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  1. I can't shake the feeling that maybe the "prophet" that predicted Economic Crisis was right... I mean, just look at the Markets around the world, since the 18th, the day when this "prophet" claimed economic downturn would begin, stocks around the world have suffered the worst losses since the Great Depression. The Dow Jones plunged over 1000 points within 5 minutes this morning... I know I'm not making sense, but I'm just worried.
  2. Yesterday, this charlatan posted a youtube video with "proof" that the collapse has begun: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/sp-500-heads-for-first-revenue-recession-since-the-great-recession-2015-08-18 Wow... These guys will latch onto anything in order to support their claims.
  3. As many of you know, my father is a fundamentalist Christian, and he is claiming based on a youtube video from a "prophet" that on August 18, 2015 something horrible is going to happen to the United States economically. He also pinpoints September 23, 2015; September 13, 2015; I don't know how to react. Please help me! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV_Gw4rk0TM Skip to 6:44 for the alleged dream. My father has also been spouting stuff about Jade Helm ending in September, the Pope visiting the United States, etc. I'm scared and terrified. My father also claims th
  4. This is going to be a bit of a rant, so just bare with me... The likes of Richard Dawkins, the Amazing Atheist, and the whole 'New Atheism' movement have poisoned the "Atheist" label. When I became an atheist, I hated all religion, I was ardently anti-Theist, going so far as burning all of my religious books and accessories. /r/Atheism was both the catalyst for my de-conversion and the catalyst behind my anti-theism. So far as being representatitves of Atheism, /r/atheism has done a crappy-ass job, and has only poisoned and polarized the overall "Atheist" movement. If I were t
  5. I can firmly announce with utmost certainty that I have returned to a naturalistic/rationalistic/humanistic world-view. I have been exploring my sexuality over the past few days and have come to the conclusion that I need to be happy, and that I DO NOT NEED for a Creator God or Higher Power to make me feel like a freak or sub-human species based on my sexuality.
  6. I'd think that Proverbs would be pretty inspiring...
  7. I've decided to compile my own version of the Bible composed of 33 book taken from the Old and New Testaments. This is a list of the books picked: http://imgur.com/N7dovcC As you can see, I've excised the 5 books of Moses, the Historical Books, and most of the Major and Minor Prophets; I have retained the Wisdom Books and the entirety of the New Testament. Enjoy.
  8. I just learned that my former pastor is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Sovereign Grace Ministries. He was one of the leaders who pushed for CJ Mahaney's resignation from Sovereign Grace Ministries.
  9. It seems as though I am looking at it through the nostalgia-goggles: I first became a Christian within the Calvinist Tradition (incidentally enough within Sovereign Grace Ministries) and have nothing but fond memories toward absolutely everything from that period, be it the Church, the people, the music, and the doctrine (I like me some OSAS).
  10. My dad has been listening to Perry Stone recently. Now for those who don't know, Perry Stone is a teacher of "prophecy," specializing in the Old and New Testament and how it applies to future events. This should give you a good understanding of what this man preaches: http://www.voe.org/prophecy-update/america-the-scary Among the benign talk of prophecies among the Old and New Testaments is talk of the "RFID implants," "Obama-care," and "America's Judgement." He claims to have inside knowledge as to what is coming to America, claiming among other things that he has been informed of an RFID
  11. I've been doing some introspection over the last 24 hours; having come to the conclusion that had I remained in the Calvinist, Reformed Church of my upbringing, I would likely still be a Christian. I've found that the Reformed Tradition tends to be considerably less crazy and Fundamentalist, and overall less apocalyptic than the Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical branch. I don't know... If anything, consider this me thinking out loud and considering what might have been... What do you guys think? Should I give it another shot?
  12. Mom just dropped a bombshell on me: she cares more about "Jesus and His Second Coming" than she cares for me and her husband. BTW, I just looked up the characteristics of Brainwashing, this sure seems familiar... 1. new identification, I am a "son/daughter of the King" 2. behavior modification Serve God above all else 3. mystical manipulation You must believe in God and His Word 4. mind-altering techniques The End is nigh!!! You must repent and get right with God!!! 5. confession eliciting Confess your sins to God so that you may receive
  13. To be quite honest, it was much better when my mom and I first became Christians (Calvinist). There certainly wasn't nearly as much crazy. The Calvinists appear to be in many respects, rather down to Earth, very much unlike Fundamentalists such as the Pentecostals.
  14. Granted, it was completely consensual. I was born out of wedlock and never really had a father growing up, so I was more than happy to allow him into my life at the age of 13. My biological father is/was a complete psycho and a lunatic, we actually had to leave the country at one point until he thought we disappeared. This was around the age of 6-7. I haven't seen my biological father since then. (in my opinion, my "dad" is a lot better than my biological father, although that's no saying much). I mean, I know he means well and that he loves me, hence his attempts to "show me the truth
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