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  1. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    Maybe you'd be better off projecting your one problems, when I have my own to deal with. I have a hard enough living with myself, but in your conception of me I want everyone to worship me. I have anger problems because I have a gigantic fucking amygdala because I was raped daily by my older brother, but you're the genius, tell me what's wrong with me so I can fix myself. Its not like I haven't been seen by actual mental health professionals in an active ongoing way to get healthy. Here's a tip, don't project your own bullshit onto other people when you don't know their whole story and you're not a mental health professional. Jesus fucking Christ this site... I should just delete this account, I don't know why I come back here..
  2. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    This is grand, I'm pathologically narcissistic now by Geezer's detectors, which seems to be some highly specialized subjective gut feeling, since he has no credentials as a Psychologist. I talk the way I do very rapidly, and I state my opinion openly and with passion. On this site, I've experienced plenty of assholery, on a rather consistent basis in this forum and so I lay it on a little thick because of that context. I'm not trying to convert people, or win them over to my way of thinking, nor am I concerned with looking smarter than people on the internet. This thread just inspired me to share my thoughts on the matter, after which I will go back to my normal life of taking care of babies and working and ignoring this dissapointing site which is slowly turning into a safe space for right-wing buffoonery. I have zero confidence in forums as a means of persuading the people you are actually talking to, unless that person is an exceptional listener and not fully indoctrinated into some worldview, but I now just post to state my own opinions and for the sake of lurkers so they realize some exChristians who come here dissent from all this toxic bullshit. That makes me a narcissist though, by virtue of having passionate opinions. My desire to be rude to you came from your attempt to explain away with your pseudo-psychological assessment of my narcissism. I have PTSD, my fathers the narcissist, I just have a short temper for things like this that piss me off so I choose to avoid it most of the time because communicating here has become a waste of time.
  3. They've Addicted You...

    Social Media is just the new iteration of the Consumerist economic system, just in a new atomized form that gives people even more power to influence you than ever before. Been off for over a year now.
  4. Look at the present administration's policy on this, the reason we are still arguing about this is because we have a whole sector of our population who have collectively deluded themselves. The fact that it took you until 2015 is a testament to the power of this narrative for Libertarian leaning individuals since it demonstrates the Free Market myth to be totally bankrupt in that we have been living on borrowed time from future generations to fuel our economy.
  5. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    I don't consider that many people are looking at the same facts, ignorance often abounds when knowledge appears to be only a click away. Which is why I substantiate my claims with multiple examples to provide historical correlates for what I am talking about. I doubt you've been educated as much on the history of western imperialism than I have, and I am a straight white man who never suffered under its yoke. My perspective is not sqewed by personal experience, it is informed by countless hours of studying and learning about the human conditions after coming out of the ignorance of Christianity. Of course someone who routinely lambasts black people, often in derogatory terms and says they lack culture and work ethic is not racist we can't know that. Anyone who brings it up potentially is the one whose internal disposition we surmise on Geezer's account, racism for him is irrelevant and gone for all he cares, the people who bring it up are the problem. I would rather say that the conclusions of a statement are racist or some form of repackaged racist ideology such as cultural superiority, than say that any individual is defined in their identity as a racist, but to claim anyone who brings up these issues is just virtue signaling is a convenient dismissal. It makes everyone ignore the content of what I have actually said, and look instead to some invented narcissistic motivation to make myself superior to everyone and that they need to join this special elite upper class of moral beings like myself. I'm just sharing my opinion, but it seems only particular kinds of opinions are actually welcome around here. I don't give two shits what any of you think of my moral status, I don't believe there is a heaven or hell to set us apart. I just care about the truth, but Geezer sees through all that, I am really just wanting you all to think so much about me as I insult you. How's this for virtue signaling: Fuck you.
