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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
  1. Oh yeah we know what your talking about, your begining to question things and think for yourself. This means a slow death of your current faith, im only outside shy of 9 months and its hell right now. Depending how dependent you were on god the harder and more painful it will be to leave. In the words of trinity (the matrix cant tell you who you are)
  2. I'm keen on knowing what death is before I die, because without that nugget how do I expect to accept something about something I dont know anything about.
  3. I also feel I was born in the wrong time.
  4. Did your father leave your mother or use her, is that why you want all men to commit. Using the bible doctrines to make other men commit wont take your pain away, it wont change how your father is or what he did. You have to accept that people are deeply faulty at times and that you are powerless to change whats been done, then you can start to forgive.
  5. Thanks rav I was waiting for someone to say that, but then all those other holy books are created by demons, so the maze resets and end3 is back to where we began.
  6. Yeah thats some bad trip, a trip I still think i am on at times.
  7. Death cant be death because when your dead you wont know what death is, so any atempt to explan what it is is here is pure observation and you cant use observation to understand death because all observations are based on being alive before death.
  8. This high ideal many people call love is as subjective as faith, in fact that is what faith is.
  9. but doesn't it means that the mass of the earth is greater than the mass of the sun at that time only in order for the sun to orbit around the earth Yeah there are some problems with my explanation, like could the sun remain stable while it moved around the solar system in 24 hours. Yes and your point about mass and gravity and wouldnt the outer planets get cooked once the sun reached them.
  10. If you love someone but demand from them to love you in return is your love for them selfless? Is this not a accurate model of gods love and wrath for those who dont love him in kind.
  11. I have thought about this very thing for along time, if the sun stopped still as the christians say how could it be done. Well I came up with a better bullshit explanation (ok here it goes) what if god (wink wink) stopped the earth from moving around the sun but not its rotation, then he rotated the sun around the earth by moving it around the entire outer solar system for 24 hours. Now since the earth was still moving and now the sun was moving it would look like the sun was standing still in the sky untill it moved back to its orignal place and god returned everything back to normal.
  12. yes and notice how most religions today use that excuse to keep it converts, such as JW and mormons saying we are telling you the truth because they mock us.
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