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  1. I have been on here for quite a while but I never have posted my ex-timony. In light of recently getting outed I figure I'd share.... I don't really know what to do with myself at this point. So, early background. Some if my earliest memories are of my mother nagging me about whether I had said the sinners prayer or not. I always lied and said I had but she didn't believe me and kept pestering me until I was about 4 and I went through the motions because she basically twisted my arm. I was heavily indoctrinated into the reformed tradition, memorizing the bible, going to Awanas, Vacation Bible School, and Christian private school. I was taught all about things like predestination, Presuppositionalism, the council of Nicea, the multifarious heresies, and so on. I really liked the idea of predestination because I felt very dissatisfied with being cloistered in the Christian quarantine and i liked to believe that the only reason I didn't get to do the things I wanted to do with my life was because God had better plans for me. Even though I thought I had a clear understanding of Christianity, I never liked apologetics and I avoided having to use it, ever. I was rebellious as long as I thought my parents wouldn't find out. It was (is) very hard for me to deal with their disapproval so I acted out a lot less than other kids, but I was still kind of the black sheep in my group of friends. I'm not sure what to make of my actual childhood and what effect it had on me. I know that I got secretive at an early age, because I felt like I was being shamed for anything I did that was new or that was my own idea. I didn't even let my mom know when I needed more tampons, I would find some way to procure them myself, even when I was in 8th grade. I don't know if it makes any sense but I felt like I had had reactions that made me feel bad about myself from my parents about anything relating to puberty, like criticizing me for having body odor, telling me I should be ashamed of it, making fun of me for wanting to buy a bra, etc. I think that was when my secretive behavior really started, although I certainly hid my true opinions from my overbearing parents for as long as I can remember. it was simply instinct and self-preservation. I started feeling depressed when I was 11. I actually clearly remember the first depressive episode. For some reason a movie I watched sent me into a gloom that lasted for weeks. I was sad that I couldn't be what I wanted to be, I hated my life situation, the Christian cloister. I didn't play with my friends, I sat inside for the rest of the summer, shades drawn on my dark bedroom in the middle of the day. Episodes returned from time to time, reaching a peak in my senior year of high school. This is relevant, I promise. Anyway. I found out I liked other girls in 10th grade. I had a raging, tragic crush on one of my friends who was straight herself and the whole thing made me very upset. For at least a year I tried to convince myself it was just a joke, a mind game I was playing on myself and had got too deep into. The fact that it was an "abomination" was stressful. I didn't have a lot of confidence or a strong sense of how I wanted things to be, I behaved oddly and our friendship went belly-up. It didn't help that I didn't tell anyone about it (including her, though she probably guessed) the entire three years I knew her. I ended up doing some self-injurious things to myself and not eating for a while. And cue college. I started taking some classes that challenged christian views in really polite ways. I was firm in my faith until I got to some biology, the fossil record, and evidence of evolution and an old earth. As you know, the evidence was overwhelming. I began to challenge Christianity because of these contradictions - I asked myself, what do my parents and teachers have to hide? And why they not want me to look at evidence? That semester I had relapsed into my depression or whatever you want to call it, I'm not diagnosed or anything but that seems similar to what it was like. I also relapsed into my eating disorder and self-injury behaviors. I don't know if that is related to what happened next. I can remember vividly, I was walking into the supermarket sometime in the beginning of December of my sophomore year and it occurred to me ... What if it all isn't true? What if this is a bunch if bullshit they're just pretending they know to be true? At first I was afraid of going to hell for that thought, but the more I thought about it, the more reason I had to think it wasn't true at all. I decided I was "taking a break" and that I was sure that if Christianity was true, it would reveal itself to be true from my wanderings and open-minded investigations of other ideas.. Right after that, I had another brief yet important girl in my life who wracked my emotions in such a way that I decided to take control. I decided to try to fix my emotional issues (mild depression aggravated by bad thinking patterns, probably. Again I haven't been diagnosed, but I know what I'm like). I made a serious decision at that point. I decided I wasn't going to listen to anyone's advice about life. No Christians were going to tell me that only Christ can make me happy and no online people were going to tell my how to be happy and I wasn't even going to read my horoscope anymore. I journaled a lot at