  6. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    First of all, you're young and don't perhaps realize how racist ideas evolve over time, what is now referenced as cultural superiority in my mind is just an updated rehashed ideology from the past of white or European superiority. Its bullshit, we raped African culture for all its worth before it ever had a chance to take off, to now claim at this juncture in history that what now separates us is culture is the height of ignorance IMO. Secondly, Vigile is a clown fed full of Russian propaganda to a degree I have stated on the record is harmful for the forum. I think the United States needs plenty of criticism, but these Russian clowns want to say that they're the victims and have nothing to say to actually account for just how bad Russia is under Putin. If he was self-conscious about Russian imperialism, then I wpuld see his critiques about the US as consistent, but being that he supports Putin I call him a clown whose been duped just like we all were under Christianity. Third, racism is belief that one race is superior than another, and to repackage it into culture really is a distinction without a difference in my mind. Why is African American culture in the state that it is in? Zero reflection on that, just blanket insults at black people for their work ethic and suboptimal culture, which if they only became more like the whites/Europeans would be better. Fourth, I don't think people who are Socialists are "fools," and I probably have a better understanding for the concept than you. Socialism doesnt equate to Stalinism or any particular Communism that came from the Soviet Union, it simply implies a belief in the the means of production and their control for perhaps the entire economy or only parts of the economy, and is critical of Capitalism to produce better conditions on the whole for workers which has largely been proven true. You might think because you live in the US that this is the case, but for most of the workers of global Capitalism in emerging markets that is surely not the case. I find more notable on this site the sacred cow of Libertarianism, an ode of course to the regional and cultural contexts many American former Christians find themselves in. Socialists also in Europe have been placated by Russia, such as the Syriza in Greece and have many leftwingers like Richard Wolffe on their programs merely to try and erode any possible consensus. Even Yanis Varoufakis, whom I think is a serious left winger appears on RT, so I think Europeans leftwingers can't really be trusted to see Putin correctly in my experience. Detroit used to have plenty of jobs, US then transitioned to a consumer led economy where these manufacturing jobs went to Asia largely, and there was insufficient education and opportunities in these regions and the Democrat solution was to then make these people dependent on public housing and welfare and misguided affirmative action to combat this problem. It didnt address the underlying economic realities and then combatted the problem in a way that exacerbated much of the social problems. Its not like the Free Market would have had their back, free trade and technological innovation core tenants of Neo-Liberalism gave us these conditions which greatly empower corporations to the detriment to the individual. I think more broad meanginful investment is needed, not just for African American communities but society wide, a Marshall Plan for education that is much more meaningful at arming our future generations with the skills they will need to be relevant in the productive labor of the future. The Service Industry is slowly going to be eroded by technology and we will create a useless class as a result, a multi-ethnic useless class unless we take these issues more seriously. How will the Free Market solve that problem in your estimation?
  7. The worlds biggest lie?

