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    I left Christianity afew months ago officially. I am not starting to feel the Void, I left not because I didn't believe - I did believe but some of the stuff I read lead me to really become upset with God.

    When I asked for help he was not there!

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  1. Hey Folks, I watched the Movie Exodus - Gods and Kings and although It was well done for the most part I got the indication that the producers were Atheist. Did anyone else feel this vibe? The Plauges for example played out as Water into blood Frogs Lice Wild animals, possibly flies Diseased livestock Boils Thunderstorm of hail and fire Locusts Darkness Death of firstborn son Can be explained when watching the film as natural occurrences due to a chain reaction. Water into blood -> Caused by dirt in the Nile which caused Frogs -> To leave the river and other animals in
  2. Well to be honest should weather or not I'm a Christian really make you more hostile lol.
  3. Hey Folks, (MonkeyManHere) I have been reading Stephen Hawkings a Brief History of Time and it occurred to me that if Light that we are looking at the solar system is rather old and were talking in some cases several millions of years old. Does it not hold true that if we stood far enough out on the Universe that we could in theory see earth while it was forming, And as such go back as far as even seeing Jesus on the earth and his miracles. Now obviously this is hypothetical but bare with me If Light travels at 186,000 miles per second and if 2015 years ago is 63,545,040
  4. Hey, This is an intresting topic - I will share my thoughts. From my Understanding I have no idea what the Holy Spirit is - I have been told its a Person / God and an Invisible force. What its supposed to do is to drive Christians to become more Holy and God Like however we all know that Christians are far from that. I found that when I read the Bible it left me at odds with the 'Majority' Christian approach, I seen verses where I was told to help those unfortunate and befrend the outcast of society - This ultimately got me shunned by the Christian's I knew because I was deali
  5. Hey Folks, I am pondering two interesting questions: In the Garden of Gethsemane why did Jesus ask God to 'Take This Cup'. For someone who is supposed to be 'God' (As Christians Claim) then would he not be opting to not die on the cross. The next part is the fact that if Jesus was God then he would clearly know what paradise is and would more than likely know that Pain on earth is nothing in comparison to Heaven and that its only Temporal. Given that Jesus said this would it not be true that Jesus was actually appealing for God to send us all to 'Hell' so he could walk away - Jesus if
  6. Hi Folks, After reading on other forums and places I am wondering if people would be intrested in topical discussion. I know generally we here just talk about literally. I am wondering if one person from the community would like to take it month in turn to raise a topic and a passage of Contridicary Scripture. People during the week can post directly to the topic host of the incomming week if they would like an issue or topic raised. I think it would add a level of Community and regularity to these forums and it would give me something to do as well as in Reading Scripture and l
  7. Hey, People always rant that that Jesus 'Saved' Them. So by direct implication those of us here are the ones that Jesus 'Un-Saved'?? As based on their premise if Jesus 'Saved' them then it follows that Jesus can 'Unsave' a Person also. So is it possible that Jesus is the one who made us Ex-Christians as opposed to ourselves?
  8. Hey miekko, I understand what you are saying and I spent today cleaning up the list and I will upload it soon, Its a bit more concise and structured better. The Vulgar language is removed as are my opinions. The fact the Bible uses the concept of Barren then said that God opened their Womb is a very bad contradiction and one that I struggled with, It makes literally no sense. I thought like you it was because the woman was not getting sex but seriously how can you then deduce that God made her non-barren? My problem with them naming places is the pure fact that most of these p
  9. Thank you for your kind comments. I am simply detailing my walk into Athiesm. I am not here to remake the SAB I am just here to help other de-converting christians see the bible from a more literal view point than the 'Brainwashed' one. I am a member of the Athiest Forums too and its funny over there they have their own in-house christian. Hes busy trying to refute all 148 issues Intrestingly as many of said he is trying to make poo from a bucket full of shit lol. Also his opinions and views are 'His' opinions and views so there is actully no scripture to back it up! I cant wait
  10. Most say to read the bible and ul stop believing that is so true. God so far sounds like a Dick and it seams es rewarding the bad guys
  11. Lol heaven basically like Church for eternity except u have nothing to think about except the pastor. Also think about what omedy is. Its pointing at problems and other peoples misfortunes. Imagine literally no evil etc it would be horrible
  12. Hi Folks, Took me a few days to do this. Please feel free to add your own conclusions. I myself will probably re-write it at some point but here's the problems / issues and down right weird things that happened in Genesis. Its 11 pages long but I hope it helps a young de-converter follow my path of De-Conversion. Its how to look at the bible while completely forgetting about the newer books until you get to them. This means that I am writing as it is not as people generations from then said how it is. Enjoy, The next book is Exodus. The Bible Exposed.pdf
  13. Hi Folks, I've decided to become an Athiest the fast way and go through Genesis. I have a word Document open and I am at Genesis 35. I have alot of questions 9 pages or 4,000 words lol. Not that I want my questions answered but to see how absurd some of things that are happening are. Two glaring points that I think folks will find intresting. Abraham gave Jacob, Issacs birth right because Abraham was dying Abraham was around 80 years old about this time and had supposidly a short period of time to live. We then read that Jacob does a runner for 20 years then returns to Esau. Then
  14. Hey Thinker, I am just so confused - I feel so guilty by that Sin and its lets face it something that cannot be proven or Dis-proven so after praying when I was a Christian and getting ZERO help from God I decided well if he is real then he is a dick for letting me suffer. At that point I'm now on a Cruisade to undo the damage he has done in my life. He put me into a depression / made me worry and gave me no peace. Sure we can say it was demons and shit but lets face it - A God who is so powerful should have helped me before it was too late. If a God does exist he knows where I a
  15. Hi Folks, When I became a Christian 5 years ago I always had a belief in God. That is because I was taken to Church every week by my Grand Parents so I went to Sunday School but I never really 'Got' It and what it was all about but I did enjoy hanging out with people. When I became a Christian 5 years ago I experienced the High - I felt on fire for God and wanted to learn more of his ways. I even went on a Missionary Trip to Romania to teach others about God. Then 2013 Happened. I heard people speculate on St Malachy's Prophesy that the next Pope when revealed would signal th
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