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  1. @VacuumFlux. It would be hilarious and outrageous if someone made Christian songs about dashing the enemies' babies on rocks to satisfy our sky daddy's blood lust
  2. Now please dont think I am a christian pretending to be atheist trying to infiltrate this forum. I am a porn/ sex , Sam Harris, cussing loving, evolution, big bang loving atheist. I sometime go enjoy like listening to stuff like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydd4XTIDzF0
  3. mmm. Are you talking about traditional christian music you play on the organ or the modern "Contemporary Christian Music", when you say you refer to Christian music you dont like
  4. Well God never really did anything for anyone cuz he doesnt exist . The experience whether good or bad are totally personal. I actually left christianity initially cuz I didnt want to think about sin so much. It's only later on that I discovered the wealth of science and evidence against what christianity espouses. My experience overall though wasnt very negative and the praise and worship part was something I really enjoyed and gave brief but not last comfort.
  5. I used to live on christian songs when i was evangelical. Jars of clay, michael w smith and hillsong. Even though I have shed my christian beliefs these songs still are comforting in a certain way because they talk about a loving god who hold you up when you are without hope. I know I should be cautious cuz these are like drugs and probably heroin addicts feel the same way if they have been recovering for a while and then get back on heroin
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