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    I never doubted my faith once until I was 19 years old and had taken philosophy. I was dating an agnostic. We never fought about religion. We discussed it. I decided that I wanted to go and look up some philosophical arguments to prove God's existence. There were none. And it was at that moment that "God" left me and never returned. Anyways, I had a happy ending because I got the hell out of that Christian school, broke up with that boyfriend eventually (only because we weren't right for each other), and now am dating the biggest Christopher Hitchens fan on the face of the planet.

    Right now I am watching Parks and Recreation (second time) and Fargo (S1, second time).

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  1. I just finished reading the Complete Persepolis graphic novel and one part of it stuck out to me as relevant to this thread. The author makes an insight into the rules that the Islamist Regime placed upon women. They had to overwhelmingly fill up people's brains with obsessions over whether they were following all of the rules like whether burkas were long enough or appearances were chaste enough so that people were too distracted to ask the hard questions about freedom.
  2. No one will be able to share your life story 100%, but I can guarantee that you are not the only one in the world who feels or has felt the way you do. Doubting something as big as your faith is a horrible feeling. I went through that myself before de-converting. I screamed at the walls and I begged God to just come back so I wouldn't feel the darkness anymore. I felt like I was being punished for being curious. It felt like I was going insane and I thought about it all the time. Do you mean psychology? Because, yes, psychology underlies all of those issues. Without an understanding o
  3. I still struggle with the effects of leaving religion three years later. While it is true that I have found greater happiness in some areas, I have lost it in others. I still believe that where I am now is better than where I was overall, even with all of the difficulties. Six months after I de-converted, I hit rock bottom emotionally. I was depressed. I cried almost every single day and I felt utterly hopeless. In pictures from that time in my life, I wonder how people didn't ask me what was wrong. I look ghastly. I'm pale and I look tired and worn. I was at a religious college at the ti
  4. The praying urge definitely happens to me still. I'll usually roll my eyes and convert what I would have prayed into a hope that I'll speak aloud if alone or say in my head. If alone, I usually use it as a springboard to have some one-on-one conversation time with myself. I find that I work out problems and my feelings about them and discover my options a lot better if I speak about these things aloud. Talking to yourself is actually a healthy behavior!
  5. I was definitely taught about modesty. My parents didn't let me wear dresses that were barely above my knees and I never went around in public with spaghetti strap tops or dresses with spaghetti straps without wearing a cardigan over it. Even today, I am having to consciously choose to dress as I please in what I feel comfortable in. I was also definitely sent a message about males as leaders and household heads. I am very much a "leader-type" and when (as a Christian) I dated my first boyfriend (who was definitely NOT a "leader-type"), he and I struggled because I wanted him to step up an
  6. Guys, guys, I cut my hair off. I've had long hair my whole life and I cut it to above my shoulders as a symbolic gesture of leaving everything behind. It also flatters me a lot more than long hair did.

    1. Penguin


      That's strange; I did the same thing. I shaved my head not too long ago and removed the earrings I had gotten for religious reasons.

    2. TrueFreedom
    3. moanareina


      :-) Short hair is cool and so much less work...

  7. I'm proud to say that I've overcome my fear of hell. But, honestly, like so many who have come before have said, hell is where the party is gonna be. I'm not a party girl, but I sure as HELL do not want to be upstairs with the old prudes who will be rambling about god 24/7. I would lose my mind. Hell is going to be where most all of you are probably, along with many great scientists, thinkers, philosophers, and intelligent individuals who used their earthly brains to think outside of the box. I would be honored to burn along with all of these and you, fellow ex-C'ers. Nunc est bibendu
  8. I was formerly sheltered like you and when I deconverted, I had my boyfriend's help exposing me to secular culture. Here are my recommends. If you like piano-driven rock/alternative music, go with Keane. You may have heard their song Somewhere Only We Know (my personal fav), but I also like Bend and Break, Leaving So Soon?, Crystal Ball, Sovereign Light Cafe, and The Starting Line. These were a lot of my favorite songs to listen to during and after my deconversion. Especially Crystal Ball. You might also try The Postal Service's one album. That was some of the first secular music I lis
  9. I really have enjoyed it thus far. My biggest love about it is that it manages to be suspenseful, even though I know the outcomes of some of the characters. I'm really curious about what happens to Kim and Chuck before Breaking Bad. My guess is that Chuck loses his mind and is committed/dies in an accident and that Kim and Jimmy have some sort of disagreement, she no longer has ties to staying in Albuquerque, and moves to another city to join another law firm. (After all, I can imagine Chuck getting into some pretty dangerous situations, especially with Jimmy's associations with criminals. Ji
  10. I was uber conservative under Christianity's and my family's controls. Ever since leaving, I'm slowly becoming more and more liberal. Every day I wake up more liberally-minded than the day before.
  11. I did a year of college at a Christian private school before the doubts set in. By the next semester, I was an atheist. I finished out my sophomore year, transferred to the nearby public university, and have been doing very well ever since! Yay education!
  12. Campus preachers are all over my college campus too, yelling at girls and calling them whores and sinners. The funny thing is that lots of Christians will stand around or near them and pray or shout that this man is not representative of Christianity. Recently, this one student has taken to standing near the preachers for hours with a sign that reads "Don't feed the troll. He is trying to provoke you so he can sue you for $$$."
  13. It's three weeks into my first semester as a transfer student at a public school and the only Jesus anywhere is the one on the signs that dumb campus preachers carry around. I've had so much fun and found so much anxiety relief!!!

    1. FreeThinkerNZ


      that is so awesome. happy for you!


  14. "A Christian Analysis of the Loss of Robin Williams" was recently posted on Facebook by a relative. http://www.onenewsnow.com/perspectives/bryan-fischer/2014/08/13/a-christian-analysis-of-the-loss-of-robin-williams Barf.
  15. I felt the same way after I watched the movie. Some of the Christian reviews on it are hilarious, as they try to pull out historical facts arsenals to prove that the film's story wasn't even the likely scenario for the destruction of the library and that it was REALLY this blah blah thing that happened and didn't involve Christians being assholes. However the library was destroyed didn't matter to me. Like you said, the movie served an important point just portraying the nonChristian side of a story and how Christians can do many horrible things in serving their book. With all the "Christi
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