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    I'm a born USA citizen of Filipino descent. I'm a Japanophile, a slob, a jerk, aspiring hobbyist, comedy fan and college student. As of December 2012, I have begun going away from religion due to many believers' inability to tolerate all of my interests, my viewpoints on politics, marriage, media choices and general living. I feel that I have been changed too much by religion and want out immediately before I could get hurt or hurt more people.

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  1. "Why is hate a national past-time?" -Bill Maher, in light of racist twitterites insulting Nina Davuluri.

  2. Morning!! Though I wanna sleep more a do a lazy sunday routine. Sleep till 3, get food, watch the Cornetto Trilogy in a marathon

  3. I am a frequent regular of Right Wing Watch's facebook page and yeah, I call batshit crazy Religious right people who are reported in the page's updates "retards" along with insulting their plans. From Pat Robertson, Sandy Rios, David Barton, Linda Harvey, Gordon Klingenschmitt and more, Right Wing Watch displays many, many insane things they say. Today, one of my FB friends called me out being a regular in that page and we had an hour-long talk on why "hating those 'Christians' is a sin." Said friend told me that hate is like murder. Said friend vented out that I'm a hypocrite for hating
  4. James Spader of Boston Legal is now Ultron for Avengers 2. Yes or no??

  5. Ben Affleck is NOT BATMAN, according to Batman fans right now... Argo fuck this day I guess.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. florduh


      I think that genre is best portrayed on screen as cartoonish tongue-in-cheek and campy. Only the current crop of nerds takes cartoon characters this seriously.

    3. SilentLoner


      I saw that on the news and almost spit out my soda.

    4. mymistake


      Holy George Clooney, Batman!

  6. I like the new stuff Blizzard announced for Diablo III's expansion. Also can't wait for artworks of the evil angel Malathiel

  7. I like my new classes this fall semester! Now to get used to get up around the times I'm supposed to get up

  8. Japanese rock and visual-kei bands. Bands like Naitomea/Nightmare and The Gazette speeded things along.
  9. The Treaty of Tripoli should be a starting subject in elementary schools as well as naturalization exams for legal USA immigration. It's annoying xtians think the USA was founded on their deity's message.

    1. mymistake


      If only the Holy Spirit opened your eyes to spiritual truth you would realize the Treaty of Tripoli actually says . . .



  10. Whenever religionists say worldliness is an enemy, I quip that they are playing too much DmC: Devil May Cry. Context: the colorful demon world wants to kill the main character

  11. Went around Russia Today (News site), read of the antigay law articles and the comments there remind me of Fox News on LGBTQ matters: antagonizing gay people as if they are abominations and how "hatred of homosexuals" is a made up rhetoric...

  12. Gordon Klingenschmitt today wrongly used MLK Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech with the usual "your heart has sin" rhetoric to discriminate LGBTQ's. All because of a proposed anti-discrimination bill that would "ban Christians for serving in public offices or city systems." Klingenschmitt, you're doing it wrong.
  13. I'm now planning to watch George Carlin's live stand-ups. Which are his popular ones??

  14. Pat Robertson said recently that gamers are conducting "virtual sin" whenever characters we play kill something... Get off youtube/gamer's places, senile Christianist.
  15. I am a gamer, not a "virtual sinner."

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