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  1. Stock market fear

    I was a delegate not because I thought he would have great success, but that he was the best and most honest candidate running. Everything else you said didn't really add any value since you don't seem to understand the basic structure of the post WW2 world and how that made America what it was. Keep thinking Protectionism will work, it won't, which is why no economists are coming down on his side with his aggressive trade policy approach.
  2. Stock market fear

    Look at the actual US military budgets during their administrations.
  3. Stock market fear

    In Tiny Utopian communities like Puerto Rico, which has been so ravaged by austerity that it becomes a haven for tax evaders. Oh wait this is already happening for people who became billionaires off of the cryptocurrency ponzi schemes.
  4. Stock market fear

    Actually the core culture and scope of the government has shifted immensely since 1930, additional US Constitutional Ammendments, but an incredible amount of federal institutions and responsibilities around the world which have no real redundancies. Your country is my country, so shut your pie hole with that BS, and I am well aware of what was done to defeat the dictators in Europe. Most of the price was paid by the Russians, but the American's sacrifice was far exceeded by our gains as the whole of European Capital and gold stores were moved to the United States and led to the creation of the Bretton Woods System, the one you were born into and which gave you this now opmistic belief in America. The Rich when you were born were getting taxed at rates upwards of 70 to 80%, and wages and standard of living for everyone were never better. The Central Banks don't even have a plan A for what will happen once interest rates rise, but you're listening to our idiotic demagogue who preaches that Protectionism is the answer. I'm way more pessimistic than you, but you paint me as some start eyed idealist. I'm just someone who researches shit a ton before I open my mouth about something. If you don't like my opinions, come up with better arguments than asking me to send you cash like an asshat.
  5. Stock market fear

    Zoom out and look at history outside of your stock market. What are the actual fundamentals of the economy from one period to another, and its only when you look at this scale that the scariness and short term craziness that we have set the world on, in order to provide American surpluses while maintaining a trade a government spending deficit. Trump and Reagan are both Keynesians, they both believe in using lots of public spending to generate aggregate demand. Of course they prefer as much spending as possible to go to the Military Industrial Complex, rather than to the poor as they think poverty is an incentive. The only correlate we have for this situation is the 1910s and 1920s and 30s, in that we have now run out of new markets to exploit almost, and the sun is setting soon on the primary commodity of the world, oil, with the realities of Anthropogenic Climate Change known by Exxon Mobil from the 1970s. We have a sick economic system that is slowly rolling out a global depression first in Greece and Puerto Rico and then further to the rest of the deficit regions who again will struggle to pay back our debts and will undergo more austerity and privatization while heaps of the impoverished disappear from the world. What will happen as a result is more extreme polarization and extremism, especially after all the hidden inflation finally gets revealed after 3 interest rate hikes this year from our Fed and other Central Banks. China has been quickly containing insolvent banks quietly by adding more public debt right as they export led high GDP growth is slowing. What you see with Xi Jinping is evidence of a needed authoritarianism to give them a desperate vision out of their quagmire. Xi is clearly not the leadership in these times, Trump is a catastrophe for managing any further geopolitical crises from the U.S. perspective, the Democrats flatly offered Coca Cola, and the right put their trust in the guy who hated the other party the most. The market is a bubble, my advice would be to get out while you can and invest in something less volatile right now.
  6. A World Without Men

    Here are some of my bad ideas on gender, a world without men wouldbe the end of the human race as one poster already pointed. Not having enough engineers to fix your shit would be quite irrelevant in a purposeless world.
  7. Stock market fear

    Perhaps you should go back over the history of the 1920s and 30s, the rise of rightwing dictatorships also coincided with their economic challenges, which saw them turn to Protectionism to make the crisis worse and ended up leading to extreme ideology. Of course you don't even flinch over the fact the 1% made almost all the wealth made in 2017, and the GOP tax plan will only favor old Capital more. But keep thinking Protectionism is the right way to go, you're revealing your historical and economic ignorance.
  8. Yeah, looks like it was more like 95% percent of the population wiped out, instead of 90%.
  9. #metoo

    Why are you not heaping shame and judgment on Faithfulness for walking on eggshells to get by it. You're talking about this totally in the abstract, what the hell do you actually know about what it is like to go through abuse and then perhaps have to share that information publicly? Faithfulness also pointed out how she could have career repercussions for her response, which is a sentiment and REALITY that has been attested to by many of the women speaking up during this movement. Which is why I admonished you to listen, rather than insert your judgement into an issue you don't really have any first hand experience with and therefore lack the capacity to fully sympathize.
  10. Stock market fear

    What is the biggest company in the world? Wal-Mart. How did Wal-Mart and other major retail stores get such low prices? These trade deals that Trump is now shitting on. In order to make products here with American based manufacturing, you'd have to get rid of all minimum wages and all government regulations in order to compete with those markets. Rather than do what the TPP was supposed to do, which was to make regulations and wages more normalized across the countries, so that competition can actually be more fair. What the president is doing is waging a protectionist war right towards the end of business cycle, not to dissimilar to the 1920s and 1930s, this only looking out for national interest worked great then. Hitler only wanted to make Germany Great Again. The 1% made 82% of the wealth created in 2017, the bottom 50% made 0% of the new wealth created in 2017. Wake up.
  11. Stock market fear