that time and I developed this 3-tenet plan of Confidence, Security and Presence to try to make my life better. Confidence to me meant not letting anyone fuck with me or bend me to their will. Security meant doing things like reveling in my old music and my old pictures and reminding myself that I'm alright how I am and my life is as interesting as everyone else's. Presence meant mining happiness from every moment, maximizing my awareness, living in the moment. At the same time, and the connection is tenuous in my memory, I discovered the online ex-Christian presence. This forum, the purple fox videos, and darkmatter2525's channel were especially influential. I decided I was an agnostic atheist. I blogged for a while and mentioned freely in anonymity that i was a bisexual or lesbian (I couldn't decide on a label) and that I was an athirst. The blog was nice, I liked it a lot. I still do. More recently, my parents discovered this blog and cornered me about it. They made all sorts of strange, false and unfounded assumptions about me. They decided to try to "fix"' me. I don't want to write about the details, it just stresses me out to think about it. Ever since then they have not been normal and this is the part I need the most help with. They are being something between belligerently self-deluding and smugly passive-aggressive now. They have gotten extra pious, but it's like they are dead inside, so weirdly formal and they don't treat me like normal anymore. They don't yell at me anymore but they "kindly" make unreasonable requests like for me to skip parties with my friends to see them instead because they "have seen her (my friends) blog" and "are just paranoid" and "miss me". And they grill me if I miss church for work and are generally keeping ridiculously close eye on my whereabouts, always demanding to know where I am. I want to tell them that I am participating in lesbian temple prostitution to the god of rock and roll because that is how they are treating me right now. I am a successful young adult with a job and a great college gpa and very little debt, but I know that since they know I am an atheist and a lesbian they consider me the black sheep and the wayward child and they are just so *sad* that I am lost even though they are so pious and have tried so hard with me. It is infuriating. Keep in mind I have thatextreme habit of keeping them out of my life and not telling them anything, because I know how judgmental they are. It's not like I'm just paranoid, I have real reasons for these habits. I could use any advice you have. I'm not sure I explained it well but I can add more if it didn't come across right. Thanks, signed, Tollo
  2. Friend posted a totally reasonable article about why homosexuals do not oppress Christians. Went on to say in her comments that she disagreed with the article and that the author had No Understanding of Scripture. I had originally "liked" her post until she commented that later... Unliked and unfriended. I don't need that kind of bullshit from casual acquaintances...
  3. Oh em gee can u guise not speak out against my beliefs please??? it deeply makes me feel slightly offended.
  4. What a great thread! These are really important to talk about. I thought about these mental barriers a lot when I first deconverted and they made me FURIOUS. 1. Your professors have a PhD in atheism and you only have a kindergartener's understanding of Christianity. If they seem convincing, it is because they are a lot cleverer than you, the silky-tongued devils. (Never mind that at least half my professors were Christians or at least highly sensitive to religious people) 2. Presuppositionalism: atheism only makes sense if you already believe it. Worldview is everything. You are incapable of making sense of you sensory experiences which is why we have the Bible and a Christian worldview. (Others have mentioned this, but it was presented to me in this specific way) 3. You only dislike Christianity because you want homosexuality to be okay. You just want to sin. (Particularly frustrating and effective because it came from a peer, my best friend, and it was also sort of true. I wanted certain Christian rules to be false before I let the religion go altogether. It makes sense now because, duh, Christianity is all about telling you that things that make you happy are sins.) 4. You. Will. Go. To. Hell. The anti-mental barrier for me was "all truth is God's truth." I figured, if Christianity is true, I'll come back to it eventually, inevitably! I just need to wander a bit and explore ideas. I never did come back, obviously.
  5. Sometimes, the things fundies say on Facebook is just downright stupid.
  6. Ugh, that person and Jesus need to get a room.
  7. And you see nothing weird about this situation? (Sorry this isn't the way people normally attach their images, I'm not sure how to do it)
  8. Hello, fellow homeschool survivor! thank you for your testimony because it's so similar to my story and it helps me make sense of it somehow. I know you posted this a while back, but I hope you are doing well. I definitely understand what you mean about the depression, low self-esteem, and low emotional intelligence. These issues have gotten better and better for me since I deconverted and I hope the same is true for you. Cheers - tollo
  9. Saw this today, sorry if it's already been posted!
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