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  1. What this essentially boils down to is an intellectually bankrupt abuse of mathematical language. I have taken several physics courses in college, so let's look at it from that angle. When we want to model a situation, we make sure to set up a differential equation and solve, making sure that the units are logical and that everything matches up. How does modeling god as infinity work exactly? In calculus, we use infinity as a concept to take limits, derivatives, and integrals. In any case, in what respect would god be infinite? Cubic meters? Kilograms? Assholes that talk about him?
  2. Hello all! It's good to see that there are other Ex-Christians like me out there. For someone so steeped in a faith background as I, my deconversion happened via a surprisingly simple set of circumstances, though it took about five years. I am now twenty years old and have not believed for around three years, give or take. First, I had many conversations with one particular atheist friend of mine since seventh grade. That we were able to parrot our parents like that at such a young age is a testament the simplicity of our arguments: it follows from the fallacious and simplistic nature
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