't hold it anymore. You feel as if a tremendous discomfort has been removed from you but the the perception of you by others will take a comparable hit as urine soaked c
  23. 1. People make that "grass is greener on the other side" assumption all the time. How many posts on this site that bash Christian behavior? Do you not believe the newly deconverted not want to flee those social circles for something else? You only do this if you perceive that the alternative is better than what you have now. Do you actually interact much on a personal level with anyone here? 2. Based on your post history, you frequent the Spirituality forum, I think you'll find plenty of examples there. However, the the irrational beliefs that I am referring to don't necessarily per
  24. I have a view of death that is divergent from anything I've seen here so far. We die a little every day as bits and pieces of ourselves go away. I mean this literally (death at the cellular level) to metaphorically (there are places, objects, and people who are part of us that disappear forever). Our life is a symphony of mortality that builds up to that final measure, our ultimate demise. I was also dead from the time of the big bang to the union of a sperm and egg. It is the default state we will be in for all but this infinitesimal sliver of time. It is perfect neutrality as non exist
  25. Doubt has always been there from day 1. It didn't matter how far in over my head I was, doubt was the one constant that reared it's head.
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