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  1. Blood and Soil are not left wing ideals, leftists tend to be more internationalist and want to transcend national and ethnic distinctions to make a pluralistic society. The Soviet version of classical Communism is dead, most left wing movements are focused either on anti-austerity, interested strongly in international collaboration and immigration, and concerned about humanitarian and environmental interests. Being Left wing for me, means being focused on a more sustainable and healthy population, and not one merely maximized for short term corporate growth. It does not mean perfect equality, but it does mean a society where common concern for the dignity of all people's including one's own entire population is respected. Some aspects of human life, such as education, law enforcement, national defense, healthcare, and many elements of banking are not suited for mechanisms of the market, adopting many left wing ideals I believe is necessary for an advanced urban society, unless it will continue to produce excesses and poverty.
  2. This OP sums up what I would say in response.
  3. I didn't take a field trip, I volunteered in those communities over a stretch of time to help children. Conservatives are presently raping the education funding needed to solve these problems in the name of private education. In Michigan over 200 public schools have closed, mostly in black communities, with only 100 Charter schools opening up, largely not in black communities. This will be happening more and more as the Devos family gets their way, my assertion is not a No True Scotsman, it is a stark acceptance of reality. Human beings are a product of their environment and the historical truth of the matter is that very few black communities have been setup to produce success is future generations, indeed the opposite is the case which is why we see these cyclical issues. Some within the population are endowed with extraordinary abilities compared to the rest of the population distribution, this is the case for all populations, but these exceptions shouldn't be the rule. To frame it as a soft bigotry of low expectations is just a glaring rejection of the reality and power of social issues, I would expect the same to be the case if the tables were turned and people who were white were in the same social and historical circumstances.
  4. No one going to these communities will think that too much money has been invested there, and the Great Society Reforms were short lived with Johnson's focus on the Vietnam war. Since then, there has been a pretty consistent implementation of neoliberal policies and therefore austerity, which have ravaged these poorer areas. Why not spend more effort learning about the history of African Americans since the end of slavery? Why not go to these communities and help out and see for yourself what the conditions and circumstances are like?
  6. Have you ever been to a large impoverished black community like Compton? What do you know of the history of the creation of these large communities? It is those who believe in the free market who think people without skills, hope, and a culture engaged in such enterprises that there would be no problems of only they could overcome their mentalities. Have you been to massively underfunded schools in black communities? Or seen how many hundreds of them are closing in places like Michigan? Your posts continually assume that the impact and realities of racism are a thing of the past, and that all that remains is some cultural victim mindset. This to me indicates you haven't seen it for yourself.
  7. TrueScotsman

    What is Multiculturalism Really About?

    Evangelists in the ongoing culture war.
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    Pony Play...

    I think everyone is weird, including myself
  9. TrueScotsman

    Non-religious minority

    The non-religious are an assortment of many different belief systems and political considerations, a group like the NRA is going to a lot more heterogeneous in their interest, as will the major religious minorities, and even the ethnicities like the Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, share a common cultural history. The non-religious are an assortment of marooned people who washed up on various shores over the course of modernity and the decline of organized religion. Out of all of those groups their interests, culture, history and beliefs are different from each other to a degree not shared by the others proportionally. I think this community could serve as a unifying point on certain issues, such as the continued separation of church and state, something which I think we could all agree upon across political lines and unite under the banner of not being religious. I just don't see it being a major factor in the majority of political issues, and therefore not a significant marker of demographic interest.
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    Pony Play...

    People are fucking weird. Who would have thought that evolution would one day lead to an advanced primate who dressed up in ponies because of their fetish for domination and submission.
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    What is Multiculturalism Really About?

    Human beings in general have temperamental differences which incline them towards Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, etc. thinking. It would be nice if all ethnicities felt totally comfortable expressing a political view which was in alignment with their temperament, but there have been policies supported by Republicans for decades which have been directly harmful to these communities. Just listen to what she was advocating for, Democrats are the ones who actually have been pushing for prison reform and investment in education, but she believes the Left is run by some international cabal of conspirators, like George Soros (the Jewish Hungarian billionaire investor). She was seems like she was analytical and conscientious for all her life, which is a personality type very much so inclined to Libertarianism, which she kept referring to as Classical Liberalism. Propaganda like this piece are essentially evangelical pieces trying to recruit African Americans to take the "red pill," and convince them that Democratic social policies are keeping them down. Framing it as her coming from the Left to Right was not at all accurate, she said she thinks she really was Conservative her whole life, but was just not interested in politics. Its more so they wanted to frame it that all black people are assumed to be Leftist, not all true, there have been Conservative voices on the right who are black for a long time, a notable case is Thomas Dowell who is one of the more sophisticated Conservative thinkers around. She comes off as brainwashed into believing all kinds of crazy propaganda spread by places like Brietbart, and thinks that all the racists on the Right are just Democrat trolls paid by Hillary to slander the Right. Leftists don't have a bigotry of low expectations, we acknowledge the systemic nature of many social problems and the supreme difficulty of communities and cultures to overcome these problems due to the cyclical pressures they place on communities. We also acknowledge the accurate historical circumstances for these communities, which is a major factor in how they were shaped up to the present which is largely ignored by the Right. To say these things represent bigotry is simply ignorance. I tend to find that those on the Right do not investigate the claims of more serious thinkers on the Left, those they do admire like Pinker and Harris are actually more Libertarian and Neoconservative and not even on the Left. It seems obvious to me that this woman hasn't, she skipped political philosophy to go right into the partisan conspiracy theories which is dangerous IMO. I read pretty much equally from Conservative political philosophers and leftists before I came to my conclusions, which is still an ongoing tension. Every person should so this, so they don't become overcome by their biases and temperamental nature. The problem is, the Right has gone too far with Trump and any compromising is nearly impossible now.
  12. TrueScotsman

    What is Multiculturalism Really About?

