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    Not a chance in hell I would put personal information about me in any specific way online on a website that basically might get people arrested one day if the insane religious right get their way in American governments. It is the only thing I fear is having to kill for what I will not be FORCED to believe. I don't need an imaginary deity to be a pacifist. Frankly I have never seen any doctrine that allows me to be a pacifist and follow it and not go to imaginary lakes of fire. So fuck them all.

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    lol gods are for suckers

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  1. he is like my crazy drunken uncle... I would totally go have drinks with him and rampage all over town, but I sure as hell wouldn't loan him money or my car...
  2. How cute... did they all pre buy their nike's and cool aid. I have heard this very thing at least 25 times in my lifetime. Guess who is still here???
  3. you may accept this but don't expect anyone using reason to do so. Without proof you are just making claims that cannot be verified. then you invoke fiction to try and prove your point...I think a better thing to "think" about is why you need to use ficiton to substantiate what you perceive as reality?
  4. There is so much accuracy in these statements it is not even close to funny. they would have us all dumb illiterate idiots that they could control again if they could. Thankfully people like us exist and there will be no going back. No matter how hard they fight there will be no going back. I would rather die and I promise I won't go down without a fight this world has never seen the likes of when they come for me.
  5. pretty sure this won't change their minds... Anymore than their claim of it changes yours. I would just like to expand your statement as well to the human race: "get over yourselves"...
  6. Think "she" will do a better job of it? My guess is people will still keep killing, spreading intolerance/hate, and generally acting like schmucks even with a female deity lording over their sad little religion. Primitive is as primitive does.
  7. I think there are more politicians that are monsters than most other world class jackoffs.
  8. Yes, there are. Do you think the people to the left or to the right of people in the coliseum thought "man look at that monster" while they all stood there and watched innocents for the most part get eaten or stabbed and beaten to death. I am guessing they just laughed... perspective is a son of a bitch.
  9. Jeff, I can see how many Christians would be offended with your writings on Christianity. What you and I perceive as humor, they probably perceive as mockery and disdain. Obviously, you are hitting their nerves with your writings. Their reactions demonstrate fear and hate, which is their problem, not yours. The bible is full of nasty stuff that makes those of us who don't believe look like monsters and devils... that is pretty offensive to me.
  10. Thankfully at least me personally I don't have to hate them. they can keep that hate for themselves and I will continue to feel sad for their ignorance and fight against what I can actually change... which is mostly nothing but once in a while I get a chance to talk with someone and show them a different way. hate only hurts the person hating.
  11. HA! That reminded me --- Around here the catholic hospitals are part of the Bon Secours hospital system and are commonly referred to as "Bone Suckers" (quite the contrast from their cheery little commercials that tell us they are "Good Help" which is the literal translation from French). I don't trust any of them even the one I work for. I don't think many people would if they actually saw the way this shit runs. health care world wide is a shadow of what it realistically should be if we worked together. I don't look forward to a time in my life that I have no choice but to go.
  12. In my area of the US this is actually happening in reverse we lose catholic hospitals as they are bought out or closed as the hospital I work for is buying up other smaller ones like crazy. they are spending almost a billion a year on it right now. I love not having to go to the catholic ones here. they have worse care and are not as up to date as the non profit one I work for. Of course dealing with working for a company with 30000 employees has its own issues as well.
  13. Just because people do this, doesn't mean it's how it should be done. If people just assumed everything they've been told is true and didn't bother to question it we'd still be burning to death everyone accused of being a witch. And since anything in writing must be assumed to be true: God wants Don Boys to send me lots of money. So it is written. So it must be assumed. Nobody can prove God doesn't want him to send me money. can they prove he does?
  14. don't forget babbage while most people don't agree these days with this it was actually that mans work that led to what both turning did and what would become what we have today. That is not to discount turings work at all as it was fundamental to what we have today and he did something amazing in his time, I consider them both pioneers in the very field that makes me my living. We would not be using these wonderful devices today without them both. Turning got a raw deal and should never have been treated that way. It is sad that it went down like that for him. info on babbage if anyone cares: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Babbage
  15. The sad thing is how many actually still believe in these ancient superstitions and gods that came from mans imagination and lonelyness to begin with. Show me a god and I will show you nothing more than a man staring back at you. we should be putting our honest attempts into understanding each other better and dig a very old grave for god thoughts and bury them all. it will only be when religion has gone the way of dust and cave men that our race will truly start to excel.
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