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  1. Like many people above, I definitely became more socially liberal through the process of deconversion.
  2. Welcome to the club! Glad to hear of another person "saved" from the clutches of religion and superstition! I was raised in a very similar environment to yours, homeschooled, sheltered, very little exposure to "the world," etc. It took joining the military and being away from my family and Xtian community to start thinking for myself and questioning and doubting and ultimately not believing. As you said, you really feel a sense of purpose and meaning and freedom once you realize there is no sky daddy with a preprogrammed "plan for your life." You can embrace your humanity and other people and
  3. I played all the instruments and did vocals. I recorded it over a 4 day span at a local studio, using a vintage 70's mixing board and running it into Pro Tools. Thanks for listening and for the positive feedback!
  4. You can stream/download/buy my album here: www.leperton.bandcamp.com It's sort of a mix of heavy and soft, from black metal to post-rock. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  5. My brother and some friends know. I haven't talked to my parents about it but I rarely see them since we live on opposite sides of the country. We'll see if it pops up in conversation when I go home for the holidays...
  6. Hi Dan! Welcome! I agree this is a great place to share and learn more about the truth of reality and the falsehood of religion. Christianity wasted almost 20 years of my life! Thankfully I'm young (21) and have figured out pretty quickly how faith is detrimental to one's reasoning.
  7. ^ Yeah, what he said. Even if you're "right" with the Christian God, now you gotta fear all the other religions' Gods and their hells for not worshipping them! Better start reading up on every single religion invented! Or you could just forget them all and live your life without giving heed to the threat of hell fire and eternal damnation. That's the best way! :-)
  8. I just started a vegan diet last week! Trying to see how this works out for me.
  9. Just continue to educate yourself and the guilt complexes and fear will go away. It took me a few years for a full deconversion from radical Xtian to atheist. It doesn't happen overnight. Your mind has to adapt to these new ideas and develop new thinking patterns. Allow the pursuit of truth to overcome fear!
  10. I'm sure Xtians would find some way to justify it (which is quite frightening imo). I remember as a kid asking my mom why God commanded the Israelites to kill even the infant children of their enemies and my mom said "so that they wouldn't become bitter and hateful and try to get revenge when they're older." Makes a lot of sense now! I always find it funny now when people use the argument of morality to prove the existence of God. Stuff like "where does morality come from if there is no God? Everyone would have their own version of right and wrong." Well, hello buddy, in case you haven't noti
  11. I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and I was discussing my change to a vegan diet and the fitness regime I have recently begun. She supported my choice of eating a healthy diet but said something along the lines of "I just don't want you to think it is wrong to eat animals. God created us above them and supports our consumption of their meat." Yeah, 'cause God has the highest standards of morality, huh? Since deconverting I have been rethinking many of the beliefs I previously accepted simply due to their widespread popularity. I'm sure that's why slavery and so many other ho
  12. I hate that shit! My mom believes hell is literally inside the earth, below its crust. Even when I was a Xtian I couldn't believe that nonsense. And my mom is one of the smartest people I know so I don't know how she hasn't realized the fallacy of religion and become an atheist. Religion still relies primarily on fear and superstition to prod the sheep in the direction it wants.
  13. So how about this freedom in our theocracy, ahem, democracy we have here in 'Murica, boys?
  14. - I was raised in a non-denominational church although it would be something like Pentecostal. My dad was a pastor pretty much my whole childhood until the age of 16. - I was brainwashed into it from infancy. All my parents' friends were Christians from church so all my friends were their kids from church. Everything Christian. It took joining the Marines at the age of 17 and leaving home to adapt a neutral viewpoint from which I could rationally dissect my ingrained beliefs. - I don't know if I was "Christlike" or not. I was raised with the Bible as the ultimate moral foundation. - I ha
  15. These three, along with many others, were big reasons for my deconversion. If you choose to view life in this way, god always wins. He gets credited with every good thing and gets away with every bad thing. I realized that maybe god doesn't even exist and has nothing to do with external circumstances.
  16. I've been including some "fucks" and "shits" and "ass" to my vocabulary. Haven't gotten around to the big GD but I'm not too crazy about how the word "damn" sounds anyway so we'll see if I ever decide to throw down some "goddamns." I do like the words "douche" and "dick" especially when applied to Ye Ol' Yahweh.
  17. That's one of the things about the Xtian God that led me to eventually become an atheist. I always wondered why he acted out the worst of human attributes. Jealousy, anger, murder, genocide, rape (did he ever ask Mary for permission?), pride, arrogance, greed, etc. I always thought a "perfect god" would be extremely humble and good and have qualities far above our own. He wouldn't be so vain as to demand our worship and adoration under threat of eternal suffering and torment...It is now far too obvious he was a manmade construction to give power and control to the men who created him.
  18. My mom told me that all the success in my life recently is a blessing from Satan as a reword for leaving God. LOL! That's too funny! LOL
  19. Don't expect an overnight deconversion where you suddenly know all the answers and discover "the truth." I was indoctrinated in a very devout, evangelical, missionary home and remained a "true believer" for the first 18 years of my life. It has taken me about 3 years to get from radical Xtian to rational atheist. Trust me, I know that the doubts that create cracks in the walls of your faith are scary and the looming possibility that everything you put your faith in false is terrifying. In the early stages I went through a period of about a year of depression and even suicidal thoughts. Then I
  20. Wow, Pantophobia, that was a great post! It is truly frightening how religion can take a perfectly intelligent, rational person and make them LITERALLY crawl on their knees in fear and humiliation. I always questioned the notion of an unpardonable sin, especially one so trivial as "blasphemy" against the Holy Spirit. What about God and Jesus? Are they fine with forgiving you for blaspheming their names? I thought the Trinity was one being...It never made sense to me. Thankfully most of us are recovering from all the fear and superstition and growing into more confident, reasonable human being
  21. Wow, that is some amazing work! I'm not going to pretend to be knowledgeable in the photography world because I am not, but I really like those pictures.
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