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  2. Social dominance occurs with human beings, but the behavior of alpha males that we observe in the wild does not occur with human beings. All of these social hierarchies that we talk about navigating are all made up by human culture over our history, human bands prior to the Neolithic period did not organize into male dominant groups with an alpha at the top, human bands were egalitarian and not built on dominance or accumulation but on utility for the group. Your personal observations about the existence of alpha males among human beings is not verified by science, more appropriate language which does not compare social relationships such as those among wolves and chimps to ours is needed, as there is a world of difference. You have to remember that humans operate based upon their culture, and our culture is robust and has influenced our behavior significantly and all of the dominance hierarchies that exist were created by human culture in the evolution of civilization. The scarcity of resources and the importance of land made human aggression a key selection for dominating human hierarchies with the dawn of civilization, where before, humans did not exist in such repetitious conflict with one another in a hunter gatherer setting as we were not inherently territorial but nomadic. This is why an analysis of biology and anthropology are needed and not just relying on your perceptions and assuming that such can be verified by science, because of a rational that we are animals, therefore we must have the same social characteristics of what some other animals possess.
  3. Thanks for producing the full response, wasn't sure on if we could count on you for it, but you pulled through. I'm glad you agree with my assessment that much of the perspective given in the article is from a BS Christian perspective, which we can readily dismiss and refine what he is talking about to state our own points. I'm fine with that. I do see how this is a challenge for men, with women wearing scantily clad clothing and men being expected to not ogle them. With all the access to porn in the world though, why don't men just get that out on their own time? I don't do such out of respect for women and out of respect for my wife, but I don't get why other men don't just consider what it would be like to be ogled all the time and have the decency to not demand they go back to Victorian times to cover up all their sexual appeal. I also think this fails to demonstrate that our culture is destroying boys, this is just a slight challenge. Is this our culture's fault, or is the lack of male role models fault the fault of men's choices? My father is a son of a bitch, religious hypocrite who is worthless to me as a role model, but I don't blame culture for that, such people have always been around and it also deflects from people's actual choices. Most people who are abused don't abuse, the patterns laid out for us by failed parents (not a new thing at all in human history), the economic realities and cultural realities in black ghetto might be argued is indeed destroying boys, but I have a hard time seeing how middle class white boys are being destroyed by this when mass media gives you access to all the history of mankind with near infinite information to learn from and indeed many role models living and dead. Agreed, I was misdiagnosed for ADD when I was in middle school, but it was just undiagnosed depression because I had some serious shit repressed psychologically. There are all kinds of reasons why boys might be misdiagnosed, it is more a critique of psychiatry than the school system. Here is a brief overview: Given the more measured responses you've given, I think everyone can agree that boys, have particular challenges but to say that our culture is destroying them and victimizing them collectively is a vast overstatement.
  4. No one likes to talk to you, don't you pay attention to what is said in this forum. You are nearly universally regarded as a troll, learn some self awareness. That is all for a while.
  5. You repeat the same bullshit over and over again, your views are completely unbalanced and beyond rational discourse. I do find your flailing entertaining from time to time though, which is why I even read it at all.
  6. Sounds like a screaming chimp if ever I heard one.
  7. What left wing thinkers have you seriously interacted with, I'm curious.
  8. TrueScotsman

    How to stop watching porn when feeling lonely?

    Both addictions use the same circuit in the brain, the reward circuit, which would be the same for a gambling or video game addiction. That would depend on how regular the usage and how much it disrupts your life, though I think the guilt disruption is tied to your religious programming as guilt is the primary software of Christianity.
  9. These people seem to desperately want to validate some kind of hierarchy, Jordan Peterson is a more interesting character than Milo in this right-wing pro-masculinity movement. He asserts that men have a need to move up and down dominance hierarchies and that you basically have to take the darker aspects of your masculinity (what he calls a "monster") and take control of that. Its really nothing more than a revival of Nietzschean Individualism, and his attempt to synthesize Apollonian and Dionysian culture, except he attempts to merge a kind of atheistic nihilism with Christian mysticism. These ideas are extremely popular on the Alt-Right, which even if he isn't as extreme his followers certainly are, which was the same fate that befell Nietzsche as Hitler once declared him their official philosopher. Human beings prior to the agricultural revolution did not live in such dominance hierarchies, the familial bands were nomadic and hunter gatherer in nature and the accumulation of land and goods was simply not possible. It seems rather than human hierarchy is a result not of biological evolution, but cultural evolution in order to justify and sustain human authority over other human beings and geographical boundaries with the emergence of the State. Human males are far more nurturing in reality than any other organism on the planet, and that's because men are also biologically equipped to assist in the nurturing process which takes far longer in humans than in any other creature due to how long it takes for the brain to fully develop. These are the facts of anthropology that right wingers need to educate themselves on that humans are not all male or female in their cognitive characteristics, humans demonstrate tremendous variation in traits based upon their genetics and experience, which includes for males different variations of masculine and feminine traits. Our religious traditions have tried to put binary artificial barriers between the two, distinct roles and characteristics and it has stiffled many men's emotional development, in many cases for sinister ends in order to make them more effective at killing. Over accentuating some kind of alpha male culture is actually anti-biology and undermines real biological variation that has great functionality within our societies, and history demonstrates that over accentuating those characteristics leads to violent ends.
  10. You literally said later that day you would respond, I have responded to this thread more than anyone. Not shifting anything, just attempting to hold you to your own word.
  11. If that's feminine, then I say we should listen much more to what they have to say than we have historically.
  12. TrueScotsman

    How to stop watching porn when feeling lonely?

    I guess it would involve both, most people require some kind of stimulation to reach climax either through fantasy or visually watching porn. So they really go hand in hand.
  13. Now would be your time to lodge a defense of the OP with evidence as you said you would earlier. Lets hear it.
  14. Each cognitive set has its detractors and benefits, Libertarians tend to be great analytically but the worst on empathy. The best way to go about it is not to declare one cognitive disposition superior, but to account for your own cognitive biases and address them. Which is why as a Liberal I have heavily invested in Pragmatism in order to make up for some of my more idealistic inclinations and ensure that I have a robust evidenced based worldview not solely guided by any one ideological vision.