    I watched the whole thing... It was painful, but it is clear as she states herself that she was never really on the Left, and always Conservative in temperament. She also believes a lot of the same exact conspiracy theories as you will find on Brietbart, I think she might have overdosed on that Red Pill.
  13. You read through the article, and you don't think a law which only impacts the voting turnouts of minorities has nothing wrong with it? This is why I told you, you haven't been paying attention to the GOP strategy. Lee Atwater was the RNC Chairman. "Hispanics are affected the most: Turnout is 7.1 percentage points lower in general elections and 5.3 points lower in primaries in strict ID states than it is in other states. Strict ID laws mean lower African American, Asian American and multiracial American turnout as well. White turnout is largely unaffected." If you're unable to notice the purpose of these abstract policies, then you won't be able to follow the conversation.
  14. Conservatives don't believe in social sciences, they just trust their gut.
  15. It apparently died in the Conservative camp, and now the Liberals are the true racists, they're the slave owning Democrats aren't they? Only racists you see on the Right are just paid activists by George Soros to try and slander the right.
  16. Just stating a general sentiment to what I am hearing in this thread.
  17. I'm not a violent thug, this fallacy that the left only thinks white people are capable of racism needs to die. I know plenty or Muslims, Indians, Blacks, Jews, etc. who are incredibly racist. This guy I know who is a member of the Black Nation of Israel is one of the most racist people I have ever met.
  18. Germany has had Free Housing for all its citizens who fall upon hard times and it didn't keep them under. And these policies impact all manner of social groups in advanced countries, but somehow with African Americans it is a unique scheme to keep them oppressed and impoverished voters. If only Democrats would enable them to truly feel the pressure of their poverty and overcome it. No one is living pretty off of welfare, and the conspiracy that these programs of the "truly racist left" designed to harm them is truly nefarious. As what you're arguing for would actually be incredibly harmful to these communities.
  19. You haven't been paying attention to the GOP strategy for long. You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger”—that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.” Lee Atwater Here is a link demonstrating how these laws adversely impact African American voter turn out.
  20. TrueScotsman

    Stupid is, as stupid does...

    Hmm, I wonder in 5 to 10 years will think. Outside of the midst of immediate partisanship, I think History will be extremely cruel to the president and jabs like this will be a drop in the bucket.
  21. TrueScotsman

    What is Multiculturalism Really About?

    Being branded the Party of Trump can't be any worse than the Party of the Evangelicals, which it largely still is.
  22. TrueScotsman

    Stupid is, as stupid does...

    It is awful to wish for a recession, and even worse to cause one. Even Morgan Stanley, who was caught with their pants down last time, has said that the inflated Capitalization of the Stock Market afforded by the interest rate and QE will suffer a severe correction, which will likely put a strain on these bubbles and ultimately yield a recession. Bill's comments were in poor taste, but he is likely sadly right that his approval ratings would go down the tank and he would certainly be voted out come next election. If you go down memory lane, you will see the same happened to the Republicans in the last recession, which resulted in Barack Obama.
  23. TrueScotsman

    What is Multiculturalism Really About?

    Those outside of the Left seem to think any influence of left wing thinking is a result of some cabal of conspirators threatening to overturn civilization for their purposes, which include their alleged hatred for the white race. Multiculturalism was originally a movement in education, an acknowledgement that only western history and culture was being taught in much of the historical curriculum that populated texts books around the West. Understanding the development of all human civilizations and cultures is essentially to understanding who and what we are, and how do we move forward understanding this element to human civilization. Whatever relativising elements to Multiculturalism is or is ascribed to, I don't agree with, I assert that we should all acknowledge that our cultural myths are not ultimate foundational bases for human living, they were essentially an environmental adaptation for human beings on a large scale to survive in an unknown and sometimes terrifying environment. One wonders about how horrifying the impact of storms could be in South America to inspire the insanity of killing hundreds of children to try and stop the rains. We should at the same time take culture seriously, because it gave people a framework to sustain civilization into the future, so our job isn't to reject all narratives, but to build a better one, based upon evidence, based upon a fuller picture, and one that understands a foundational approach is not viable anymore rationally. Varying forms of Pragmatism is all that remain to human beings who were burst into this void with no rule book or guide, or end, just fated to live a life among others in the time that we exist, with the genes and environment we have. If this is indeed the only life we live, and very likely the only planet we have, then we human beings should be working on getting our act together to bridge these divides and create a broader conversation which can lead to the toppling of cultural prejudices.
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    Gab responds to UK censorship...

    I cited that the source of the material was not trustworthy, usually a valuable insight into considering if its contents should be taken seriously as it concerns internet sites. I specifically stated what happened in the case concerning the OP, and then cited that there was nothing to indicate this exchange was legitimate. You are taking a leap of faith in considering it to be legitimate, you may have the last word.