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  1. How do we know? This is question begging and special pleading all wrapped up in one nice apologetic burrito. What is a god, and what evidence do you have for such a term? We've read your books and find them wanting. What about the plague, the small pox annihilation of the Americas, Genghis Khan, Timur Leng, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Rape of Nanking? Was that god's path for the tens of thousands of women who suffered rape and murder at the hands of Japanese soldiers in Nanking? Or the famine in China that wiped out 100 million people, was that god's plan for those masses of human beings? If people are somehow able to rationalize some kind of divine plan for their own suffering, I doubt their answer can possibly actually fit the scale of actual human misery. The problem of evil is an idea that once you have the proper scale of that gratuitous suffering that one can never again think that this universe was benignly planned. Not after Auschwitz or Verdun, or countless other instances of mass human suffering for no purpose.
  2. Regeneration should have legitimate fruit, "do not be fooled, he who is righteous is righteous." If Christians are honest with themselves, those who actually believe and are living it out in a way that isn't fundamentally hypocritical is a very small number. This used to depress me as a Christian, as I realized the majority of people who thought themselves Christians were not actually as they clearly were unregenerate. People were told that if they made a confessional prayer at one point that they were solid, when they clearly were not seeking to be disciples and being sanctified into the image of christ. The unraveling of this poisonous thinking is what led me down the road to Biblical criticism and the demise of my faith.
  3. There are many Christian denominations which are Cessationist in doctrine, which is that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased after the formation of the Canon, they get such from their interpretation of 1 Corinthians. You seem to have gotten into a mode where not only are you totally certain about your god, but also certain about your dogma. It seems the strength of your belief in the initial delusion is enough to have you try to reprogram your brain to Christianity again. Of course, your manic period will then end and you will again be questioning and doubting as normally happens in a depressive period, and you'll then again see that your visions were just in your head and we will again be here for you.
  4. TrueScotsman

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    Having visions and believing in them is I think a troubling sign.
  5. TrueScotsman

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    Have you heard of DMT? People who take such a chemical often report visions conversing with the divine in a hyper realistic hallunication in which time and space have departed and there is warmth and belonging. It is certainly something to marvel at that the brain produces such an experience, but the fact that it is produced by the brain is irrefutable.
  6. TrueScotsman

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    I do as well.
  7. TrueScotsman

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    Those voices are not the Spirit of the Lord, please seriously seek help.
  8. People are looking at this like it is all the Left, this is more so a change in thinking across the board on how people interact with how ideas spread in a society. It turns out these guys are not practicing free speech in good faith, but as a Trojan horse for their authoritarian worldview. While I don't think it should be banned outright, I think private establishments should give it a platform and I agree in part with countries that don't want these people to be spreading their ideologies in their country. I think banning them has in turn also served to further their cause. Some kind of middle ground is needed and I think the American model has the answer, but not in the way it is portrayed to be an absolute for all contexts like Conservatives.
  9. Grounding the moral backlash in Catholicism, was a mistake that he could exploit with sociopathic manipulation. This guy is the scum of the earth, he needs to be locked away for the rest of his life how he has menaced the Filipino people with violence and terror.
  10. TrueScotsman

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    Probably a manic period, hopefully not a psychotic episode, SB mentioned to disregard posts in the past for that reason. Hope you get real help, and not the imaginary delusions of religion which only take advantage of your brain's particular weaknesses.
  11. Southern and Molyneux teach that there a slow rolling white genocide going on at present with a secret plot to destroy Western civilization. If you think such beliefs have no risk to anyone bodily, I have a history book for you to read. If you don't count 9/11 there have been far more extremist killings in the US from white supremacists over the past few decades than Islamist. I dont know how in this "free speech" debate that these views which teach white nationalism or even Nazism that these people don't represent any physical or existential threat to society.
  12. If a Wahhabi preacher who wanted to potentially recruit followers among your population asked to come to your country to speak, would you unequivocally let him in?
  13. TrueScotsman

    A warming planet

    It was caused by increased carbon in the atmosphere, it is a correlate because it also exemplifies other factors which were released by the increased heat. Such as the heating of the oceans and release of methane gases, which is already happening for us now. We shouldn't assume such a thing isn't possible in the current context, as scary as that is, once these processes get on their way, they take on a life of their own and can have very long impacts on the future of life.
  14. TrueScotsman

    A warming planet

    This is Pandora's box, the last major climate change on earth killed 9 out of 10 species. Our ancestors along with the dinosaurs were among the survivors. All related to climate changes due to massive amounts of carbon being released from ancient forests which had been buried and later released into the atmosphere. It was the compounding problems the initial warming triggered that really spun things out of control. There isn't just warming, but massive pollution problems and countless fragile habitats which could become imbalanced with the slightest change. This is a serious problem, which we should consider possibly a matter of our being able to continue to live on the planet.
  15. TrueScotsman

    A warming planet

    It makes sense, more green house gases, more green house effect. Most of the heat we have produced is locked away in the ocean, and will release even more methane deposits deep from the ocean and cause potentially cyclical heating effects. This isn't a problem that can be put off for later.