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  1. Leaving the site for good.  Let it turn into a right wing cesspool.

    1. Fuego


      Sorry to hear. That's why I avoid the political stuff entirely. It is as extreme as religion and as unbending. I lean left since my deconversion.

    2. LogicalFallacy


      Sad to see you go TS, hope you reconsider.

    3. sdelsolray


      Me too.  Sad to see you go.  I've been more impressed with your growth over recent years than any other member of this forum.  Yes, the alt-right cadre here is quite annoying, and often pathetic, but they are small in number and limited in scope and influence.  In any event, learning to ignore selfish and angry little shits is an acquired skill, one I'm sure you will work on.  Take care.

  2. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    I just might, too many idiots here.
  3. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    Clowns are resorting to Brietbart for their arguments. Yup.
  4. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    Conservatives used to support universal healthcare, under Nixon in fact. Now they have deluded themselves into thinking it is a purely Socialist solution, without consideration to the ecobomic and social costs for our failing healthcare system. Especially with mental health, basically how it works if that if you don't have money or a supportive family, you become homeless and destitute if you have a serious mental health problem. Your anecdotal remarks about what you see in America is very accurate, btw, Corporations are doing better but not the people.
  5. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    This about sums up the general Libertarian delusional thinking we see daily here. I am losing patience with it. The Greek meaning of the word idiot is alive and well in America.
  6. There were no facts in his post, which I already said I would not respond unless he provided data of his own. MM summed my thoughts precisely, I judge you ane other red hats based upon your chosen support for the Orange Messiah.
  7. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    We are indeed fucked it appears.
  8. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    Yeah, because when we say we want to regulate guns, that is in the alternative universe when guns run around and shoot each other up without the involvement of humans. All regulations involve the restriction or definition of what kind of human behavior is allowed. Your BRUTAL SNIPPAGE was just so that you could try to spin the argument, like I am some totalitarian. Acknowledging the legitimacy of any government here seems to be totally radical and extreme.
  9. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    Let's hear about those changes end3? Those all helpful tarrifs? The growing human rights abuses in response to totally unrealistic rhetoric against immigration in order to placate white nationalists who support him? Environmental deregulation and destruction of our rivers? Systematic subversion and destruction of Public Institutions entrusted to the Executive by Congress? Yeshua teach you to talk like that? Or would that be your other Messiah?
  10. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    To me you sound like a whinny little bitch in this post, maybe its a Laurel/Yanny thing. Children dying boo hoo. A resounding GO FUCK YOURSELF from me buddy, you don't know what is possible or what will ultimately make a difference. Other countries don't have this problem, and if you revive that fallacious shit, I will dump all over it again as I have elsewhere. 22 shootings already this year, and you want us to STFU. Blow it out your ass big boy. Baseless assumptions about individuals you don't know. If you had an evidence based worldview you wouldn't have this problem. Assumes we have never helped high school kids. And instead of trying to save lives, do something that really matters, like helping kids win football games! Do you know how it painful it is to hear your babbling? I tried to be patient with you, but you're really just another dumb red hat moron.
  11. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    (Same Day as the Shoooting) "STFU THEIR BODIES ARE STILL WARM, YOU HEARTLESS HYPOCRITES" (Years later..) "STFU LIBTARD." Zero compromise, and no idea just how toxic this gun culture is and how many destructive anti-government conspiracies it has spawned.
  12. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    They have no arguments left, so their tactics are just to smear those on the other side as much as possible. Pretty much becoming the case on every issue. Ignore the actual subject, attack the one introducing the arguments as some kind of hypocrite through whatever logical gymnastics that can be latched on.
  13. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    I am not rich at all, I get by with my family, but I have also overcome hard times as well and came from a poor Army family. I will wipe my was with your assumptions about me. Somehow pot, multiculturalism, and "gender bending" have something to do with gun violence. It has nothing to do with the ugly gun culture in this nation, and all the bitter mens rights folks who run people over because people won't sleep with them. Perhaps Jordan Peterson's solution should be tried out: forced monogamy.
  14. TrueScotsman

    At Least 8 Dead Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

    Yes, which is why I and tens of millions of others want to see more regulation of human beings access to firearms. Right wingers always trot out that Rahm quote without fail. It is you who are dancing to a someone's silly tune.
  15. This is the new Libertarian argument. Don't speak up about North Korea unless you are personally on top of solving the international crisis. Don't speak up about the national financial crisis unless you are surrendering every nook and cranny of space and resources to solve it personally. I do volunteer in my community and contribute to charities which deal with these things, but my personal involvement is not going to solve this problem, it is a national issue impacting millions of families. Anarchist Libertarians hate the government, but love Capitalism and would enable these issues to be hugely exacerbated until the entire nation is the Wild, Wild, West. If what you say is true, then in this democracy, no one could speak up about any issue without being a hypocrite. But of course, it isn't true, and you're really just full of shit. Everyone is trying to make this about me, rather than the actual subject of the thread. Not a single figure has been proven wrong, just vague suspicion from Libertarians who fully believe in the free market. Meanwhile these issues rage on and will be fully revealed with the next recession coming up, which will provide the hardship to tip all these at risk families over.