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    I'm a recent ex-christian and a single mom of 2 boys. I am currently a senior in college majoring in social work. I am hoping to find peace with my recent belief changes, and hopefully meet more people in the same situation. I grew up in a very religious home, and I am still battling the whole "damned to hell" idea.

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    Don't know how I feel about that right now
  1. Fall semester started this week. It's going to be a wild semester! 9 months until graduation! I can hardly wait!!'

  2. I commend you for your honesty here. Your struggles are immense, and have given you quite a bit of insight and strength. I understand your struggle with religion, as I also grew up in an extremely religious family and community, and it is very hard to continue believing in something that doesn't fulfill its promises, yet you find yourself unable to completely stop believing. Stick around and read what the folks post around here. They also have a lot of insight that will help you. You will find you aren't alone in your struggles and hopefully it will renew your inner peace.
  3. Welcome Dan! This site has really helped me with my recent deconversion! Hope you feel at home here!
  4. I'm FINALLY back from my middle of nowhere hiatus! Claud have Marcy I feel like a cave man! So glad to be back

    1. JamesG



    2. kolaida


      Welcome back!!!

  5. My cousin Amy Showalter just won tonight's round of The Winner Is on NBC! I'm completely beside myself with excitement!

  6. I know that feeling. I'm still attending church so that the Christians still in my family don't need to know that I deconverted. I think if I just stopped going to church completely, that would probably confuse them and might even make them suspicious. I do feel like I'm slowly building an escape tunnel. My main hope for escape is to find a job that will have me working on Sunday morning or on the night shift on Sunday nights, so that I would either be working during the church services, or sleeping because they would be going on during my bed time. Impickle, I don't think you need religion to tell you how to live your life. I think if you just do everything you can to make yourself happy and others happy, without hurting yourself or others to do it, you should be fine. Consider the following idea: You are not completely deconverted from Christianity until you have dealt with the peer pressure of relatives, friends and acquaintances by informing them that you no longer adhere to, believe in or desire to be involved with the Christian religion. You make a good point. But now isn't an appropriate time for that so I guess I'll have to wait to cut the apron strings entirely!
  7. I sure am missing my time on here with you guys, but I'm not in my normal circumstances right now. And

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    2. JamesG


      run away CG its a trap!!!

    3. LifeCycle


      Definitely and addiction.

    4. impickle


      Lol CG don't worry, I'm in no hurry to marry. My I DO's are completely harmless!

  8. I swear there has been a jillion kids in my house for the last two days! Ready for some peace and quiet!

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    2. crazyguy123


      That's good. I hope that you have some fun now that they are gone. :)


    3. impickle


      I hope so. At least a little respite from motherly duties.

    4. JamesG


      LOL BO good advice!! Well as chaotic as it surely was good to see you came out in one piece!

  9. 5 Anthropology annotations, 6 discussion board topics, and 1 book report on the Yanomamo tribes finished! All in 6 hours! AAAANNNNNDDD my brain just imploded!

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    2. stryper


      BO I am sure you walked uphill both ways in an ice storm.

    3. SilentLoner


      Brings back memories...

    4. impickle


      Yeah BO you're bad ass, I bet you were in your mid 30's and a single parent back then too.

  10. Well I just bombed my history midterm. Ugh

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    2. crazyguy123


      That sucks. Have better luck with your other exams. :)

    3. impickle


      It was my failure, not the prof's. I didn't study enough. He's actually a brilliant teacher and makes it very interesting to those like me who find no thrill in it.

    4. SilentLoner


      That sucks, impickle.


      Really, BO? You'd sink to that?


  11. Whoa that was brilliant. You said it perfectly. Thanks for that!
  12. That was a great read, and very encouraging to me! I only THOUGHT I live in a strict religious family! I'm so grateful that mine wasn't nearly as hardcore as this one! I admire her strength to rise up and find her happiness and freedom from that dark void xianity leaves. Just awesome.
  13. Today I learned something new about christianity. It was once considered a cult of cannibals. Did anyone else know this?

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    2. ExCBooster


      ... as a small child, I DID consider it a cannibal cult. At least, symbolically, as an adult, this still stands. It's all about human sacrifice.

    3. seeker001


      Body of Christ?

    4. kolaida


      I remember they used to be referred to as atheists as well. They used to be considered quite an odd group. Hard to believe it's been mainstream for so many years now.

  14. I've got no proof of god. But I'm pretty sure candy crush is the devil.

    1. LifeCycle


      Haha, I keep seeing that popup on FB. I guess I should avoid it.

    2. Blake


      I think you're right. I used to get irritated when my wife would spend so much time on it there for a little while... next thing I know I'm at level 30 something. Haven't played since, but I will attest to it's satanic influence and temptation. :P

  15. It's been kind of a funky day. Think I'm headed to bed early tonight.

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