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  1. Hi orbit, I agree with those advising you to be without an 'ist' for now It's a gradual, and above all personal journey. Thankyou for sharing x
  2. I agree, it helped me to see the process from the outside and reassured me it was no spur of the moment decision. thanks all x
  3. Bill I know the answer would be 'personal experience' :/
  4. Thanks She actually asked a lot of questions but the cohesive truth was more relevant than bitty specific answers! It was cathartic writing it and I wanted to share it here Hopefully someone finds it helpful/reassuring that they are not alone in having their faith dissolved under the glare of simple questions
  5. Hi guys, about a year ago you were very supportive as i took my first steps out of religion. well, i finally had the talk with a good friend (she lives in malaysia and i'm in the uk! she was sheltered from my deconversion til now!) Anyhoo, she emailed and asked the big question, What happened? so i took a week and sent her this... Hello lovely, I feel like I might be ready to address some of the questions Firstly, it was a surprise to me to hear that I had been avoiding using the name Jesus, or God generally, but on reflection, yes, i have. perhaps because I'm working through some e
  6. But then the word 'programming' implies an external force too, compared to 'converted' which implies a choice.
  7. Ok, since I was on a roll this is what I posted in my Christian mums forum, i felt that I should let them know what's going on since they have been friends for many years. Also, uou never know who else is thinking these thoughts and may need to know they're not alone and not going to hell! It is with a heavy heart that I think I need to say goodbye to cms. I am deconverting from Christianity after searching for answers to difficult questions and finding the answers are unsatisfactory.I no longer am convinced that Jesus was the son of God, although I am happy to accept his life and impact o
  8. thanks for the links D'less, big news for me today. I am just back from having a shopping trip with my mum, and we went for tea and cake at the lovely upmarket new artisan coffee shop run by my old church. Mum says to me "so do you still go here?" at which point I tell her that my OH and I are what you might call 'de-converting'..... she looked at me over her glasses for a moment and then told me how relieved she was and how my dad had been convinced when I made that choice at 19 that my OH had been brainwashed as a child and they had decided they had to accept my choice or they would l
  9. Been reading, trying not to be closed minded and resentful, a couple of books on Jesus from a human standpoint (ie he was human and did not resurrect) Rabbi Jesus by Bruce Chilton and the human beibg by Walter wink. The first proved to be full of fictionalised narrative filling in the gaps left by the Bible; not satisfying to a searcher! The second was more academic in style with citations and references to other writers of the age and pointing out gaps in the texts without needing to fabricate any filler. Still left me feeling. ..well, meh. If there was an historical charismatic
  10. Is it possible to view this from the other end, ie that Love is your god? In that it can be your motivating force, the origin of all your intentions, your lens through which to view the world and it's occupants, both human and otherwise. Or am I just an old hippie?
  11. Hmm i see your point. That is worth thinking on, thankyou. I don't want to lie to them, the same goes for allowing lies in as well.
  12. Good point mongo, this is exactly how my own parents (atheist father and De converted Catholic mother) dealt with my spiritual journey. They are wonderful! In fact I have not mentioned my current situation to my iwn children at all yet! My OH is quite happy that we not raise the subject and wait for them to come to us with questions which we will answer, just as we did with sex education. And I think the same goes for friends too.
  13. I wonder if i would regret it but the outcome of keeping them for a future makes me feel nasty right now! I'm burning them. Thanks RW xxx
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