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  1. I loved it! Just like every network it has hit and miss shows but I've always loved Nickelodeon for being more subversive and ballsy than other kids networks and just better all around. Just my opinion though. Love Korra, glad she pisses people off
  2. Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers ...kind of. I'm not sure if is exactly about it for real but for me it is kind of like wishing for all the perks of religion but being an outsider cause you are an unbeliever
  3. I am so angry at how people are reacting to finding out that I am an atheist. They only found out by snooping in my PRIVATE journals, their reasoning being "they were concerned " about me like that justifies anything, and by stalking me online and interrogating me and gossiping about me and staking my friends. My mom in particular, acting like a fucking martyr and talking about her broken heart and posting quotes on her Facebook from books that say that atheists are all lazy, deviant, hedonistic, self-deluding antichrists. Like somehow the fact that it is quoted gives it more weight. It just m
  4. Rant here. Have you noticed how all the religious magazines and talk shows and pseudo-intellectual types try to ask if things related to mental health is "biblical" for people to do? Decisions that would normally be made based on your individual circumstances and are clearly not a one-size-fits-all situation and are also clearly not a moral/immoral option. They have to ask "should a ~Christian do this?" Is it "Biblical"? For instance "Should a Christian seek the services of a psychotherapist?". "Is it Biblical to to attempt 'self-improvement'?" They always have to say something about
  5. What do they meAn about recreational marijuana use experiment "failing" in CO like idk it's pretty great plus who gives a f about Washington state anyways.
  6. The reasons that tipped the scales for me: 1) The creation/flood story (if taken literally) is demonstrated to be false by the fossil record, among other things. 2) Reason #1 led me to investigate other OT stories and I found that things like the Exodus also probably didn't happen and that much if the OT is legend, consolidated myths, actually made up, or propagandized versions of history. In my opinion this makes it more interesting as literature but completely unbelievable as an "infallible" word of god. 3) It doesn't make sense that someone should get eternal paradise for knowin
  7. I have been on here for quite a while but I never have posted my ex-timony. In light of recently getting outed I figure I'd share.... I don't really know what to do with myself at this point. So, early background. Some if my earliest memories are of my mother nagging me about whether I had said the sinners prayer or not. I always lied and said I had but she didn't believe me and kept pestering me until I was about 4 and I went through the motions because she basically twisted my arm. I was heavily indoctrinated into the reformed tradition, memorizing the bible, going to Awanas, Vacatio
  8. Thanks for all your responses @Flutters Yeah ugh "energy" like a sporting event crowd, very effective at causing resurgences of passionate nonsense. I wish they would have gone to the World Cup instead.... But yeah I mean, I am on the edge. I am old enough to refuse but I am angling to not get kicked out before I graduate next year bc the money I'm saving by not paying rent goes to my college loans, which is convenient. @william7davis Yeah, that is what I kinda figured I'll have to do if worst comes to worst. It really is none of their business and I'm going to have to tell them that
  9. I enjoyed VBS as a kid, I thought it was super fun. Sometimes I miss that time in my life where I didn't question anything, it all made sense, I could play astronaut or sailor or Olympic athlete and learn verses for stickers without really giving any fucks about what the verses said. I guess the idea of VBS is kinda creepy in hindsight, but I have only good memories of it. I invited plenty of non-Christian friends to come with and they all had a good time and none of them converted. Idk. I didn't get to go to a public school when I was that age (homeschooled...) so being around my friends ever
  10. So this is a rant. My parents, who i live with for now, well... It seemed like they were in recovery from the god virus. In the past they were highly involved in church activities but they have become Sunday-only types in the last few years. They were absent several weeks in a row in the last few months and I was hoping they might be making the transition to Christmas-and-Easter Christians. No such luck. Probably somewhat in response to spirits of rebellion in me and my my siblings/friends, they have decided that we all need to go to church - a *new* church, since clearly the reaso
  11. I use it to help fall asleep mostly. Are the xtians also concerned about me removing my makeup and brushing my teeth in a biblical method cause that would be very Muslim of them.
  12. I have to go to a Christian function coming up that I'd rather not attend, but while I'm there I thought it might be fun as a personal game to try to riddle out who (if anyone) might be a future ex-Christian based on their statements, people they reference, overcompensation, etc. not going to do anything with my observations (mayyyybe I'd be a little more friendly to them), I'm really just looking for an activity to make it less tedious. Any ideas? Do you know any "symptoms" that might signal a potential apostate, even just knowing yourselves?
  13. 6: "Baby" bible NIV 2x standard NIVs ESV, study edition Miniature ESV illustrated children's KJV Definitely has the record for most copies of a book I've never finished.
  14. I think there's a problem where Christians think your morality is like a ~spiritual state. Like sin or righteousness is all about you rather than who you help or harm. I would definitely say it is amoral because a moral code that is 90% focused on the persons own inner self, rather than the consequences of their actions on other people, is pretty irrelevant. ETA: it case it wasn't clear what I meant by internal morals, I mean like what you guys already said about "sinful thoughts," "taking every thought captive," "thou shalt not covet," "remember the sabbath day," "have no other gods," "fa
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