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  1. After my mind broke free from the spell of Christianity I was able to look at everything in a new and more truthful light. I saw plainly the sado-masochism throughout the Bible. I found that S&M is central to the whole thing, the very foundation. The bible delights in its sacrifices and bloodiness. It makes leaps from hyper-sexual, in Song of Solomon, to hyper-violent: the Crucifixion. The Crucifixion solved no problem that the world was facing, it was simply a blood fest. That's the scariest aspect of the Bible for me. The combination of sex and violence which is what you'd expect
  2. I will never be able to come out because I will never be financially independent from my a-parents. I also would be at risk of violence since neither parent is mentally healthy
  3. The little girl just stood there with a flag. She wasn't being threatened. In fact she was given a lot of high fives and support. I am glad she ignored the street preacher. But the ones who have really taken a stand, are here (us, the ex-C-er's), who have been indoctrinated, and who have paid the price socially, emotionally and psychologically, for taking a stand against Christianity. It is very easy to take a stand for those who have never been indoctrinated and who have the support of others, and who are not facing any serious risks of harm for doing so. I've taken the risk of disagree
  4. Last time I had a major episode, people looking at me from the outside thought I was just 'on fire for God.' They thought it was god's spirit at work in my life, and a wonderful thing, and a prodigal son going home to the father. It was a f**%ing psychiatric episode, I was psychotic, there was nothing healthy or holy about it. I was even "preaching" to my friends in this deranged state. Thankfully they didn't take any of my advice, good thing I wasn't teaching a sunday school which is what the church would have wanted. I've had the bible hammered into my brain from the time I was 2 so of
  5. The faith healing nonsense isn't confined to the Christian circle. I was desperately ill a couple years ago and went to see a specialist at the hospital. On the way out I stopped to check in with the nurse. She told me, "believe you will get better and you will." She insisted that I should say the words "I will be healed before I come back next time" to her. She became angry when I refused to do so. I explained that I do not know whether I will be healed or not and saying magical words has no power to actually heal. She proceeded to blame me for being sick because of "my negative attitu
  6. Exactly how I feel. Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Peter Kurten, Jehovah/Jesus. All cut from the same cloth. The first time I started reading the bible for myself I had anxiety attacks. I never read anything like it. It doesn't just record violence the way a history book does. It revels in the blood. It made me feel a sense of doom and dread for myself and all others on this planet that has never gone away since. The bible literally makes me sick.
  7. Wonderful article. I absolutely agree. I grew up inside fundamentalism. I know what it does to the mind. To be honest, it's horrifying. I developed fantasies of stabbing people. Why? Because simply, there was no outlet for anger. I was not allowed to be angry or to disagree with people or to get my space from people that were pushing me too hard. I was not allowed to be a human being with emotions. For two years I wore a creepy smile almost all the time. You would never have known what was going on inside. And so I am not going to point my finger at Josh or any other criminal becau
  8. "It's all about yooouuu Jesus".....methinks the lady doth protest too much. Standing there at song time (I always opted out of actually singing, to the dismay of my a-parents) I realized something. It wasn't about Jesus. It was a vocal gymnastics competition occurring all down the pew. Each man and woman, especially the women, trying to outdo their neighbor. Good grief. & It wasn't even a good song.
  9. I have always been an incredibly spiritual person, and I'd argue, more spiritual than any of the fervently religious people I've ever known. Religion and spirituality are not the same thing at all. Religion is about worship of a particular leader (Jesus, in our case) and obedience to the commands of the leader. Religion is political, not spiritual (no wonder so many Christians are obsessed with politics). We were part of the kingdom of Christ. It was a monarchy. It never really had anything to do with morality. It was just, obey the master, and hope for rewards. Spirituality is heart-
  10. Reality is I cleaned the shower today and I'll have to clean it again like clockwork for the rest of my life, or it will mildew. And clean the crumbs out of the toaster! Reality is having to check every night that the garage doors down and the fence is locked. Reality is experiencing the deaths of many family, friends, pets and acquaintances. Reality is that sometimes my best is good enough and sometimes it's not. Some people love me for reasons I cannot explain, and some people hate me viciously even though I've hardly even crossed paths with them and don't know the reason for their hatre
  11. I'm God and I'm a maniac and I want to play a game. Here are the rules. Everyone is automatically entered. I lock you all in a huge building and tell you that I will ignite the building at any minute. It could be seconds from now, or it could be decades from now. I like to keep you guessing. But I promise you, I will ignite this building and without warning. But if you will sacrifice your most innocent and perfect individual to me, I will offer the rest of you an escape. The way out is: take a left, then a right, another right, straight down the corridor, third door to the left, left
  12. I'm horrified about "coming out." I hate being fake and sooner or later I'm going to be found out as a nonbeliever. Likely to end up without a home if that happens and I already struggle with feeding and clothing myself. My biggest fear is violence. A-parents are not emotionally stable and are very aggressive for Christ. They also would force me into Christian counseling at their church. I've been wanting to ask them to stop praying for me and stop speaking to me of Christ, but that would put me at risk of being found out.
  13. Yes my adoptive family, and it's bad. It's especially my a-parents. It is so bad that I feel dirty to listen to it and have to excuse myself. It is literally every Sunday, they come home from church, and at lunch time they start ripping the other church people to shreds. These are the church people they've just spent an hour or two with and convinced that they love them. When they come home the mask comes off. If only I could video record their hate-and-bullying sessions and show it to the victims, but I can't, because it would be too upsetting. What happens is my a-parents will sit dow
  14. I was an attender at church for a long 15 or so years. My Saved! peers knew me well, and loathed me. I couldn't do anything right in their eyes. I was not smart or pretty and didn't know how to socialize. Those were my greatest sins. I didn't have nice clothes or shoes, in fact I was usually dressed in the same ratty old dress every week, with big glasses. Walking into sunday school with all those haughty eyes upon me, and all those empty seats which suddenly weren't available, I might as well have been sent to hell every Sunday. But they loooooved me. They ridiculed my looks, excluded
  15. An eternity of blissful paradise, health, happiness, and freedom neverending..... at the cost of having a man painfully slaughtered for you, torn into shreds alive for you.... Is Not Worth It!! To live in a golden heavenly palace..... whilst the dog you loved and cherished for 15 years rots away in the ground..... Is Not Worth It!! To skip through fields of gold, singing "I'm not perfect just forgiven fa la la la la la la la laaa"..... Whilst a Buddhist monk, who denied himself the pleasures of flesh, who strived with every fibre of his being to be perfect while he was alive, bre
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