    There is a giant stock and bond bubble, on top of bunches of other bubbles. The only thing we had going for us was over-exuberant confidence, and it looks like that seems to be dwindling now. Hold on to your butt, because most of American business media is all about trying to convince you to keep buying, but expert after expert is calling out that it is 2006 all over again. Supposed to happen three times this year, and the banks have been printing cash all around the world to control this in every major country, with all of them lowering the amount of Quantative Easing they're doing this year. We must just discover where all this inflation has been hiding soon. These idiots are allowed to be greedy by inept regulators who didn't fix the problems after 2008. If Markets go in the tank then cannabis might be the only safe investment, as everyone will be self medicating their woes on some weed. I'm not sure that this is it, but when you look at how stocks, bonds and derivatives are worth several times what the underlying assets are worth, you see that this is a giant bubble waiting to burst. Companies don't have to even make a profit, they just have to gain investor confidence that rainbows will continue into the future and that will keep them afloat. Not such a rosy picture for the economy once that game of musical chairs comes to a halt, and the new foundation the US is building for the economy is Oil. Which might bail us out in the short term, but wreck the environment and only delay the problems inherent in our system that are going unaddressed as our politics is in crazyville.
  12. Why I Reject All Types of Theism

    Yeah, because I'm public about having PTSD here, so he thinks its funny to press my buttons. Others here advised me privately to just shut him down, which I have. I don't share the same interpretation, but moving on. Pantheism is a spectrum all of itself, you seem to be mad that I wasn't encyclopedic, and your beliefs are more of a spiritual philosophy than proper Theism with a Capital T, as I was referring to in the OP. You join me in stating that there is no god, and say in the negative that you're an atheist, this to me means our disagreement is somewhere in the middle area but I think that disagreement still influences how far each of us is willing to go on believing possible metaphysical claims. Some Pluralists declare the existence of such transcendent realms, but I am a materialist, I think everything that emerges at higher levels does so on the foundation of the atomic structure. No transcendent abstract realms for me, just pragmatic social systems that we use to interact about these shared concepts which exist somewhere in between the level of a social system and cognition. I do believe in mental causation though, as I don't grant ontological primacy to the atomic level, our mood system has several inputs that can be manipulated to change behavior and cognitive patterns moving forward. I do think that pluralists who go too far with transcendence are on the verge of rejecting naturalism, in favor of a dualistic kind of conception of the world that makes human cognition and experience of prime importance in the universe. In short, another attempt to assert that man has cosmic significance and purpose to his life that can be abstractly known, outside of the confines of our actual being in the here and now. It is not a Theism with a proper T, but perhaps a more benign concept of the universe for the mind to behold, though I think that is not the case personally. The speculation which occurs after one considers the reality of something like pansychism I think can lead someone to at least panentheism, as some innate conscious element to the universe I think would be reflective of some intelligence. Unthinking structural matter and its natural interaction with other matter, seems to be how one would conceive of an atheistic universe. It could just mean this neAs to your thoughts on pantheism, humanism, atheism, etc., yes, many people are all of the above. Each one describes different aspects of their world view. It's not a pick one and disregard the others situation. So I'm not sure where you're trying to go with that. But, again, pantheists can be humanists and agnostics and atheists and yet pantheist's all the same. They each describe some aspect of the persons overall, collective world view. As to your thoughts on pantheism, humanism, atheism, etc., yes, many people are all of the above. Each one describes different aspects of their world view. It's not a pick one and disregard the others situation. So I'm not sure where you're trying to go with that. But, again, pantheists can be humanists and agnostics and atheists and yet pantheist's all the same. They each describe some aspect of the persons overall, collective world view. w god doesn't operate in the old outside of time and space god, but fills it with his essence which is a pure unified consciousness that we partake in. All one then has to do, is give it a name and pray to it, and one is acting in a way which is almost the same as monotheists or polytheists, except perhaps with less hypocrisy. This is less than saying it is a slippery slope, than to rather say that it seriously reopens inquiry and would make a lot of much HARDER questions than consciousness to answer. I guess I was saying, what does pantheism give you that you wouldn't get from say being a Humanist, is it because of your positive claims about nature and the universe, or your perspectives on consciousness?
  13. #metoo

    Human beings are just trying to survive in this world, don't you get it, your moralizations are just simplified abstractions of what it is really like. LISTEN TO THEM, and stop judging.
  14. #metoo

    Fear for your and your children (in many cases) is a pretty powerful motivator for most women, you can call that backbone, but I think women have to have a shit ton of backbone just to put up with the bullshit laid on them from abusive men and still get up and stand in the morning. Check out our history as well, women have historically been punished for coming out with accusations of sexual misconduct, or are given hush money. They need our support, not our judgment.
  15. #metoo

    I likely am more pessimistic than you are about human nature, because I understand the massive number of people being assaulted in just this country alone is only a fraction of the reality while people stay silent. Any women who does try to use this for her own benefit should be shamed though, as she is helping others in their quest to silence women from speaking up.