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    Not a chance in hell I would put personal information about me in any specific way online on a website that basically might get people arrested one day if the insane religious right get their way in American governments. It is the only thing I fear is having to kill for what I will not be FORCED to believe. I don't need an imaginary deity to be a pacifist. Frankly I have never seen any doctrine that allows me to be a pacifist and follow it and not go to imaginary lakes of fire. So fuck them all.

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    lol gods are for suckers
  1. or for that matter morality, kindness or any of the other things that a truly omnipotent entity would not give a damn about since they could just get around all of them with no questions asked.
  2. Oh that reminds me, cringe, of a church service where the visiting preacher had us all write "Satan" on the soles of our shoes so we could proclaim that "Satan is under my feet". WTF. Always nice to get treated like you are in elementary school by a man who probably has no respect for you as a person to begin with... If you told a stranger this in public then showed them your shoes you would get laughed at and treated like you were handicap or retarded or a toddler. Funny that some people pay good money for this fake ass self help bullshit to authors that are basically con-men. Religous people do to but it just goes to the "church" instead of directly to the mans pocket. It still really just goes into the mans pocket but he has to tax launder it through the church first.
  3. Does that affect his opinion or crazy smile in some way? is it bad to be gay in your eyes?
  4. if she really is then stick it to her, that is all she will ever do to you if she really is fundy. You can trust her to do one thing in my opinion, whatever is most absurd in the name of her god. Guy looks like a nut job in this pic.
  5. the fun thing here is that they (those that actually think this is something other than a joke) don't seem to realize this is happening millions of places in the universe right now most likely... not very miraculous when it is happening so often you could get buy 1 get 3 free deal in this galaxy alone. It's that whole "the creator of the universe made it all just for humans" mentality. Solipsism on a universal scale. I call that primitive myself. Only a truly ignorant and arrogant asshole woudl think that something we cannot even use maybe never use would be made solely for us. This is backwards shit they thought about 100's of years ago that the earth was the center. Now we know definitively that we are the center of nothing. I love not being the center of importance in the universe. It is a lot less pressure if we can just exist in it like everything else and let it unfold as it will. Universal scale indeed. True insanity...
  6. the fun thing here is that they (those that actually think this is something other than a joke) don't seem to realize this is happening millions of places in the universe right now most likely... not very miraculous when it is happening so often you could get buy 1 get 3 free deal in this galaxy alone.
  7. Ah, but then it will be TOO LATE!! Jesus will have caught you with your pants down, and then he just won't want to know, bro. well when i was a kid I remember my parents church felt that there would be a time of forgiveness after the return for like 7 years or some shit so I still have a shot I just have to live through the rapture and then the aftermath... lol I am so glad that I can just live and die and totally discount all of this trash. Frankly I am bored to death with talking to these morons after 30 years of watching anything but reason sway their thinking. Fuck people who dismiss science out of hand for anything religious. They hurt us all in the long run.
  8. Disregarding science for religion is probably pretty common in the medical field, despite the fact that the medical field is built on science. I have a sister-in-law who's an RN and believes in young earth creationism. I suspect that my RN neighbor does too (she's a conservative Christian who seems to fit that mold). I think they're both good RNs, though. I work with clinicians everyday. Some are batshit crazy with religion. I have met zero that use religion over their training when on the clock or people would die plain and simple and they would lose their job. Thankfully most hospital admins and nurse managers are smart enough even if they believe to use science at work and leave god for gossip and forceful ministering to their coworkers... oh and young earth creationism is just painfully stupid. Millions of years of geological evidence makes them look like clowns. 6000 years eh? I know a few people in my department who think the earth is only 6000 years old??? There are cave drawings older than 10000 years and yet they just can't accept the material physical proof staring them in the face. I can promise if the sky opens one day and a bearded wonder comes streaming down to earth with the powe to raise the dead with a nod I will take a second look at the physical evidence staring me in the face. As it is their evidence has never shown up while the evidence for the opposite is everywhere around us on earth and in our known universe.
  9. yes. If you can't laugh at religion, politics, and yourself then you take life to seriously.
  10. so he hid his abuse of another human being behind a lie? Sounds like a real piece of work this one. Is this a joke or is this person actually your friend?
  11. And at the same time, these are the very people who get offended when it is suggested that "Christianity is a crutch" They are all bragging about not being able to pull the weight themselves like the rest of us LOLOLOLOLOL... I have met 9 year olds that have more drive than that. Seriously the only fucker that carried me these past decades was me, and occasionally a friend of family when times were harder than one person could handle. Thankfully in gods absence humans did they job they should have in the first place. bragging about apathy and ineffectualism. Nice.
  12. I have been inside some prisons in this country. thankfully not as an inmate but never one as clean as that picture. Wonder how those bibles are working out in the country that jails more of its citizens than any other country on earth? maybe they should teach more of the inmates that cannot read to do so and educate them in ways they didn't get on the outside. Maybe send them back to real life without some lame hope that god will save them and give them the actual tools they need to suceed back in the world so we stop jailing so many of our countrymen in the US.
  13. If there was a god and he was made of and was an all powerful creature of love there would be no cancer at all. There would be no "sin" or "devil" and none of us would watch our friends and family die knowing we were going to one day too. As it stands death is a part of life and nothing to fear as all things living die. God being in there just makes it harder to accept that reality and people end up acting like the guy here in this story. She was already dying. She died and it is sad but god didn't do anything here and that is sort of teh point.
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