    The most effective way of telling the same old lie, that riches and pleasure await somewhere else for humanity, not in this life but the next. Meanwhile the masses lived in ignorance and duty based servitude and could only get by believing such a fable or would rise up and be crushed, though usually in favor of some other religious fiction. To claim only this life matters is indeed the most revolutionary fact of atheism, your life is not some sacrifice to give unto god, it is what you make of it using all the tools available. That means whatever wisdom was there to be obtained from ancient traditions can be had, but with a realization of your own historical and cultural contingencies which are based on the extremely arbitrary circumstance of our birth. We who live are the ones whose stories matter, and fiction is useful in so far as it opens that reality into a real human experience, that is the extent of the utility of mythology and allegory, any further is just delving into death denial.
  8. Drumpf, NATO, and the "obligations" of NATO members

    If Russia had the US' stance in the world do you think they would behave better? One wonders what education you do have of Russian history. How did they become the largest country in the world? Not surely through empire...
  9. Drumpf, NATO, and the "obligations" of NATO members

    Lies, Russia is a threat just ask Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Your utter inability to think critically and realistically about Russia in foreign policy terms is really getting old. Why is Russia using Hybrid war tactics to attack the power grid in the Baltic? Why did Russia invade Crimea and annex the region if they are not aggressive? Why are they backing the Ukrainian separatists in Eastern Ukraine through a secret war if the Europeans have nothing to fear? Vigile would have everyone hear think that Putin is only a good guy, he's just defending himself against NATO encroachment. Why would the Baltic countries are those previously under the control of the Warsaw Pact want to join NATO? Might it be because of the well established aggressive and imperial history of Russia who has for centuries terrorized these regions and kept many of them under the control of the tsar. But they're all peaceful loving folks now per Vigile, the USSR is gone, so why not make some broader alliance with Russia. Russia had and still has the largest conventional force in Europe, wholly updated since the Cold War under Putin, and the commitment of American forces per NATO is still in high demand as a result. What stops Putin from finding another reason to annex land in his bordering region? NATO which would collectively declare war on Russia were they to do that. You've simply absorbed way too much Russian propaganda, and it has now infected this board thoroughly.
  10. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    Gotta love all the racist ideas from the right-wingers on this site. They call their superiority culture or work ethic and think it is really all that different to the sentiments of white people in the past. This is why I wrote my post on the actual history of black people in America, because no one puts the whole picture together who wants to castigate blacks in order to elevate the importance of white people. Where was all the black civilization in Africa BO asks? Civilization started in Africa, the Egyptians were not white people like they are in hollywood movies. There were also increasingly sophisticated civilizations in the horn of Africa until the European imperialists showed up and needed hard manual labor for the supply of their consumer goods. It seems contrary to what Fwee says, that blacks were chosen because of their work ethic and strength, and also because the native American population had been 90% wiped out by us whites mostly via disease but the Spanish were quite cruel imperialists too. Slavery was only abolished a little over a hundred years ago, these 4 million slaves had to be transitioned into the economy. With the financial crisis in the 1870s, reconstruction was given up and the Southern Democrats regained political power and subdued the blacks until the 1960s. This meant that millions would be migrating to cities to find jobs, which in the early stages of industrialization meant horrible wages, poor working conditions, and instability and strikes. Why did so many land in Detroit, to work in the factories of course, but those factories are now history and we are transitioning over to a knowledge economy which means unskilled labor is in going to increasingly be in lower demand and we have generations of Africans Americans who have lived in poverty. There aren't big cities with loads of jobs for this kind of labor anymore, so black markets suffice as alternative means for getting by in a hopeless situation. White people are totally capable of organized crime too, violence is a universal human characteristic. To blame the former victims of our imperialism and slavery for their progeny's predicament is to me thr highest foolishness and I would say is the new kind of racism that now uses language like culture to argue that whites are superior as Fwee has done. Just another reason why I am coming to this site less and less, it is dominated by a bunch of fools who defend racism or Russia. For a bunch of people formerly swindled by religion, I expected much more, but some are still fond of their mythologies be they religious or national.
  11. Top Putin Opposition Barred From Russian "Election"

    Its a self-fulfilling prophecy to give up on democracy, my observation shows some improvement though marginal across history in the trajectory towards better democracy but that isn't necessarily determined of course. It has to be fought for and each generation has to take responsibility to steward our fragile institutions from corruption.
  12. Top Putin Opposition Barred From Russian "Election"

    You're right, I have nothing to complain about, I just live in torment every day of my life for the last couple of years. Onyx's suffering doesn't invalidate mine, nor does mine invalidate his and different brains react and communicate differently. I happen to be of a political persuasion which is different than yours, which you then use as a club to berate with me and equate these beliefs to "whining" as if I just need to get over my shit and pull up my bootstraps and use my natural talents to succeed or be a loser. The brain is a real organ, and physical maladies blow, but psychological disabilities impact the ability of even a blind and deaf person to bear with life, your ignorance of that and judgement of people with mental illness who aren't able to pull their shit together on their own makes you an ignoramus in my book. You're not a Christian anymore, you have no excuse for being ignorant about the brain and impacts of psychological disorders. Here is some educational information for you asshole: Oh and merry fucking Christmas too...
  13. Top Putin Opposition Barred From Russian "Election"

    I'm just sick of your high and mighty bullshit, you were so amazing in doing everything yourself. Guess what, I have had to fend for myself too, as have most others here beacuse there isn't much help out there for people with serious mental illness. But you don't care about FEELINGS (the extent of your understanding of mental illness), if they become social casualties of society then who cares, doesn't concern self-interested persons who worship the cult of individualism. I guess I should just go back in time and get unraped by my brother all those times so I can be as awesome as you.
  14. Top Putin Opposition Barred From Russian "Election"

    Yeah, everyone come fix me, I am helplessly providing for a whole family all on my own while getting zero help in dealing with my condition. How about you shove your ignorant opinions about me up your tight ass.
  15. Top Putin Opposition Barred From Russian "Election"

    It helps if you're actually funny, you dont come off as sarcastic, just as an asshole. Bernie gets stiffed by Hillary and the DNC, COMEDY. Putin rigs an authoritarian Russian system and bars his opposition from running, what a hoot!